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Sunday, August 19, 2007

For luvya

Last night we were waiting to see if we had to evacuate because of hurricane Dean and my husband and Mike came up with a great idea! We are going to have a storm party at our cabin on the lake. What a great idea to get this storm out of my mind.

Lisa and my husband decided to go into town to get some supplies, Lisa was dressed in a white tight top no bra and a jean skirt, her tits looked great and I did notice my husband checking them out. We had been talking and Mike had told her he saw me masturbating the other day. Lisa said it wasn’t fair and kinda did this whimpering, poutie lip thing. I giggled and said she could take off her panties and flash my husband when they go into town. The little bitch reached up pulled her wet panties off and handed them to me, smiled and walked out of the bedroom. Before they left I pulled my husband into the hallway, pulled his pants down and started giving him one of my famous blowjobs, then stopped waved Lisa’s panties under his nose and told him they were Lisa’s and to have a fun trip and giggled.

After they left I logged into literotica chat line while Mike watched a baseball game on TV. I was chatting with a sweet man called luvya and was getting excited about Lisa and my husband playing around plus I could tell Mike had been looking at my hard nips (he had a hard-on). Luvya was getting me soaked and very horny talking about what we thought Lisa was doing to my husband. I told him Mike was watching me and Luvya teased me into flashing some so Mike would notice. I also called my husband to see what was happening. My husband sounded a little flustered and kinda told me what Lisa was doing. I asked if her nipples were hard and he replied yes, I asked if she showed anything else. By his voice I knew she had flashed him more. Well Mike wanted to know what I was doing and was sporting a real nice hard-on.
Luvya said I should let him read it and after a lot of nasty chat and a little more flashing Mike got up to see what the hell I was doing. Well Luvya was typing as Mike read and the next thing I know Luvya had told Mike to pull down my top exposing my tits and he was unbuttoning his pants. When they dropped to the floor his nice big cock sprung free almost hitting me in the face. Mike has a gorgeous cock and it was inches from my face.

Just then I saw Fred and Julia pull up the driveway followed by Lisa and my husband.
GREAT now I’m horny as hell and need some cock!


Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm so nasty

For some odd reason when I am left alone I get super horny and love playing with my toys. I had gone into the house and retrieved my new toys, a small egg shaped vibe, the new rabbit vibe and some oils. I was so excited I could feel my wetness as I walked, just before going out side I saw the new ear piece my husband had gotten for our cordless phone and got an idea. I put the ear piece on so Mike would not see it and called my husband who was stuck in a traffic jam near Dallas with Julia in the car.
I told him that he left to early and I was so horny that I was outside with my new toys I also told him that Mike was on the side of the house watching me. He asked me if I was going into town. I could tell he was trying to change the subject because Julia was there, I said that I had just finished my morning swim and noticed Mike watching me. That is when I told my husband I had my toys but was waiting for Mike to leave but he was taking to long so I was going to give him a show. With Julia there I could tease him and he would hear my buzzing toys and my orgasms knowing Mike might see me. I’ll drive him nuts driving with a hard cock.
I walked out by the pool set my toys on the table and sat down on the lounge chair. Mike had started to load the truck with feed and had moved out of site. “Oh Well” I was horny as hell and as I talked to my husband I started rubbing suntan lotion on my shoulders and tits. I leaned back picked up the vibe and said to hubbie! Listen to this hot vibe and imagine it sliding between my pussy lips and touching my clit. I tell him I’m spreading my legs so Mike can see the vibe start too slid into my soaking pussy. I must have made some noise because through my big dark sunglasses I noticed Mike had take up a good viewing spot.
I could hear Julia on my husbands phone talking to him while I started fucking myself with my rabbit vibe and spreading wide for Mike to see. It was too much I was going crazy fucking that rabbit vibe moaning and screaming, pulling my nipples. I used my hand to spread and expose my clit so those nice buzzing rabbit ears touched my clit as I fucked myself harder and faster. When I started my very loud orgasm I heard a dial tone from my husband’s phone looked at Mike watching me and drove the vibe deep and came like crazy.
By the time my orgasm and shaking subsided it started raining I was going to go inside but noticed Mike still watch me I looked at the table and saw the big dildo with suction cup lying on the table. I picked it up and stuck it on the corner of the table and flipped it so it was flopping back and forth. The rain helped lube it as I tried to wrap my hand around it and stroke it up and down. I played with it as Mike watched wrapping both hands around it and sucking the heads like a real cock. I stood up straddled the monster spread my pussy and tried to ease that cock into me. That thing was thick and as I slowly tried to get the head in me and I saw Mike stroking his nice hard cock. Spreading wide and turning so Mike could have a good view of me sliding down on that thick dildo. I could see his nice cock and was remembering how much I loved sucking that cock when we were younger. I started fucking that dildo grabbing both tits and fucking like a wild woman. My orgasm was so intense my legs were shaking and I could not raise up to remove that large cock from my pulsing pussy, I was whimpering and finely slid over and it sprung free as I writhed on the ground.
By the time I was able to get up and clean up Mike was gone but there was a nice big wet spot by where he was standing.
I had to get ready to go grocery shopping and set things up with Ted for tomorrow. I can’t help but think of me exposing my self to him I’m so damm horny I need to cum again.