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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Showing off

I have intense sexual urges and desires, fantasies about exposing my pussy and tits while being watched by strangers. I have wild intense orgasms from fantasying about masturbating while a group of people watch me.

To be completely exposed while playing with my pussy and having a huge orgasm so everyone can see. I have had this fantasy sense I was very young, I started showing my naked body to boys. I get so excited knowing I am being watched by guys. I worked in a strip club in Dallas and Austin when my husband was going to collage and I had orgasms on stage knowing everyone was watching me. When we went to Europe last year we went to see some sex shows where people fucked on stage right in front of us and I had a huge orgasm just watching. When we went to The Red Rooster in Vegas I sucked my husbands cock in front of some people and I had a massive orgasm that shook my whole body. I have also lost a bet to my husband and had to masturbate so our Ranch hand/Gardner could see me. I have been so horny I have been fantasying more and more and a little while ago I heard about Jack and Jill parties or masturbation parties. My husband and I have been fantasying and discussing having a party.
My husband has set up a play area in his shop and has hung a sex swing. I can’t wait to be tied up in the swing.
Here is a video of me being played with!