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Monday, November 24, 2008

TXLassy BJ Cumshot

My husband had his hard cock out and was stroking it as he watched me playing with Jessie’s hard cock. His huge head was playing with my lips as my tongue licked the shaft and he slowly pushed the head into my hot wet mouth. God Dam he said! Your mouth is so fucking hot “Look” he said to my husband as he was sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Oh Yes take more Lassy show your husband how much you love sucking my big black cock, suck my cock good! He started a fucking motion as his cock went deeper in my mouth and I sucked the knob to the back of my mouth. Jessie pulled and twisted my nipple hard as his cock pumped in my hot mouth his other hand moving my hair out of the way so my husband could see his hard cock fucking my mouth. Look how much of my cock she is taking as he released my nipple and slid his hand down my body and my legs automatically spread wide allowing him to slide his two fingers into my hot pussy and bury them deep in me.

I exploded in orgasm and Jessie banged my hot pussy with his two fingers his thumb massaged my throbbing clit his cock pumping down my throat till his balls were banging on my chin. Wave after wave of my orgasm raced through my body as he banged his fingers and cock in me. Look at her cum Jessie said to my husband as me pumped his cock in my horny mouth “she’s taking all of it” She’s a great cocksucker.
He slid his cock out as I licked and mouthed the head and then he told my husband to watch as he slid it all the way back down my throat “BALLS DEEP”. He slowly pumped his cock in my throat then pulling it out and teasing my lips with the hot cockhead. I was so hot I was shaking and throbbing, the juices flowing out of my hot wet pussy as I gripped the table. He said to my husband “Look no hands” as he pumped his nice hot cock down my throat and fucking my mouth.

Jessie pulled his cock out and moved to the head of the table and then slid me up so my head leaned back off the table. He gilded his cock back into my mouth and reached down grabbing my ankles and pulling my legs wide apart. I felt an orgasm building again as I bucked taking all of his cock and feeling him reach down and spread my pussy wide open exposing my hard clit. He was playing with my wet pussy as he pumped his hot cock and throat fucked me. Jessie started banging three fingers deep in my soaking wet pussy making me trash around and making nasty wet gushing sounds. I felt him getting ready to cum his cock was throbbing as he was pumped faster. Jessie said to my husband watch I’m going to shoot a fucking huge load of my black cum down your wife’s throat.

I heard my husband tell Jessie she loves swallowing cum give her a big load. Jessie’s cock twitched as he pumped his cock and he yell out exploding down my throat his hot cum shooting into my belly squirt after squirt and I exploded in orgasm trashing around wildly. His cum was so hot I felt his cock throbbing as he screamed out shoving his cock deep and grabbing my hair and head. Squirt after squirt of his hot cum shooting down my throat as I shook from head to toe my orgasm was so strong. I was bucking and trashing around holding onto the table as he just keep pumping his cock milking his cum.

“Fuck yes” Jessie said Lassy has my vote as the best cocksucker in Texas! “God dam” she can suck. I was spent my orgasms had drained me I was weak as I laid there with Jessie sliding his hot cock out as my lips closed around the head and I licked the last drops of cum from the tip of his cock. I heard Jessie and my husband talking as I settled down looking over at them as Jessie got dressed and picked up his massage oils and towels. I saw my husband hard cock as Jessie left and I knew I was going to get a great fucking from my very horny husband.
God I love sucking Cock.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My orgasm started deep inside me, my hips bucking upwards meeting his thrusting hand as I screamed out trashing around on the table. He never slowed down finger fucking me with his hard thrusting hand as his thumb massaged my clit. I was having a multiply orgasms my tits were shaking and it felt like all the blood was rushing through my body. I soaked his hand I’m glad he had a towel close by. I had a death grip on the table as I lifted my hips to meet his probing hand and his thumb. He slowed his movements as my orgasm faded making circles around my engorged clit milking my orgasm. I laid there shaking as he slowly removed his hand from my steaming pussy and I squeezed my legs together my pussy throbbing. I was panting and breathing hard as I felt wave after wave flow through me. Jessie moved away from me letting his hands trail up my body.

Jessie walked over to where my husband was and they talked and he kept looking over at me as I laid there still shaking. With a big smile on his face Jessie walked back over to me grinning from ear to ear and I could see his big black cock throbbing. Moving my hair away from my face and holding it in his hand he moved his cock closer to my face letting my lips brushing his hard cock. His hands started playing with my hard nipples and squeezing my breasts. He asked me if I wanted to feel his cock on my lips teasing me as he said it, and I heard myself say! Yes please I want to suck you. I reached up for his cock and he pushed my hand away again saying remember the instructions! So I let my hands move back to my sides but I had this burning between my legs I needs filled. As I was reaching between my legs Jessie stopped me and reminded me what the instructions were.

As punishment for spending so much money in Seattle and for the bet I lost on the baseball game I could not use my hands, I could not touch him with my hands or touch myself. But I could use my mouth and tongue! I was looking at his hard body with his big arms, six pack abs and his big black cock my mouth was watering and my pussy tingling. My back was arcing upwards as he massaged my very sensitive tits. Jessie stepped back and I closed to my mouth as he slowly pushed my head down onto his hard cock. "My Oh My" his cock was so beautiful and hard as steel making my pussy tingle and instantly get wet. I strained to get my mouth around his hot cock and I heard my husband moving his chair up close so he could have a good view.

Jessie’s cock was so hard it was sticking strait up along his hard abs. The head was so nice and thick with a big crowned knob. I had a death grip on the table so I would not grab his cock. With one hand Jessie pinched and twisted my nipple and the other hand he held his cock and pointed it towards my hot mouth teasing me. Jessie’s hot hard cock was wetting my lips as my tongue circled his big cockhead tasting him and wanting to feel his hard cock in my wet mouth. Look at your husband Jessie said as he pulled on my nipple stretching and twisting it. Get my cock nice and wet so you can show me how good of a cocksucker you are. Your husband said you were the Best Cocksucker in Texas! I licked his shaft from top to bottom getting the whole cock nice and wet and wrapping my lips around it and biting softly and I wanted to reach up and stroke his nice hard wet cock.

Friday, November 21, 2008

TXLassy BJ

Jessie moved down to my feet taking his time being very sensitive. He then proceeded to give me a deep massage using long gliding strokes and then almost painful deeper strokes. Finely he moved between my legs and brushed my pussy teasing me as he was brushing my inner thighs near my hot pussy. He moved back to my side never taking his hands off me as my arousal and erotic energy built in my body. I could feel the heat from his cock as he reached for my breast again with one hand and the other hand trailed down to my tummy. Pinching and twisting my nipple with one hand he made my legs spread open as his other teaseing my inner thighs. My mouth was watering as he used his finger to touch my lips and feel my wetness. I tried to reach for his cock again “I wanted it” but he said remember your husband’s instructions and he slid his finger over my clit to my hot lips. He got me so close to orgasms so many times I was a shaking, trembling mass of flesh holding the sides of the table so I wouldn’t suck his cock right now.

He was a Master at getting me so close he was teasing me to the limit! He would slowly caress the side of my breasts and move towards my tummy pressing on an area above my pubic mound as my legs spread wider giving him access to my hot throbbing pussy. Trailing his hand back up to my hard nipple he then wrapped his hand in my long hair turned my head so his hot cock was just touching my lips. I felt the heat from his massive cock as he pushed my head into his cock and moved my mouth back and forth on it. I wrapped my lips around the shaft and looked in my husbands eyes. I wanted his cock but he moved down my body using his hands to excite me and tease me. I was shaking as he neared my wetness getting so close. Both hands were moving between my legs not touching my pussy but getting so close he was being so gentle asking me in his sexy voice if I like what he was doing. All I could do was moan and spread my legs as far as I could.

Jessie then asked my husband if he could play with my pussy now. My husband just grinned and nodded. He said to me your husband wants to see you cum are you ready. First one finger he slowly inserted in me, and then two then he arch his thumb back ‘hitch-hiker’ style and thrust into me till his thumb was resting on my clit. He then started thrusting and twisting his fingers into me deeper and faster vibrating his whole hand in my pussy. I needed and wanted good, hard, deep, vigorous thrusting penetration and he gave it to me real good, pinching and pulling on my clitoris with his other hand. He had teased me so much it was not going to take me very long to orgasm and I knew it would be a good one. His voice almost made me cum as he said to me, your husband told me what you like. Then he thrust his hand deeper into my pussy my hips coming off the table to meet his hard thrusts. Using 3 fingers he twisted and pushed deeper, then he carefully stimulate the area surrounding my cervix and massaging my pussy lip by holding a lip between his thumb and forefinger. Jessie moved one hand over the lower part of my tummy. He was applying different kinds of pressure with the top hand while the fingers from his other hand were deep inside my vagina massaging in and out while twisting at the wrist.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TXLassy and new first!

Hi Y'all

We have been having some fun! First I got to play with my First BLACK COCK and we had two Ike storm party's, a Ike storm party and a after Ike storm party. My husband got special attention from all the women at the party because of his surgery with Lisa finishing him off with a great blow job! And of course with them playing with my husband I had to keep Mike and Fred happy!

Before my husband went in for his hip surgery we talked about two of his fantasy's and my sex needs when he is recovering. He was already making plans way before his operation and kinda surprised me one night when he tied me up naked and told me all the details. He teased me for hours using all of our toys on me and bringing me to the brink of orgasm so many times before I agreed to his fantasy's.

I have to tell you about the Black cock my husband brought home.
Jessie is a Pro Bodybuilder 5' 8 very dark black man with the best body I have ever seen or felt. He is friends with my husband and they work out at the gym together. Jessie is a personal trainer and every time he helps me I get so fucking horny I can't wait to get home and I end up sucking my husbands cock in the parking lot or we run down to our boat at the marina and fuck like crazy.

Well my husband planned it well! He had Jessie come over and give me a massage after we sat in our hot tub. It was the first time I was naked with a black man and my pussy was soaking wet. We talked for about an hour my husband telling me what Jessie would be doing to me and what I could do.

When Jessie stood up in the hot tub his cock sliced up through the water and was pointing strait up hard as steel. His cock was amazing and looked gorgeous he was about 9" long and a very very thick cock head, his shaft was like steel, veins throbbing and he was completely shaved. I wanted his cock in my mouth so badly.

As Jessie was getting out of the hot tub he moved real slow letting me see his hot naked body. I could see his muscles flexing as he stepped slowly up and his amazing cock was so close to my face my mouth watered, nipples got hard and my pussy quivered. My husband came up behind me reaching around me one hand going for my right tit with the other my throbbing pussy and he repeated to me that I could not touch Jessie unless I am told to.

My husband teased me playing with my pussy and talking to me as I watched Jessie’s hard cock and perfect body setting up the table for my massage.

In the sexiest voice Jessie said the table awaits me! Staring at his magnificent cock, slowly I wobbled as I tried to stand up and exit the hot tub crawling onto the table laying there naked. My eyes were full of lust as I stared into his dark eyes. Slowly he started on my neck moving to my shoulders as I felt my nipples becoming rock hard. His hands moved towards my breasts as I turned my head and his cock was within an inch of my mouth. I saw it twitch as my hot breath blew on it and he moved closer, my lips brushing against it. I started to reach up and he pushed my hand back down and said in his sexy voice remember your instructions! As he said that both his hands moved down cupping both my breasts massaging them, pinching the nipples between his fingers and rolling them.

Just massaging my breast with his nice cock so close by my lips, had put me in such a high state of arousal that I was on the brink of orgasm. Jessie knew what he was doing and he was keeping me there right on the brink touching my body in all the right spots. This gorgeous hunk was driving me nuts teasing me, making my mouth and pussy water. My mind was spinning I was lost in the pleasure he was giving me, just watching his muscles as me massaged me and having his cock so close.

Jessie leaned down and with his sexy voice he said your husband is watching you! Now I’m going to make you cum! I turned my head to look towards the door to see Laster my husband standing there with a smile and a hard on. It happened so fast he pinched and twisted both of my nipples and I exploded as my first orgasm rocked me. I grabbed the sides of the table and felt my whole body shake as he pressed his cock on my lips. His cock was throbbing my lips were touching his hot cock, his hands working my breasts and nipples. It felt like there was a wire sending electric currents to my clit, it felt like it was connected from my nipples to my clit my body was shaking as I soaked the table. He massaged my tits and milked my orgasm till I was ready to faint from pure pleasure. I squeezed my legs together and my pussy throbbed. He was surprised by my intense orgasm and he whispered this is going to be fun. He told my husband to grab a chair and enjoy the show. My husband could see the lust in my eyes as I flicked my tongue along the nice cock in front of me.