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Saturday, November 22, 2008

My orgasm started deep inside me, my hips bucking upwards meeting his thrusting hand as I screamed out trashing around on the table. He never slowed down finger fucking me with his hard thrusting hand as his thumb massaged my clit. I was having a multiply orgasms my tits were shaking and it felt like all the blood was rushing through my body. I soaked his hand I’m glad he had a towel close by. I had a death grip on the table as I lifted my hips to meet his probing hand and his thumb. He slowed his movements as my orgasm faded making circles around my engorged clit milking my orgasm. I laid there shaking as he slowly removed his hand from my steaming pussy and I squeezed my legs together my pussy throbbing. I was panting and breathing hard as I felt wave after wave flow through me. Jessie moved away from me letting his hands trail up my body.

Jessie walked over to where my husband was and they talked and he kept looking over at me as I laid there still shaking. With a big smile on his face Jessie walked back over to me grinning from ear to ear and I could see his big black cock throbbing. Moving my hair away from my face and holding it in his hand he moved his cock closer to my face letting my lips brushing his hard cock. His hands started playing with my hard nipples and squeezing my breasts. He asked me if I wanted to feel his cock on my lips teasing me as he said it, and I heard myself say! Yes please I want to suck you. I reached up for his cock and he pushed my hand away again saying remember the instructions! So I let my hands move back to my sides but I had this burning between my legs I needs filled. As I was reaching between my legs Jessie stopped me and reminded me what the instructions were.

As punishment for spending so much money in Seattle and for the bet I lost on the baseball game I could not use my hands, I could not touch him with my hands or touch myself. But I could use my mouth and tongue! I was looking at his hard body with his big arms, six pack abs and his big black cock my mouth was watering and my pussy tingling. My back was arcing upwards as he massaged my very sensitive tits. Jessie stepped back and I closed to my mouth as he slowly pushed my head down onto his hard cock. "My Oh My" his cock was so beautiful and hard as steel making my pussy tingle and instantly get wet. I strained to get my mouth around his hot cock and I heard my husband moving his chair up close so he could have a good view.

Jessie’s cock was so hard it was sticking strait up along his hard abs. The head was so nice and thick with a big crowned knob. I had a death grip on the table so I would not grab his cock. With one hand Jessie pinched and twisted my nipple and the other hand he held his cock and pointed it towards my hot mouth teasing me. Jessie’s hot hard cock was wetting my lips as my tongue circled his big cockhead tasting him and wanting to feel his hard cock in my wet mouth. Look at your husband Jessie said as he pulled on my nipple stretching and twisting it. Get my cock nice and wet so you can show me how good of a cocksucker you are. Your husband said you were the Best Cocksucker in Texas! I licked his shaft from top to bottom getting the whole cock nice and wet and wrapping my lips around it and biting softly and I wanted to reach up and stroke his nice hard wet cock.

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Waterfront said...

Wish I was Jessie! Would love you working on my hard cock.