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Friday, November 21, 2008

TXLassy BJ

Jessie moved down to my feet taking his time being very sensitive. He then proceeded to give me a deep massage using long gliding strokes and then almost painful deeper strokes. Finely he moved between my legs and brushed my pussy teasing me as he was brushing my inner thighs near my hot pussy. He moved back to my side never taking his hands off me as my arousal and erotic energy built in my body. I could feel the heat from his cock as he reached for my breast again with one hand and the other hand trailed down to my tummy. Pinching and twisting my nipple with one hand he made my legs spread open as his other teaseing my inner thighs. My mouth was watering as he used his finger to touch my lips and feel my wetness. I tried to reach for his cock again “I wanted it” but he said remember your husband’s instructions and he slid his finger over my clit to my hot lips. He got me so close to orgasms so many times I was a shaking, trembling mass of flesh holding the sides of the table so I wouldn’t suck his cock right now.

He was a Master at getting me so close he was teasing me to the limit! He would slowly caress the side of my breasts and move towards my tummy pressing on an area above my pubic mound as my legs spread wider giving him access to my hot throbbing pussy. Trailing his hand back up to my hard nipple he then wrapped his hand in my long hair turned my head so his hot cock was just touching my lips. I felt the heat from his massive cock as he pushed my head into his cock and moved my mouth back and forth on it. I wrapped my lips around the shaft and looked in my husbands eyes. I wanted his cock but he moved down my body using his hands to excite me and tease me. I was shaking as he neared my wetness getting so close. Both hands were moving between my legs not touching my pussy but getting so close he was being so gentle asking me in his sexy voice if I like what he was doing. All I could do was moan and spread my legs as far as I could.

Jessie then asked my husband if he could play with my pussy now. My husband just grinned and nodded. He said to me your husband wants to see you cum are you ready. First one finger he slowly inserted in me, and then two then he arch his thumb back ‘hitch-hiker’ style and thrust into me till his thumb was resting on my clit. He then started thrusting and twisting his fingers into me deeper and faster vibrating his whole hand in my pussy. I needed and wanted good, hard, deep, vigorous thrusting penetration and he gave it to me real good, pinching and pulling on my clitoris with his other hand. He had teased me so much it was not going to take me very long to orgasm and I knew it would be a good one. His voice almost made me cum as he said to me, your husband told me what you like. Then he thrust his hand deeper into my pussy my hips coming off the table to meet his hard thrusts. Using 3 fingers he twisted and pushed deeper, then he carefully stimulate the area surrounding my cervix and massaging my pussy lip by holding a lip between his thumb and forefinger. Jessie moved one hand over the lower part of my tummy. He was applying different kinds of pressure with the top hand while the fingers from his other hand were deep inside my vagina massaging in and out while twisting at the wrist.


Waterfront said...

Would love bringing you off sucking on your swollen lips and finding your spot - brining you off with a strong, wet orgasm.

taye said...

ur cunt looks even more juicy n lovely :-)