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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hi Y'all
I need to start posting more often and let you know about my sex life (hubbie wants me to give bday lap dances)or post stories about when I was a stripper.

Y'all can post comments here to you don't have to belong to blogger! And if you leave youe email address as your name when you post a comment I will for sure email you back.

So please post comments of what you want me to post(besides naked pic of me).

I also love to chat on

This is what has been going on lately.

1 My husband wants me to give some guys bday lap dances.

2 I have been riding bikes with Julia and lots of young guy have been flirting with us on long rides. I don't know why? I wear a low cut loose top no bra and cycle shorts. Thats it.

3 I have been naked on our ranch all week. Here is who has seen me and even talked with me as I was naked. The Mailman, our ranch hand Mike and a young man who works for Mike, Mr. H my neighbor, Julia, Lisa, Bud, Fred, and these are people I flashed besides all the Truckers. A young man at the grocery store who helped me with my stuff.

So let me know.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Years Party pt. 8

New Years Party pt. 8

Lisa got up and we they all moved toward the door I was to weak to move I just felt like jello. When it opened Julia was on the floor and her body was trembling, she was soaked in sweat and other fluids and I could see cum in her hair. My husband was standing with a limp cock and a wet mustache. Between her legs was the rabbit toy, all sticky and wet and her pussy lips has turned almost a dark wine color.

I was finally able to walk and after we all talked about what happened and laughed our asses off as Julia moaned and quivered on the floor, I could see and huge load of cum in her hair! Fred went and got a wash rag and towel and helped his wife clean up and calm her down lol.

I started cleaning up the party mess with Lisa, Mike and Teresa helping me out. Bud and my husband helped Fred get his wife into there car and sent them off safely. Bud and Teresa drove home while Mike and Lisa stayed in the house on our other property.

We didn’t even make it to the bedroom we fucked on the sofa I had masturbated on. My husband told me he heard me cumming and that’s when he shot the big load in Julia’s hair. I must have cum 6 more times as we fucked all over the house and hot tub. When we did go to bed we talked for an hour before falling asleep.

The end


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Years Party pt. 7

New Years Party pt. 7

I have always had a huge craving for deep throating a stiff boner. It’s not just the skill of sucking cock, I absolutely love sucking cock! I love looking at you straight in the eye, while giving you that superb blowjob with a bit of hand job! It is just pure pleasure to me. Having 5 others watching me suck cock is even better. Even when I worked as a stripper at private parties I loved being watched giving head. They kept teasing me and looking at the clock.

Bud’s cock was pointing strait up, the nice thick shaft with its bulbous head. I took hold of his shaft and looked at everyone while spreading my legs and sliding to the floor between Buds’s outstretched legs. I wanted them to see me play with my pussy as I gave Bud a blow job he will never forget! They all watched as I looked Bud in the eyes and snaked my tongue out licking the underside of his shaft to the tip. I could feel him pulsing in my hand as I slid my finger over my clit and entering my horny pussy.

I was moaning already I was so fucking horny being watched sucking Buds cock as I fingered fucked my soaked pussy. I was sucking the head while my tongue played with the area where his head meets the shaft driving him wild. I was taking more of his nice cock in my mouth while stroking his shaft. When he put his hands on my head entwining his fingers in my thick hair I took the full length of his cock all the way down my throat. I used my throat muscles to work his cock in my throat while fucking my pussy faster. I used short head bobbing with lots of tongue and throat action. He loved pumping the back of my throat and I was so fucking horny I was on the verge of orgasm while his hot cock pumped in my throat.

I had spread my legs so they could see me playing with my pussy while sucking on Bud’s nice cock. They were all watching me and I got so turned on I was rubbing my clit at a light speed and sucking his cock. My orgasm was so strong I was shaking and devoured Buds cock as he was about to cum. Bud’s big cock exploded when I had him all the way down my throat. I went crazy on his hard cock as squirt after squirt of hot cum shot into my belly, finger fucking my pussy as they watched me. I grabbed his ass and milked his cock not stopping my great blow job. I was more turned on from them watching me play with my pussy than I was sucking Bud’s big cock. I kept pumping his cock down my throat taking all of his cum while his wife Teresa and the rest of the group watched and cheered.

The best cocksucker in Texas was getting serious about her work. I got up on my hands and knees so that I could concentrate on draining that hard cock and nothing else. I was going to make damn sure I did the job right and make this cock explode into my mouth with Bud’s legs shaking uncontrollably as it shot into my belly. Do it baby! Suck that cock! She’s draining that big cock! All there nasty talk encouraged me even more but Bud couldn’t take any more and was trying to push me away. I slowed down and milked every drop from that softening cock and I needed to cum.

I got up on the sofa next to Bud and put one leg over the arm and placed the other over Bud’s leg so I was spread wide exposing my wet horny pussy for everyone to see. I slid one finger in my horny fuck hole and went crazy on my clit with the other. They all were watching me! I looked at them as I put two fingers in me and Bud spread me wider.

I had a Massive Orgasm, my orgasm had such great intensity that it lasted for an indefinite time, I just looked at everyone as they all watched me orgasming, fucking my pussy and rubbing my clit. It was unbelievable Mike, Fred, Lisa and Teresa watched me cumin and started playing with there cocks and pussy’s.

The timer went off and we all just looked at the closet door.


Monday, March 24, 2008

New Years Party pt. 6

New Years Party pt. 6

What a rush it was when the door flew open. We were ushered out and Mike and Teresa rushed in for there 11.5 minutes. My head was spinning as I tried to calm down my husband handed me a glass of water as Bud sat down next to me. Things went by very fast my head was spinning and I had not had a drink just smoked some green bud. I heard the timer going off and the door was opening with Teresa on her knees sucking Mikes gorgeous cock. Mikes cock was huge and looked ready to explode as Teresa got up and walked out. Mike was still dazed, you could see hand prints on Teresa’s ass, tits and inner thighs, being shaved you could see her swollen pink pussy lips!

Fred and Lisa hurried inside and they by far made the most noise. I looked at Julia and I could see she was already very excited; her nipples were hard she was breathing slowly and she had a glazed look in her eyes. Dang almost sounded like they were breaking the chair in the closet. Fred’s hair was a mess when the door opened and Lisa was grinning from ear to ear, his mustache was wet and I knew what had happened. When Lisa has an orgasm from receiving oral she grabs the head of the person who is eating her pussy and cums like crazy (and I know how good Fred is at eating pussy).

Julia and my husband were ready for the final and I had a surprise for the winners. Before they entered Lisa and I stood up and told everyone that the winners got a surprise and I placed a very nicely wrapped present on the chair. They went in and started to the closet and unwrapped the gift as we set the timer and closed the door. We sat down close to the closet and Bud sat next to me on the floor with a huge hard on and asked what we had gotten for them. Lisa sat on Fred’s lap while Teresa moved to the end and sat on Mikes lap. Bud said “Hey” I want to sit in a chair. I jumped up as he sat in my chair with his cock sticking strait up. When I sat in his lap I made a big deal about it as I felt his shaft on my soaked pussy. I moaned, rocked back and forth and bounced up and down. Bud grabbed both my tits and was playing with them. Bud’s cock felt so hot as I moved my ass humping him.

We all heard my husband scream out in orgasm and we all knew Julia was sucking his cock. It was quiet then we heard the chair moving and talking. The rabbit vibe makes a very distinct sound when it is turned on and buzzing and then Julia’s moaning and groaning. We all started making funny sex noises and Teresa was rubbing Mikes cock, Fred had his fingers playing with Lisa’s pussy and Bud’s cock was sliding along my pussy lips bumping my clit. Things were heating up both in the closet and with us sitting close by outside.

Teresa saw how intent I was at trying to hear what was going on in the closet. She jumped up and said that sense Bud was the only guy who had never had a real Blowjob (not just sucking cock but one of my famous Blowjobs). Being New Years and me losing all the games Teresa said I should give Bud a BJ as the rest of the group watches. Teresa was testing me she has already talked to me about sucking Bud’s cock we have had many horny discussions on the subject. Lisa then said that there was 12 minutes left for Julia and my husband in the closet so I had 10 minutes to show everyone how good I was at sucking cock. Bud’s cock was hard as an Armadillo.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Years Party pt. 5

New Years Party pt. 5

With all points totaled Julia won with the most points so this is how it broke down for the closet game.

1st in the closet will be Bud and myself with only 10 minutes.
2nd in the closet will be Mike and Teresa 11.5 minutes.
3rd in the closet will be Fred and Lisa 19 minutes.
The winner Julia and my husband 34 minutes.

The closet was empty except for an old wooden chair. We put on some sexy music just loud enough so it made it hard to hear soft talking. We gathered some chairs around the closet door, more drinks, some food and an egg timer.

As I opened the door I turned around I saw all the guys had rock hard cocks and Bud was right behind me as we walked into the closet naked. As soon as the door shut Buds hands were all over me, squeezing my tits while his other hand was moving between my legs. I pushed back on his hard cock as he buried his middle finger deep in my soaking hot pussy his palm rubbing my clit as we humped. Bud turned me around pushing me down in the chair as I wrapped my hand around his fat cock and took him in my mouth sucking him deep as he grabbed my hair. I deep throated his nice fat cock 5 times each time taking him all the way down till I could lick his balls. He was holding back from screaming out loud slowly easing his cock out of my mouth then grabbing my ankles bending me in half exposing my horny pussy. Bud got between my legs and guided his hot cock between my soaked pussy lips running his hot cock head right up to my clit. With both my arms I reached between my legs spreading wider as my hands peeled my pussy open looking into Buds eyes. He moved his fat cock up again this time going slower and pushing stopping at my hot pussy hole. I spread my pussy and raised my ass off the chair his cock head was so hot pushing on my spread pussy.

The light went out and that meant we had 10 seconds left before they opened the door. I was spread wide open with Buds fat cock head opening my horny pussy.

Y’all have to realize my husband reads my blog and the stories I write! One of the rules of the closet game is you do not have to tell what went on in the closet. Well my husband has chosen to not tell me what happened with him and Julia in the closet for 34 minutes. So I can’t tell what happened the last 10 seconds of my closet time.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Years Party pt. 4

New Years Party pt. 4

Julia's wet pussy on the left and me on the right.

Her pussy looked wet before he even started licking his way up making her squirm as he spread her hood on her clit. Slowly he ran his tongue up her slit entering her as she shook then making his tongue hard and pointier as he pressed hard on her exposed clit. She threw her head back and screamed the muscles in her legs quivered.

My husband got between my legs and in 2 minutes he had me shaking in orgasm covering his face with my hot cum. He jumped up real quick said it’s almost New Years! The guys got between their wives legs and with a count down starting at 20 they all started fucking us stroke for stroke, fucking us harder and harder, I swear the big couch was moving.

I don’t remember what happen at 12:00 because I was Cumming and kissing my loving husband and he pounded me with his 9” hard cock. We were all well filled and laughing and having fun. The guys sat down and us girls proceeded to suck and clean there nice cocks. As if we had planned it out I got up and moved to the other end as Julia, Lisa and Teresa all moved over one guy and started sucking there cocks.

Julia was cock hungry as she devoured my husbands cock. I had never deep throated Bud and I wanted to make sure he knew I was the best cocksucker. His hot cock was so hard as it slid down my throat he grabbed a hand full of my hair and squealed. We all switched again. Mike has the largest and thickest cock of the group and everyone paused to watch as I wrapped my lips around his massive cock and looking in his eyes took all of that nice hot cock all the way down. I knew everyone was watching me as I deep throated him again and again, then I exploded in a massive orgasm as his cock pumped down my throat. He had both his hands on my head as I came pumping his cock down my throat. I was out of breath as the girls were sucking the guys in front of them.

We all move to the last cock and I watched Teresa suck my husband’s cock I took Fred’s cock in my mouth and as I did he could not hold back and shoved his cock down my throat and shot a huge load, squirt after squirt. It sounded like all the guys were Cumming. I was so dam horny I needed a cock fucking my horny pussy.

We all sat around talking and stroking, we cleaned up and had more drinks as we tallied up the scores and points for the closet game. I got up took some dishes and stuff in the kitchen. Mike helped and when I set the dishes down he came up behind me his now hard cock pressing on my ass. His left hand cupping my tit pinching and twisting my hard nipple as his right hand slipped around and slid over my hairy mound and he slid his middle finger deep into my soaked pussy and whispered in my ear “Boss Lady I want to Fuck you”.

I pushed backwards against his large throbbing cock, with both hands on the counter I bent over at the waist and spread my legs apart. He slid his finger out of my soaked pussy moving slowly as I felt his hot cock between my legs. He held his cock and was gilding it over my mound rubbing my hot clit. Mike’s cock was throbbing as he pushed harder and eased back sliding his thick cockhead over my clit spreading my hot pussy lips. Leaning on the counter I reached back with both hands and spread my ass and pussy for Mike. With one hand he peeled open my pussy lips and his other hand wrapped around his huge cock as he rubbed his cockhead on my open pussy coating it with my juices. I felt his big cockhead opening my pussy hole the more he pushed.

Whack!!!!!!!! He slapped my ass fucking hard pulled back and walked out of the kitchen. Fuck! He just left a huge hand print on my ass, with me bent over, soaked horny pussy and he’s running back to the play room laughing. When I turned around everyone was standing there laughing they had watched everything. We all went back to the play room and before I turned the light out I looked in the mirror on the counter I had been leaning on and giggled. We all had a good laugh, talked a lot about sex and then it was time for the closet game.