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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Friends and the hot tub

I still had the dildo in me and I was freaking out thinking he would show up with me like this. When my husband came back out I was so horny dreaming that I was rotating my hips trying to fuck the dildo. I begged him to fuck me before the young stud showed up. My husband told me he wasn’t coming and giggled. Lisa and Mike are on there way over maybe Mike will fuck you he said as he pushed the dildo in me. I hissed and said only if you fuck Lisa first! Maybe I will, maybe I will he said. He untied me and I heard Mike and Lisa coming up the road and rushed into the house to get dressed.

I was in the shower and Lisa came in to talk while I finished up. While we talked all I could think of was the young stud and hard cock. I was very excited as I stepped out of the shower and got even hotter drying off and having Lisa watching me. Lisa said instead of me getting dressed that we all could just get in the hot tub. As we walked arm and arm past the guys with the bulging eyes we said we’ll be in the hot tub bring us some drinks please.

We were having a great time talking and playing in the tub, Lisa was having a good time flirting with my husband. They were talking about the college ranch hand my husband picked for me and Lisa was getting drunk. I think she was more excited about the ranch hand that I was, and Mike seamed kinda jealous. And my husband had a hard on he could not hide.

After Lisa and Mike left I jumped my husband right there in the hallway and I was so hot and wet his hard cock slid deep inside me. I rode him to two orgasms before we headed for the bedroom where he licked me to two more orgasms. I spread my legs wide and said cum here ranch boy and give me that nice cock deep and hard.

I gave my husband a BJ this morning as he teased me about the ranch hand showing up later today. I have masturbated four times already fantasizing and he won’t be here for another couple hours. Then my husband called and told me he booked a room in Vegas so I can pay off my bet I lost to him.

Well gotta go get dress I’ll let y’all know how the ranch hand is later

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Pamelia said...

Good words.