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Friday, October 26, 2007


It was chilly this morning and it was my turn to feed the critters. But I talked hubbie into doing it for me, the early morning BJ helped. I had breakfast ready for him when he was all done and I served him in my little kitchen apron. When we were done eating we went into the TV room and sat down and watched CNN. Well he was all lovey dovey and decited to pop in a porno.

I think this is why my husband thinks I am the best cocksucker in Texas. He is laid back watching a 52” big screen porno of A blond getting DP’ed by the biggest cocks I have seen (well at least in the past two weeks). I was laying on my side head in his lap sucking his cock and every time he would get close I would pinch the base of his cock and just lick the head till he calmed down. The as he watched the blond getting nailed hard I deep throated him like it was the last cock I would ever get.

He came so much I gobbled it all down. Then he picked my fav vibe and worked me to two orgasms as he licked my swollen clit and pussy lips. Wow I was on fire my orgasms were so long he just would not quit! We were both drained and took a nice warm shower. My mom called and we talked about 2 hours before I noticed it was time for Tony to show up

Hubbie had to go out to the shop and take our sex swing down because Tony will be working around the barn and shop today. They got the pump house to work on and some one ran over part of the fence on the North side of the property. And yes he has to clean the horse stalls and barn. Me I am just going to work in my garden and mow the grass while watching the men. The vibration of the riding lawn mower and watching my hunky husband and this young stud pitching hay bales was too much. I ran in side and finger myself to 2 orgasms.

Now I’m on the dam computer and just getting worked up again. Then our mighty attack dog waddles to the sliding door whimpering and I hear a nock. Tony is at the sliding kitchen door and I’m all flustered and wet just looking at him. I open the door and the attack dog promptly roles over and plants his self on his feet all four legs in the air. His voice is so sexy but damit why do the young one have to wear baggy pants. He needed the keys to the truck so he could go get supplies. After he left I wondered why my husband sent his to get my keys when he has a spare set with him.

Then there he is walking in the door getting naked, throwing me no the kitchen table and sliding his hard cock deep into my soaking hot pussy. We went at it like wild animals. About 20 minuits later while were still fucking like crazy I look over and there is Lisa standing my the door watching my husbands cock plowing into me. I exploded and so did my husband. We jumped up and got dressed then by the time Lisa opened the door Mike walked ito the back yard. Oh darn you missed out I heard Lisa tell him.

I’ll tell more later. And I will tell you about the first time my husband asked me if I would do a strip show for some frat guys.


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