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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hubbie planning a new adventure.

Sense my husband started his other new business I have had to do a lot more work around the ranch and have not had much time for my self. My husband has even less time than I but I still give him a BJ in the morning. He still had time to rig up a nice comfortable sex swing in his shop.
Thursday he came home early and I had just finished my afternoon swim and I meet him in the front yard naked. He had this nasty look in his eyes grabbed my hand and lead me into his shop where the swing was. My loving husband eased me into the swing tying my hands and feet so I was spread out. Sliding two fingers into my hot pussy he teased my clit and I almost came. He got up and walked over and open the big roll up door then walked back and shoved his cock in my mouth. Well he was real excited about something because he was shooting a huge load down my throat in no time at all.

For the next hour my husband licked my pussy as he told me how I would have to pay him for losing are baseball bets. He won 76 games to my 14. So he starts telling me some of his plans as he licks my clit and finger fucks me. He opens his box of toys and pulls out a big purple dildo and some lube. As he told me some of his plans he slid the dildo in and out of my pussy and teased my clit. He is planning a trip to Las Vegas for some wild sexual fantasies he has planned for me. I came real hard as he fucked me and the wind blew in the open door and my orgasmic screams filled the shop.

He also scolded me for not keeping up on my ranch chores. Because I could not keep up with the chores when he is not here he told me that he hired a young collage kid to work part time for me. Easing the dildo slowly out of my throbbing pussy he teased me about having a young hard bodied stud here alone with me. My husband was very excited as he played with me telling me what this young stud could do to me with a young hard cock.

My husbands cock was throbbing as he slid it into my cock hungry mouth and he buried the dildo deep in my dripping pussy. He was telling me all about the young hard bodied stud as I sucked his cock like a starving insatiable cock sucker. Pulling his cock out of my mouth he fucked me deeper with the dildo as he walked around between my legs and buried the dildo all the way in me. I was dripping wet and he aimed his cock at my ass and teased me about getting fucked with two cocks. I begged him to fuck me and he did, sliding his cock into my ass and pressing the dildo deep into my hot pussy and I exploded in a multiply orgasm screaming for him to fuck me harder.

He blew a huge load in my ass fucking me like crazy with the dildo buried deep in my pussy. He kept telling me nasty things that could happen when the young stud shows up. I was still tied up and shaking from my orgasms when he told he the collage kid was on his way here to meet me and talk about his jobs. My husband laughed as he walked out of the shop with me spread wide tied up naked in the swing with cum dripping out of me and the shop door wide open.

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