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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My husband was supposed to be here when the new ranch help showed up. I was not about to wear what my sweet sex fiend husband wanted me to without him being here. Lisa has called three times asking if he had showed up. I put on a pair of Levi jeans and a western shirt and my brown boots and I waiting for both my husband and the new guy.
The phone rings and a truck pulls up to the front gate. I think my husband planned this he was on the phone and asked if he was here yet and that he would be home in 45 min and for me to show him around the place till he got here. So I got the mutt and walked out to meet the new ranch hand.

Well I got a surprise the new ranch hand had brung his girlfriend with him. Are attack dog promptly walked over laid on his back and wined, the damm dog is the biggest baby and will just lay there and lick your feet till you pet him. And it’s a no win situation, he licks you then you pet him and he will never leave you alone.

Tony (the new ranch help) introduced his G/F Marie and himself. Tony is a dam fine looking young man and my husband never fails at picking the type of guys I like. This young college man was 22 y/o 5”10 185lbs very athletic body with gorgeous muscular arms short brown hair, brown eyes and a tight butt. Marie is about 5’2 without shoes 20 y/o blonde, blue eyes, thin (bitch) small A cup tits and an ass that would fit in both of my husbands hands. Speaking of asses I was already dreaming of my hands being on his ass as his cock slid down my throat.

Hubbie was home now driving up the road with a huge grin on his face. Now I know he planned this and wondered what else he planed. I took Marie in the house and showed her around while my husband and Tony headed for the Barn. I got to know Marie over the next two hours (She's got tongue enough for 10 rows of teeth) she got a strong southern accent like mine so it was great fun. Everything was going great till she started preaching about the Catholic Church.

Between Mike and my husband they are going to show Tony everything he needs to know in the next couple day. Lisa and Mike showed up and they loved Marie and Tony. Tony and Marie had to leave because they both have classes very early in the morning but Tony will be back tomorrow. Lisa and Mike stayed for dinner and when Lisa and I were talking she told me that her husband told her all about him watching me masturbating and now Tony might get to see. I think there both jealous. I tell Lisa when Mike has seen me but she always know because he runs home and fucks her brains out for hours. I have tried to talked her into letting my husband come over to her house and watch her masturbate. She just smiles and says someday, someday!

When they left hubbie almost ripped my shirt off grabbing my tits and sucking on my hard nipples as my pussy got all warm and wet. Pulling my wet pants off he buried his face in my wet pussy and I was cumming like crazy. He flipped me over aimed his hard cock at my wet pussy slamming it deep and fucking me silly. He teased me about Tony and then started getting my ass wet with my juices. He rolled me over and started pushing his hot cock into my ass as his fingers worked my pussy to frenzy. I was begging him to cum in my ass. He came so hard shooting hot cum in my ass that he was spent and couldn’t move. After cleaning up we laid there talking about Tony and how far we want to play with him. My husband got another one of my famous BJ’s in the morning and I worn the batteries out in my rabbit.

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