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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Part 3 of 5

Dogging Texas style Part 3

Here I am in the back of the van on my knees my head in my strong Cowboys lap with my dress in my hand breasts and pussy were completely exposed and still throbbing from my orgasm. I am licking his hard cock as drops of cum leak out. I was so dam horny having strangers watching me, this mans cock was still one hot rod and I do think it did get just a little thicker as I licked it.

This big cowboy pulled me up like he was going to kiss me and in a flash his arms went under my knees and picked me up and set me on my back on the floor of the van my head close to the door where the good looking Navy guy was standing stroking his very nice cock. It was my lucky night another 7 ½ in thick cock that had a slight bend to the left. I felt the cowboys cock right between my legs he had me pinned and he moved his cock up so the head was rubbing my pussy lips. My lips parted a little as his cockhead moved up and pressed on my clit and his shaft was pressed against my pussy lips. My clit was sending shock waves through my body it was on fire throbbing and wet. His huge arms were wrapped under my knees and both of his hands are griping my breasts pinching my hard nipples. I tensed up his cock head teased the opening of my pussy as he slowly moved it across my lips and touched my clit again. My mind was saying close your legs but my body was betraying me my legs spreading wide open pussy juices flowing.

Lisa was just watching and smiling! I am freaking out now. This Cowboy was about to fuck me! “The Rules” were on my mind my pussy was soaking wet and throbbing and his cock felt like a red hot poker as it was pressed against my pussy as I spread wider feeling his shaft on my pussy. Mr. Navy man was moving his hot cock closer towards my waiting mouth.

I have this insatiable desire for sucking cock and my husband calls me his “Cock Sucking Nympho”. But like I said NO fucking!!!! I love my husband and I love sucking cock and I have just been so dam horny lately I just can’t suck enough cock. Like I said the kids are gone and my sex drive went in full gear I just can’t do without swallowing cum and having hubby give me a nice long pussy pounding till I have multiple orgasms. I love the feel of a hard cock throbbing in my throat and hot cum shooting down my throat.

I could see Lisa and the others watching me, he said whispering to me, there watching us and they want to see me fuck you. I know you want me to and you do want me to fuck you don’t you? Don’t you? His cock was rubbing my pussy lips and the big mushroom head pressed on my clit. Both his hand were grabbing and squeezing my tits hard pinching and twisting my nipples. I looked to see the Navy guy stroking his cock the young couple watching as she had his cock out giving him a hand job while watching me. I felt his cock parting my hot pussy lips I looked into the Navy man eyes saying please let me suck your cock now! I want your cock in my mouth please let me suck your cock! My body lied to me again my legs spread wide my hips moving up and down opening my pussy wide for cowboy cock, my pussy juices were flowing coating his cock. I was completely open to his big cockhead. In my mind I was begging him to shove his big cock all the way in me and fuck my brains out. I was completely open with his cock at the opening of my soaking pussy all he had to do was move back and push and his cock would be in me with Lisa and the others watching.

My phone rang and he released my arm, Lisa answered my phone and handed it to me. I said Hi Dear where are you. My husband said that he was right here watching with Lisa. I turned my head and looked into my husbands eyes he started giving me instructions telling me that Lisa was now in charge and I was to do what ever she tells me and not to tell anyone that he was my husband. My husband told me to say a few more things out loud so they could hear, then I hung up. I looked up and saw him standing next to Lisa her hand stroking my husbands cock.

The Cowboys mood changed when he knew my husband was not going to be there. He asked me, so your husbands going to be late?

His hot cock felt so hot humping my pussy, he told me to tell Lisa and the other to come closer. I did as he asked and Lisa and my husband moved close as the couple climbed in the van the young Navy man his nice cock in his hand guiding it into my mouth. The Cowboy let my legs go but was still manhandling my tits telling the Navy guy to make me suck his cock.

Leaning down he whispered in my ear, your husbands not going to be here, you want everyone to watch you get fucked! Don’t you?

“BEG ME TO FUCK YOU” he whispered in my ear.