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Saturday, February 19, 2011

“Dogging” Texas style

This is a 5 part true story.

“Dogging” Texas style.

Part 1

We learned this game called “Dogging” from some English friends when we had visited England last year. I am an exhibitionist who loves to suck cock and fuck outside where there is a chance to be seen by others. Our friends took us to some well known dogging spots in England to fuck each others brains out as other people watched. They had online forums and chat rooms and told people where we were going to be so they could come and watch. We had strangers walk up and watch us while I sucked my husbands cock and our English friend fucked me. I got so hot I was blowing complete strangers that had been watching our friend fuck me as my husband fucked our English friend’s wife. The first time we did it with them I sucked and deep throated 3 stranger’s cocks swallowing all of them.

When I told my best friend Lisa about the Dogging game she got so excited her and my husband started planning all kinds of dogging meet-ups here in Texas. My husband and I have had sex with people watching many times now playing the Dogging game Texas style! Lisa even got involved and had guys we met online in forums or chat rooms meeting us along the sides of roads, parking lots, parks, hiking or even beside highways. I would get out of the car “Naked” walk up between the two cars so Lisa could watch as I sucked young men, Navy men or even a couple people I can’t say who they are, I would kneel and suck there cocks as Lisa watches or Lisa and her husband or my husband.

On a Wednesday night Lisa and I went to the Firwood Roadhouse, Lisa drove our van parking the van in the far back corner were it was away from the main parking lot. I was wearing a very low cut black dress no bra and no panties. This wasn’t the first time we have played this game so all the details have been worked out. My husband was supposed to be on his way to meet us. Lisa had been on the internet in chat rooms and had contacted some people that were going to meet us.

I walked in alone after Lisa and the bouncer is a very hot young man 6’ 195lbs hard body with a big bulge in his Levi’s, dreamy Big Blue eyes that were looking at my hard nipples; he smiled and let me in for free. I know I have seen him somewhere before and was wracking my brain trying to figure out where? I just smiled and walked by brushing my hand against his cock real slow. I picked a table in an area so Lisa would have a view of me. The waitress gave me a drink and said that drinks were on the house and I looked over at the bouncer and he smiled at me. I asked if there was alcohol in there and she told me that he knew I didn’t drink and he had ordered special drinks for me. Now it was really bugging me where I knew him from! I was not alone for long and this nice guy started trying to get me dance. He was not one of the guys Lisa had arranged from the internet. After dancing for awhile with him staring at my tits the whole time we went back to the table and sat down. I told him my hubby was on his way to meet me and the guy lit out like a rabbit running from a coyote.

I watched this 6’2 Cowboy with a gorgeous body, HUGE arms, and jeans tighter than bark on a tree that showed off a nice big cock bulge. My pussy got wet when he said hi Lassy in his sexy voice; I’m Carl and asked me to dance. I got up my knees were shaking, this hard body hunk was so gentle and had the softest touch I almost came right there as we headed for the dance floor. This mans body was hard as a rock and I could feel my pussy getting wet as I held his arm. He asked me if I remembered him from yahoo IM chat and the pictures he sent me. He had talked to Lisa and was here for the dogging game and I remembered all the nasty chat on yahoo IM with him. As he pulled me close to his hot body he said he was ready for our Dogging game pressing his large cock against me. I think I had a mini orgasm I was all warm and wet. I remembered the photos he had sent me and my pussy was throbbing and nipples were so hard they hurt. We danced to a few songs and talked nasty making me even wetter, he started to press up to me and I could feel his cock growing up against my tummy.

After the dance was over I had to go to the restroom so I excused myself, I was wet and my pussy was tingling. When I got to the restroom I called hubby on his cell to find out where he was. He didn’t sound happy when he answered and he said he was busy and would not be able to show up. I told my husband I was there at the Roadhouse with Lisa and the phone went silent. After a brief pause he said he forgot we had planned the dogging game tonight. “You love dancing don’t you” Sorry I can’t be there but “You and Lisa have fun “. I told him I danced with a Cowboy with huge arms, my husband knows guys with big arms make me wet. He asked if the guy had a big cock, I said when we danced he felt huge and my pussy was soaked. He asked if I was wearing panties. I said no and he told me when I got back to the table to flash the guy so he would know I was not wearing panties. My husband told me that he would call Lisa and talk to her and make sure she has all the instructions.

When I was walking back to the table I could feel my hot wetness as I saw Lisa talking on the phone and smiling at me. When I got back to the table he stood up looking at my hard nipples and I sat down letting my dress slide up as I spread my legs to move to the back of the bench seat. I know he saw my pussy because his eyes and cock got big. He sat down and was looking down my blouse as we talked watching my nipples get hard as a rock. He rested his hand on my leg just below the hem of my dress. I did not move except to open my legs to let him know I wanted him to touch me, my pussy was dripping. He told me he was there to find out if what my husband said is true that I am the best cock sucker in Texas. I opened my legs a little and his hand went up my dress when I did not resist he went up higher and he was now touching my pussy as I spread a little more.

I saw a young couple and another hot looking young man sitting with Lisa all watching me. The Cowboy looked over at Lisa and the others as they watched he started slipping a finger over my throbbing clit feeling my wetness as his finger slid inside me, my ass was coming off the seat to meet his finger. I almost exploded right there and had to move back as I saw the bar maid coming and pulled his hand down. After she left he asked me to go out to the parking lot for fresh air. He put his hand on my leg again and as I looked at Lisa I spread my legs and let him finger fuck my soaking wet pussy. As he fingered me I told him I was married and that my husband was at work and was going to meet me here when he got off. He did not stop finger fucking my horny pussy, he just leaned in shoved his finger in my pussy and I thrust my hips forward as his thumb found my clit and I came bucking as he thrust deeper soaking his hand as he kissed me to muffle my orgasm. The Cowboy said that he has talked to my husband a few times and when my husband got here he could watch me suck his cock.

I looked at Lisa and I was shaking in bliss. This cowboy knew what he was doing and I could tell Lisa had seen my powerful orgasm.
I asked my big Cowboy if Lisa had explained the rules to him. I looked him strait in the eyes and said that I loved sucking big cocks and his felt big. We can have oral sex that’s it no fucking but I wanted to swallow his beautiful cock he slid his fingers out of my hot pussy, he told me my husband and Lisa had both told him the rules.

When we got and up to leave I was still shaking and you could see the wetness on my thighs as my legs spread when I stood up. I looked at Lisa and she was with about 4 people leaving through the back door heading for the van. We walked out the front door and the bouncer at the door had the biggest shit eating grin on his face. And I realized from where I sitting he had a great view of what was going on under the table. I looked at the bouncers hard cock then looked into his eyes trying to remember where I had seen him before as he smiled at me watching my ass as we left. We walked out to the back of the parking lot where the van was parked.

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