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Sunday, September 12, 2010

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Tropical Storm Hermine
Well it’s been a very tiring week…but I would not change it for anything.

Three of my brothers and there families live north of us and were flooded out by Tropical Storm Hermine. There homes didn’t get flooded they just could not get to there homes.

They all showed up here at our Ranch after my husband drove up and helped them pack everything they wanted in our trailer. My husband had been up 28 hours by the time he got to bed, so no sex for me lol.

13 kids all under 13 y/o and the youngest was 3, 7 adults and my husband and I. I loved being the “Caretaker” of all and opening our ranch to my brothers, sis in-law and the kids. For once besides Christmas and Thanksgiving I got to use my new kitchen like it was build for. With all our sons moved out we had plenty of room for everyone.

My brothers and there wives got a break from the kids so they could deal with the flooding without having to be stressed out about there kids. Besides that my husband and I had an absolute HOOT with the kids.

They got to learn how to ride dirt bikes, ride mountain bikes, ride horses, sail our boat (before my husband “SOLD IT”), they learned to cook and bake. The last night they were here the kids cooked and served dinner to all us adults and the moms and I cried.

We camped outside and told stories with the kids and there parents were not allowed (kids rule). We even taught them how to shoot, sharpen knives, milk a cow and they all played with our killer attack dog.

My husband and I did all the cooking and taking care of the kids, the parents were left to unwind and get unstressed from being flooded out.

Everyone went home Happy as gophers in soft dirt.

As soon as they drove off our cloths were thrown off and we fucked like young kids for 6 hours. We had sex in the living room, kitchen and bedroom, when my husband was ready to cum I swallowed his 9” cock and went crazy deep throating his hard cock as he grabbed my hair and explode in a huge orgasm dumping his cum in my belly as I continued to milk his cock. After unloading in me he walked me outside in the front yard bent me over the hitching post tied my wrist to my ankles and went back it to the house to retrieve some of our toys.

My husband was eating my pussy like a pro bringing me to 3 massive orgasms and then he used “ ALL” the toys on me while telling me all the nasty things he wants me to do and all the cocks he wants me to suck.

MY husband had me naked tied up and bent over, he shoved a LARGE black dildo deep in my pussy fucking me hard with it, then he buried his cock deep in my ass pounding me grabbing my hair fucking my ass and telling me our neighbor Mr. H was watching us. When I look over at the old oak tree I saw Mr. H stroking his big beautiful cock as I screamed out in a massive orgasm as he watched my husband fuck my ass with the dildo shoved deep in my pussy.

My husband has promised me a wild NASTY sex adventure. I have 3 days to decide if I get to choose my adventure or let my husband surprise me with a wild NASTY SEX adventure.

Anyone have any NASTY Adventure Ideas.

Y’all come up with some Ideas and post comment here and then we can have a vote and y’all get to choose my “NASTY SEX ADVENTURE”.

It will be a contest…..

“Choose TXLassys next sexual adventure vote here.

I will talk to my husband into video taping it and post it here.


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Steve said...

Wow! Great story. When I read where you deep throat his cock and dropping a load of cum directly inside of your tummy. I had an instant hard on. I have only had that done one before and I can still remember the feeling. Wow! Please have the surprise video tape. I would love to see hubby and a few other tie you over the hitch the bed post and do a train on your sweet white ass.