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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Catching up

Hi y'all

I have some catching up to do on my blog.
Right now it is 92 and thunderstorms.

Quick updates and then I will write more about our adventures later.

We have a group of friends we swing with all are safe and clean and everyone always gets checked at a clinic for STD's.

Tom and Jan live in Seattle. Tom went to college with my husband and he is 6' 190 lbs dark hair and has a swimmers build and is in our 8" cock club. Jan is 5 years younger than Tom and is Gorgeous, very smart, sexy and likes to be in control. She is 5'7 blond, slim. 34B 25 34 and has that sexy high priced attorney look. They live on an Island near Seattle and love sailing and hiking.

George and Linda live in Florida. Linda went to college with my husband and is our age, she is 5'6 BIG tits dark hair and she is a screamer. George is the youngest of the group he is 35 5'11" 210 very muscular and is also in the 8" club with over 9". George doesn't work Linda takes care of him or should I say he takes care of her lol. (the man can eat pussy for hours)
Eddie and Jody live in Monterey Calif. Eddie was my husbands best friend and roommate in college. He is 6'1 200 lbs blond very well built and also is in the 8" club and very THICK. Jody is 5'2 120 shot brown hair small tits but she makes up for it by being so nasty with us.
I will post more about are adventures.

April 10 days in Monterey- Swinging swapping lots of sucking and fucking. Great weather 70-75 most days.

June 10 days in Seattle- Swinging swapping lots of sucking and fucking. Rained everyday except 2.

July 4th weekend here on our ranch in Texas- All nude weekend, Swinging swapping lots of sucking and fucking.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I meet you in Monterey.
Jim and Linda. If you remember us send a email.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the 10 BLACK COCK CLUB da ya want mine:)

Anonymous said...

just reading about your sexy adventures ... very hot and more than that your body is just so hot.. love the pic! thank you for sharing