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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Showing off

Part 2
I told my husband all about my day at the mall with Betty and I also told him how horny Betty was for him! I was teasing him pretty good telling him how I wanted to watch him fuck Betty and how I would eat his cum from her pussy! I described Betty’s hot body and how much she wanted his big cock, how she would do anything for him! I deep throated his cock as I told him it was Betty sucking his cock and he was getting very excited! I was having fun when the phone rang. It was a guy my husband had sold some parts to and he was coming over to pick up the parts. I teased him more making faces like I was sucking a big cock as he tried talking on the phone. I sucked his cock deep and then I was telling him how I watched Betty play with her self and how nice her pussy smelled.

He was having troubles consecrating on the phone and he was trying to get me to stop. I was fingering my pussy and rubbing it on his nose. Whispering how good it would feel fucking Betty. He had a hard time talking to this guy Bob on the phone. When he hung up he looked real frustrated and he pinned me to the bed and said now you did it I’m going to blindfold you and tie you up Naked. Well you know me I didn’t stop I teased him more telling him how he wouldn’t be able to last with Betty. We were so worked up I was begging him to fuck me. Now he teased me and he tied my arms spread wide to the bed posts and then spreading my legs as wide as he could tie them too. I was wide open Naked and as he put the blindfold on he whispered to me that he just might show the guy who was coming over and maybe let him finger me. I screamed out “NO” I forgot this man was coming over and I begged my husband to untie me but he just teased me more! He got my rabbit vibrator out and fucked me with it teasing me telling me he was going to show me off and this went on and on as he played with my pussy. He teased me to the brink of orgasm more than once. Then there was a knock on the door and I heard my husband snickering as he checked the blindfold and slipped a finger in my wet pussy before he walked out the door. “I begged” him to untie me and he said for me to be still and he won't tell the guy I was in here Naked.

I could faintly hear them as my heart was pounding and my pussy was getting wet. All kinds of things raced through my mind as I strained to hear. Then My Husband’s voice got louder as I heard him say! Hey Bob come here I got something to show you! “OH MY GOD” I was having an orgasm! I swear I felt my pussy pulsing and twitching like it was squeezing closed and then opening. Nothing was touching me I was tied up squirming as the orgasm rushed through me. I could not hear anything my head was pounding as spasms ran through me. I froze trying to hear what was going on and at that moment I had a feeling that someone was watching me. Then I heard the door to the shop open some weird noises then it closed. I did not know what was happening and it felt like hours before I heard Bob and my husband come back into the house. I could hear both of them talking and my head was pounding and I was breathing hard. I could not hear what they were talking about. It got real quite for what seamed like for ever and I could hear my heart pounding and I was breathing real slow. I jumped as I felt a hand touch my pussy and insert a single finger deep in me and pull out. I heard a sucking sound and then a moan. It was hard to tell who it was my mind had frozen I could not hear anything for what seamed like for ever again then I heard the front door close and Bob’s truck driving off. I thought I was going to have a heart attack!

My husband came in all quite and teased the hell out of me making me cum three more times licking and fingering my soaking throbbing pussy before he got on me and said how much he want to see me suck a nice big cock. He said he showed me to Bob all tied up and let him finger me. I screamed as my husband’s big cock slammed deep into my hot pussy. We both exploded Cumming wildly as he fucked me hard and told me Bob was watching me. I was having multiple orgasms as my husband slowed his long strokes. I came so much I was drained and limp. He then told me that he had not shown me to Bob because he knew I would have gotten mad! He untied me and we cuddled and talked for what seamed like hours.

My husband told me that Mike our Gardner had told him he saw me Naked and I started stroking my husbands cock as it grew and I could tell how turned on he got telling me about Mike watching me. Then my husband shocked me! He had told Mike that I liked being Naked and he didn’t mind him watching me and that I have been an exhibitionist for a long time. I liked showing off to him. But I was a little shocked when my husband said he told him it was alright for him to watch me but only watch nothing else. Mike had told his wife Lisa he had seen me Naked and she called me to see if it was true. He had gone home and screwed her silly after seeing me and she loved it. She is a petite Latina and is very horny and we are great friends. We have gone to lots of bike Rally’s with them and she gets pretty wild and loves showing her tits off. We have had them over and been naked in the hot tub together so it’s not like this was the first time he’s seen me. She knows I am an exhibitionist and has told me she likes it when he looks at me and comes home and fucks her all night. He promised my husband and his wife that he would only watch and never touch me. Lisa was cool with that as long as he came home and fucked her. My husband told him next time to call him when he saw me naked and Lisa said the same.

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