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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Can You Tease Me

Part 4

Can You Tease Me

My husband loves to watch me suck cock so I moved around so he had a good view of the Navy guy’s thick hard cock and also had access to my pussy. I ran my hand down the Navy guy’s muscular chest while looking into his eyes till my hand reached his hard thick cock. Slowly while looking at him I lowered my open mouth close to his cock and blew on it reaching my tongue out to tease him. I started to lick from the bottom of his shaft upwards, slowly. I was getting his cock nice and wet as my left hand was massaging his balls and he started squirming with frustration.

I licked the bulbous part of his enormous head and followed the ridge around to the underside of his penis. This was the most sensitive spot on his cock and I spent lots of time licking there and was rewarded with a drop of cum oozing out. I continued my long, wet lick over the top of his cock, lingering at the hole in the center. Sticking my tongue into it and sucking the drop up. I tasted my pussy juices on his cock head and tasted his sweet cum. I close in on that cockhead like it was chocolate ice-cream and took the whole knob into my hot mouth. Holding it there as I listened to him moan. I felt my husband slid two fingers into my soaking hot pussy. I swallowed him down quickly and took as much of his cock as I could get into my mouth.

I took his cock in my mouth sliding my wet tongue over the head until my lips close around the shaft at the point just behind the rim. I slowly slid it in wrapping my hand around his shaft. I was twisting my head from side to side making sure my wet lips stayed in contact with his enormous head. I tried to get into the best position to take his cock down my throat with my body sprawled across the back of the truck. I swallowed a little more as I stroked his cock. My husband was driving his fingers deeper and faster in my pussy, his thumb rubbing my clit in just the right spot. I could feel my body shaking I was moaning and taking more of his cock down feeling my first orgasm starting, I allowed my throat to relax completely removing my hand from his cock while he started thrusting his cock deeply down my throat. I now had his cock so deeply down my throat that his pubic area was pressing against my lips mashing my nose.

I moved my position so my husband could finger me and I could keep my mouth tightly closed around his throbbing cock and stimulate his underbelly of his cock head with my tongue. I took his cock completely, sliding my hands under his cute firm butt cheeks as one of his hands squeezed my left tit and his other grabbed a handful of hair. He was in full control now. He initiated and maintained all the motion as I was starting to orgasm. I relinquished control taking his cock as deeply down my throat as he wanted to. He began an in and out movement just like fucking.

My breasts and pussy were swelling up becoming larger, my body was feeling warm and hot to my husbands touch as he easily started fucking my horny pussy with three fingers. I could tell the Navy guy was getting ready to cum and my orgasm was shaking me and flooding my husbands hand as he fucked me faster with his hand. He was getting a little carried away as I was cumming and it sounded real nasty as I gobbled his cock and he started to cum. At that spectacular moment he thrust his cock all the way down my throat as I kept the motion the same against my lips as he exploded huge loads of hot cum shooting directly into my stomach! I swallowed all of his jizz as it hit the back of my throat and continue swallowing until he's was empty.
I was experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm as my husband finger fucked me deeply. My pussy was so wet; my clit felt huge, my nipples were erect and hurting, and my breast hurt as my muscles contracted. I had a strong desire to be filled, my vagina ached as I continued to swallow and buck backwards. I felt blood rushing to my chest, tits and my swollen hot pussy. The first muscle contractions were the most intense, about 1 per second. As my orgasm continued, the contractions became less intense and occur at a more random rate. They were intense contractions about 10-15 of them. They were so intense my contractions were clamping my vagina down on my husband’s fingers. I was experiencing a total body orgasm, clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm.

The Navy guy had gotten so excited watching me cum as I continued to suck his cock he started having another more powerful orgasm screaming and blowing a huge shot of hot cum down my throat as I drained every drop of cum from his thick cock. My husband had been stroking his cock and shot a big hot load all over my naked ass.

It took like 10 minutes for me to calm down as I played and licked that nice big Navy cock. My husband said that we must have been rocking the truck pretty good cause he noticed some people on the back porch of the lounge looking our way. I slowly licked my way up his belly to his nipples and sucked his nipples as I pressed my tits on him. I was still shaking when I heard him tell my husband that that was the best “Blow Job” he had ever had. And I was for sure “The Best Cocksucker in Texas”.

The Band had quit and people were leaving getting in there cars right next to us as the Navy guy got dressed and played with my tits. A fight broke out and there were people yelling and two guys punching each other. There was a crowd in the parking lot and the Navy guy opened the door climbed out telling us he’ll email or call us and hurried off. I was still naked and I know a couple guy could see me as my husband played with my tits with the door still open. I also saw Jill the waitress watching and she had a huge smile on her face and I noticed my husband was looking right at her as he squeezed my tits for her.

I slowly pulled my dress on over my head letting them watch me. My husband had too much to drink and the cops showed up because of the fight, so I had to drive and as I got in the drivers door I pulled my dress up so the guys could see my naked ass. We only got 10 miles out of town on our way home before my husband had me pull over take my dress off and get out walk behind the truck lower the tail gate bend over and screamed to another orgasm as he fucked me right there beside the I 37 Interstate Freeway.

We fucked like rabbits and then I drove the rest of the way home with me naked and my husbands head in my lap playing with me. This time I was hoping our friendly Sheriff Billy Joe Bob would pull me over!

We had wild sex all week and I was very submissive, I was blindfolded tied up naked in my husbands shop with the big garage door wide open and I had all kinds of toys used on me as my husband asked me all the details about the Navy guy before he had showed up at the truck. My ass was soooooo red and my pussy well fucked! I know Mike our ranch hand showed up one day and saw me tied up spread wide with a huge dildo shoved deep in me! And maybe even Sheriff Billy Joe Bob.

But that’s another story.

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I just took a quick scan of your blog
It is wonderful, I am really looking forward to when I can spend some time concentrating on it and really see and reading it all

You are so sexy and wonderful, I love being teased by you your pictures and stories.

Thanks for sharing