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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I felt so "Nasty"

Part 3

My husband and I have been playing this out all week and fucking like rabbits. I have even been taking Yoga classes with Teresa and that helped in the cramp back seat of the truck. When we were at the river and my husband had me naked in the back seat teasing me, I showed him how flexible I was and he couldn’t take it any longer and pounded me to 3 orgasms one right after another. My husband blew a huge load filling me up with his sticky cum. Right when we finished guess who pulled up? Yep!

Sheriff Billy Joe Bob! I think he has been watching us.

But now I was spread out naked in the back of our truck in the parking lot of a lounge in the middle of the city and my husband was listening to what was going on. There was just enough light I could see his beautiful cock with its enormous head pushing at my opening stretching my horny pussy. He pulled back and slid the full length of his cock along my stretched pussy like in a thrusting motion pressing hard on my clit and feeling his hard thick cock shaft pressed on my pussy. He was so hard he pushed his cock down again and I felt my ass rising again as his cock pushed at my spread pussy humping me.

This time I was still looking at his pretty blue eyes and I spread my knees and legs back tilting with my elbows holding them so my feet were almost behind my head.

Using both my hands I spread my pussy lips wide open exposing my engorged clit never taking my eyes off his. He gazed down at my horny nasty pussy and I followed watching the enormous head of his cock stretch me as he pushed forward slipping in just past the rim of his big cock head.

I moaned and groaned so much that time trying to be quite all the air in me was expelled from my lungs and my eyes rolled back. He just held his throbbing cock there with the head inside me as I shook and tried to hump upwards.

I heard my husband saying something! Navy Guy had set the phone right between my tits. When my husband talked the phone light would come on and I would see the Navy Guys face. Cars and trucks would pull in and the lights would let me see a glimpse of his fantastic hard body hovering over my naked body.

I felt so “Nasty”

I loved it when he would talk about my body so my husband could hear him. He was kneading and pulling my tits telling him how nice they were. He even asked my husband if he could hear my squishy soaking pussy when he finger fucked me. He eased back just as I tried to hump him and I almost came as his cock head popped out. I shrieked loud there was no holding back that time!

I heard commotion on the phone and my husband was asking something as my head spun from the pleasure I was receiving from that nice cock. The Navy Guy was telling my husband that he was exploring my pussy with his fingers when he really was using his hand to push the big cock head so it was almost slipping in again. He was teasing my pussy unmercifully and it felt like little shock waves tingling the whole outside of my hot labia and vaginal opening.

We heard people talking and someone got into the car right next to our truck. I watched as he used his hand to stretch his cock skin back on his shaft making the enormous cock head look like a huge purple knob. My hands and fingers were spreading my pussy as I watched him slowly push in past that heavenly cock heads ridge, then pulling back out ever so slow as I tried in vain to thrust.

The truck beeped the inside lights came on and the doors unlocked. It startled us and the Navy guy jumped grabbed me and switched places as I grabbed his thick cock stroking him. My husband opened the door and the first thing he said was that it smelled like hot pussy in the truck as he looked at me naked on my knees stroking the Navy guys cock as he reached between my legs fingering me.

As soon as my husband got in and shut the door I was all over him telling him how much I loved him and fishing his long cock out. It seamed like a long time for the light to go out inside the truck as people walked past heading back inside with me naked stroking two very nice hard cocks. It was cramped in the back and this is one of the times I wish we still had our Van.


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