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Friday, April 11, 2008

Texas justice prevails.


The best Cocksucker in Texas. These are true adventures!

Texas justice prevails.

I have been working my ass off riding this stupid bike to get ready for our ride tomorrow. Julia crashed today because some asshole in a car swerved right at her and she went flying off the road. She has a pulled calf, strained knee and lots of road rash. A truck going the other way had seen what happened and called 911 then chased after them.
The two Mexican guys in the car got the “SHIT” knocked out of them. They were able to talk by the time the Sheriffs got there. And that is Texas Justice! Now there are being charge with numerous charges and that’s the government’s justice.
Julia is ok but pissed she can’t go and blames herself for what happened.
Now my husband won’t let me ride unless there is a group. I called one of the guys we meet last weekend and he is going to pick me up tomorrow for the group 40 mile ride. He is a very nice young man and by the looks of his bike shorts he is packing a nice size cock! He has short dark hair , brown eyes 6’ tall and a body like a god! And a nice cock.
My husband also wants me to invite this young man to soak in our hot tub after the ride. Hubbie wants to hide and watch me give the guy a Blowjob.
Did I say this young hunk has a real nice cock!


Anonymous said...

Peace, justice,and a nice cock in bike shorts...well at least we know what lassy likes....wink

go pedalgirl go sez flying tiger!

jane_jones16 said...

Hey TXLassy i would love to hear from you again!!!

Richard said...

I hope that you enjoyed the long ride, then the time in the jacouzi.
Nice blog. keep up the nice work.

Anonymous said...

we miss you lassy!

Rogue said...

Quite the delicious tart you are, Lassy. *wink*

Taff said...

good fuck!!!!!

Greg and Sheryl said...

It's nice to cum across a couple that enjoys both sex and cycling as much as we do!