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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Make-up sex

Make up sex
Make up sex is great. My husband and I had an argument on Wednesday and my husband was still pissed at me but I had a plan for when he came home. I meet him outside in the front yard naked and proceeded to give him one of my famous BJ’s. I sucked his cock while fingering my soaked pussy till we both had wild orgasms. I saw something by the corner of the house and it was Mike our ranch hand stroking his big hard cock while watching us!

The next day I drove into the city wearing just a light nearly see through sun dress, no panties or bra. I had the dress pulled up exposing and fingering myself as truckers drove by. I drove down to hubbies work went in and Julia who works for my husband and happens to be one of my best friends was just leaving for lunch. I told her my plan and she said she would take a long lunch. Before she even left I stripped right there in the front office waiting room and walked in his office naked. Julia watched me as I walked in naked then walked out leaving the door open.

My husband dropped the phone when he looked up seeing me all dolled up and naked. I got on my knees and unzipped him and sucked his nice big cock right there in front of the big office window. We had sex on the desk, sex in his chair, sex on the floor and sex in front of the window. My husband took the rest of the day off and we went down to our boat for more sex.

When we got to the boat Tom are dock neighbor was there moored next to us cleaning and workin on his boat. I left the curtains open and we soon were fucking wildly. My husband teased me that Tom was watching us so I rolled hubbie over and got on top to ride his cock. I could see him watching and I got so excited I turned around so I was reverse cowgirl and slide down on hubbies cock. Tom was trying to move to get a better look and not get caught watching us.

I wanted him to see me spread wide riding my husband cock with my tits bouncing as we fucked. When I knew he had a good view I took hubbies cock and slipped it out of my wet pussy and gilded it in to my hot ass. I spread wide and with my hand spreading my soaking hot pussy open taking my husbands cock deep in my ass. Tom watched as my husband fucked me good and hard as I looked right at him as he watched us. My god I came like crazy as he watched me get ass fucked real good I screamed as my orgasm hit me hard not caring if he heard me, my husband pulled out and came all over me.

I turned so my ass was facing Tom and grabbed my husbands cock and deep throated him letting Tom get a good view of my well fucked ass and pussy. We talked for a long time and then I fell asleep.

When I awoke my husband was taking some of our things to the truck in the parking lot. I was still naked and very horny and Tom was still on the dock workin on his boat and watching me. I squeezed my breast together licking and sucking my nipples as I spread my legs as wide as I could exposing my hot pussy to Tom. I moved both hands down spreading my pussy lips open while mashing my tits together with my arms.

It was starting to get dark so I turned on the light that was right above me so Tom would have a good view. Tom moved in close as I started moaning and rubbing my clit sliding my finger in my soaked pussy. I wanted Tom to see me cum as I spread my pussy with my fingers and rubbed my hard clit. I was getting loud as I finger fucked my pussy and my orgasm was building very fast.

I was looking right at Tom as I buried three fingers deep in my soaked pussy and screamed bucking and trashing around as Tom watched me have a mind blowing orgasm. It took me a long time to calm down and when I raised my head up looking between my legs I saw Tom and my husband talking. Tom was looking busy trying to put all his tools away.

My husband came onboard as I was getting dressed telling me he watch Tom watching me and unzipped his pants so I could suck his cock again and I was more than happy to take his sweet load again. My husband is going fishing with our sons this weekend so we cleaned the boat up and got ready to leave. As we were leaving we waved to Tom as he watched us walk off and we headed home with big smiles on our faces.



blues4u2c said...

Oh to be Tom. I'd have to unzip and really enjoy the view!

Anonymous said...

Your temple of eros is truly amazing, made all the more alluring and enticing by your confidence and sass. I'd truly love to curl my hands around your hips and draw them to my lips as they touch, kiss, cuddle and caress your sex


taye said...

damn hot n erotic lol