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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Husband hiding part 2

Memorial weekend we did not go dogging but before meeting Bret and Fred for the second dogging adventure I learned more about them chatting with them online. Bret is in the Navy reserves and is from Annapolis Maryland training here in Corpus Christi and Fred is with the Australian Navy as an instructor in Corpus Christi. Bret is leaving for Annapolis at the end of June and Fred will be going back to Australia end of July. My husband had planned with them the second dogging adventure this time with a different couple and the Surfer Dude from other dogging adventures and our friends Debbie and Kyle.

This time we met up by the lake parking our cars and trucks down a road away from the boat ramp. My husband made sure that Bret and Fred would have a close up view of me stripping and my expert cock sucking skills while the guys were playing with my pussy. I wanted to make sure Brad and Fred watched me deep throat the big cocks while my husband was getting a blow job from one of the other women. I was doing my best using my tongue then stroking their shafts licking their balls and swallowing both their cocks and keeping my legs spread so they could see my wet pussy. When the first guy announced that he was about ready to cum I grabbed hold of both his butt cheeks pulled him into me and swallowed his cock as deep as I could as he exploded down my throat and rewarding me with a nice hot load of semen. After draining his cock I started my expert deep throat cock sucking skills on the next big cock the Surfer Dude!  He is always a little more aggressive than the other guys grabbing my hair pumping his cock into my mouth. When he came it was two big squirts and both times I had his cock deep down my throat as he erupted. Bypassing my taste buds and tonsils he shot his tasty load right into my belly.

Kyle was getting his Titan missile cock sucked by one of the other women and his wife Debbie, My husband was still getting his cock sucked when he instructed Bret and Fred to move closer let me stroke their cocks. My husband told them how I loved my tits manhandled allowing them to play with my tits and explore my pussy making me orgasm. Stroking their cocks I started rubbing the heads on my erect nipples my husband asked them if they would like to come on my tits.

I sat down in the doorway of the Van spread my legs started masturbating and begged both of them to come on my tits. I could hear my husband moaning about ready to cum as he was encouraging Bret and Fred to shoot their semen all over my tits. Bret aimed for my tits but while stroking his large cock the first blast came out hitting above my tits blasting my face. Fred was a better shot and covered my tits with his Australian jizz while I continued to stroke his cock rubbing it on my nipple.

The spot we picked by the lake is a popular spot with the younger crowd, School is almost out now and the sun was starting to set when we heard some cars driving up the road and everyone had to get dressed real quick. The teenagers like to come up to the spot to party at night and it's getting close to graduation. We all had to leave but at least I got to suck two really nice cocks and got to wrap my hands around the gorgeous cocks of Bret and Fred and make them cum.

The first meeting they got to watch the second time I got to play with their cocks as they got to play with me. My husband is already planning a third dogging experience with Bret and Fred.