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Monday, May 20, 2013

Husband hiding.

Husband hiding..... Some of the Dogging adventures that we have participated in we did not tell anyone who my husband was, he was anonymous just one of the guys that showed up. Those are some of the most exciting dogging adventures we have because the guys do not know my husband is watching and participating. My husband say’s the guys treat me different, nastier and sexually erotic when they don’t know he is my husband. Now my husband wants to take it to the next step. He wants to hide and watch me with 2 guys with large cocks without them ever knowing my husband is right there hiding and watching. My husband had it all planned out and it started last night with our latest dogging adventure. My husband invited two new young men Bret and Fred to meet us and watch us dogging. I have been chatting with them online at swinger’s websites and IM. Bret and Fred are roommates both in their late 20s both are very physically active and very well built. Fred is Aussie with a great accent he is 6 foot tall 190 pounds and a very impressive 8 inch cock with a nice thick head. Bret is extremely fit 6 foot 2 about 200 pounds and has a gorgeous nine and half inch really THICK cock. He has one of those cocks that are super stiff points strait up to the sky and when you let it out of your mouth its springs back and slap his stomach…. Oh and he is really hot. The first dogging adventure they were only allowed to watch. They could masturbate while watching us just no joining in the first time. My husband does have 3 rules. 1) I must be naked when ever I suck cock. 2) No fucking unless my husband is there to watch. Or he has met the guy and approves giving his permission. Anything else goes if my husband is not there. Sucking, licking, fingers and toys. 3) Only my husband gets to fuck my ass…..His rule Dogging adventures are always in a kind of public spot this time we met by the river at dusk with one other couple Debbie, Kyle and our friend Jeff. Debbie is a stunning redhead 30’s slim small firm tits very cute her husband Kyle is late 30’s 5’11 very fit blond fantastic 6 pac abs, short mustache, his cock is THICK the head is smaller than the main shaft and looks like a Titian Missile and is 9 inches with thick veins. Jeff has a gorgeous cock 8 half inches with a huge cockhead and thick shaft. We parked the van and cars to block the view if traffic drives by. My husband made sure Bret and Fred got a great view of me stripping naked while the guys dropped there pants. I reached for Kyle's and Jeff’s big cocks while my husband played with Debbie as she sucked his cock. They each played and squeezed my tits sucking on my hard nipples I did my best to keep from screaming out as both my nipples were being sucked. Holding on to those cocks I squatted down spreading my legs open to expose my pussy to Bret and Fred. I started stroking their cocks and taking turns just sucking the head into my mouth and getting them wet while stroking their cocks. More and more of their cocks disappeared into my waiting mouth and throat. Kyle and Jeff were still playing with my tits as I started more of a deep throat action going down till my nose was touching their bellies. I love being watched while sucking cock and I was doing my best to make sure Bret and Fred knew how good of a cock sucker I am. I heard my husband scream out as he blew his load on Debbie's tits. That's when I really started devouring their cocks stroking and sucking. Kyle grabbed my head and started pumping telling me to swallow his load. I timed it so that he was balls deep when he ejaculated grabbing his ass cheeks so he could not pull away until I drained his cock. He was weak at the knees as he slowly slid his cock out of my mouth and rubbing the head of his cock on my lips. Kyle was telling Bret and Fred how good of a fucking cock sucker I am as Jeff turned me and made me swallow his cock. Jeff was more of a showman he would draw his cock all the way out so just my lips were wrapped around the head, then he would slowly make me swallow all of his cock. Jeff told them to watch as he grabbed hold of my nipple pulling on my tit as he made me swallow him completely. He started pumping faster and I started to have an orgasm with Jeff telling me to swallow his cock and blowing a huge load down my throat as I screamed in orgasm. I was naked lying in the back of the Van savoring the flavor of both cocks I just suck and heard my husband planning with Bret and Fred are next dogging adventure. Debbie kneeled next to me ran her hand down over my tits across my tummy slipping her finger into my soaked pussy. She pulled her finger out of my pussy licking and sucking and then leaning down to kiss me as all five guys watched. I am sure Debbie and Kyle had a pleasant ride home and Jeff followed us to our ranch for some hot threesome fucking. My husband has already started planning the next adventure with Bret and Fred. Lassy


Jim from Mathis said...

Hot hot hot would love to meet and also be in on some dogging events. I love uninhibited fun adult play. Lassy your hot darlin Thanks for shareing

Anonymous said...

made me cum reading this , now i wanna see you fucked by brets big cock then spread for me and show his cum dripping

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm, nice piece here and it worked magic on me. Now scanning my phone looking for whom to devour now. Am in the hot mood now.

mk said...

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