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Monday, October 31, 2005

Paying the bet off.

Well we got into Seattle at noon and I am glad we left Texas I am just sick and tired of Hurricanes and dealing with them so we decided to take a two week vacation and we visited Seattle where my oldest son is going to collage. The NHRA Nationals Drag races were here in Seattle and the AMA Motocross Nationals were in Washougal down by Portland OR one each weekend both had great races. It was turning out to be a very nice vacation and everything is green up here the people are nice they and love my Texas accent.

The Seattle Mariners were at home for a long home stand and we got to go see three good Baseball games between The Seattle Mariners and Detroit Tigers. We had great seats along the 3rd baseline and for the first time out of all the baseball games that I have been to I caught a foul ball and then got it autographed. Seattle won two out of three games. I love teasing my husband about them winning my husband is a diehard Texas Rangers fan and I was rubbing it in good! Well I had too many beers at the game and that’s when husband made another bet with me on the next day’s game against The Cleveland Indians’. The bet was if The Mariners lost I have to give one of my fantastic blowjobs to a stranger while I’m naked. And I have to pay up here in Seattle not like what happened on the Vegas bet that I did not get to payoff. We left Vegas early because my youngest son had gotten hurt in a Motocross race on that Friday night. I owed my husband because he had that one all planned out and he showed me pictures of the guy (200 lbs of solid muscles and a fat 10” cock) and told me some of the details that he set up. But we had to fly back home before I got to meet him.

As you all know from my other true stories when the last of our three boys moved out I got a bad case of Empty Nest syndrome and it’s like a sexual switch was turned on in me. I never wear a bra or panties and love flashing guys and my husband loves to watch me. Flash Fridays are great fun for both of us and anyone on the freeways who can see me. I have become quite the showoff and I love it when someone sees me naked my husband says I’m an exhibitionist. When I’m at home I never wear anything and love being nude at our ranch. Miguel is our ranch hand (Gardner/handyman) has seen me naked so many times I don’t even try covering up when he is around. He has worked for us for over twenty years and has seen me naked almost every day now that all the boys moved out. He cleans the pool when I’m sunbathing and talks with me about his wife and kids. He says I’m a crazy lady because I walk all the way down our driveway naked to get the mail. He helps me with my horses and takes care of everything around the ranch.

My sex drive is out of this world now and I have fantasies all the time that drive me wild as I masturbate. I have worn out 3 rabbit vibes and have used a case of batteries when my husband is not at home. I absolutely love sucking cock and I learned from watching my brother’s girlfriends give them BJ’s. I meet my husband when I was giving eight of our High school baseball team players blowjobs at a party when I was 17. I was drunk and I bet one of the guys I could suck all of them off and deep throat them Well we have been together ever sense and I love my husband. My husband loved watching me back then and he still loves to watch me suck a nice cock. So now all the kids are moved out and we are having lots of fun making bets and playing sexual games. We have some rules that we made before we started with our sexual fantasy games. I love teasing guys and I can have multiple orgasms just from sucking cock and rubbing there cocks on my pussy. To keep our marriage safe we made a rule No SEX! No penetration but like our President Clinton said oral sex is not sex. I can have orgasms from just sucking a nice cock or just from a cock head touching my pussy lips.

But with our sex games my husband really pushes the rule to the limit. And one time we did go too far with a MFM three-way but you should have seen the cock on My Cowboy it was the most amazing cock I have ever had or seen. Well after My Cowboy and my husband fucked me all night long my husband made me a promise after that night NO SEX. I would never ever cheat on my husband and I think sex is cheating even if my husband is there. I know that sounds weird but I want it that way no SEX but blowjobs are fine. I have wanted my husband to have sex with Betty and have told both of them I wanted them to fuck each other with or without me there. I encourage them and tease them but my husband says she is like a sister to him. She has no problem with fucking him she has been trying to get in his pants from the age of 13. So this is how our bets goes, if I lose I have to give a stranger a BJ while I’m naked, and if my husband loses he has to have sex with Betty “well he has to let her suck him” But I want them to Fuck!

Well the Mariners lost 6 to 5 and my husband was so excited about wining the bet as soon as we got to the car in the parking lot he was begging me to suck his cock. There were still a lot of cars in the lot after the game and not many people around and you know me I love sucking my husband’s nice cock and the taste of his cum. He leaned his seat back and I opened his pants and his nice big cock sprang up and I wrapped my hand around the shaft engulfing it all in a flash. I was so horny from thinking about sucking another stranger off that as soon as I deep throated my husband’s cock I exploded in orgasm. I was wearing a yellow sun dress with no bra or panties as always, and as I licked and sucked his cock wave after wave of my orgasm rushed thru my body. My husband pulled the top down on the dress exposing my tits so he could play with them as I really got into sucking his cock. I had one hand wrapped around his cock and my other hand went for my hot soaking wet pussy. My husband pulled my hair back wrapping my long hair in his fist and encouraging me to deep throat him as he was pumping his cock down my throat. I knew he would not last too much longer I could taste his precum as I worked his nice cock letting it slide out of my mouth and licking it all around the head slipping it back and forth between my lips.

So here we are at Safeco Field parking lot in a rental car and my husband is leaned back in the seat with his pants pulled down and I have the top of my dress pulled down playing with my tits the bottom was pulled up so my pussy was exposed and I spread my legs wide to finger my hot pussy. I spread my pussy lips and slid two fingers into my wet pussy as my juices oozed out wetting my fingers so I could play with my clit. I was so hot I would deep throat his cock all the way down and then come back up to the tip then all the way down again going faster and faster as I worked my clit and pussy. My orgasm was building as I felt my husbands cock throbbing in my throat and just as my husband and I were about to both explode in orgasms we heard a beep of a car alarm. I looked up just as an older couple in there late 40’s or early fifty’s were standing next to our car opening there car door and staring at us as I deep throated my husband and we both exploded in huge orgasm. My husbands cock spewed three big squirts one after another down my throat as I had a thundering orgasm that shook me as I buried my fingers deep in my soaking wet pussy. The couple was watching me trashing around in orgasm and I looked right at them. They watched as my orgasm pulsed through my body and my husbands cock throbbed in my throat I let his cock slide out as my lips suckled the cock head. When I was doing that I was looking at the couple and her eyes got as big as silver dollars when she saw my husbands hard throbbing cock and she reached down and squeezed her husbands cock then she got into the passenger seat of there car as he kept watching me milk my husbands cock as I looked at him. He then walked around got in his car and they drove off.

I begged my husband to take me back to our hotel room and fuck me good I was so dam horny my fingers were still playing with my pussy and every time I touched my clit I would shake. My husband reached down to feel my hot pussy but I grabbed his hand and told him that my clit was too sensitive and was still pulsing and quivering from my orgasm. Again I begged him to take me back and fuck me. “But he said no” I have to pay the bet off first before he will fuck me. “What” I said! I told him I needed his cock right now but he said! “PAY THE BET FIRST” I was so horny my pussy was still throbbing and leaking. How I asked are we going to do that? He leaned my seat back and reached over to suck my nipple into his hot mouth as I reached for my other nipple to pinch and twist. He sat up started the car and told me to keep playing with myself as he started to drive out of the parking lot. We passed a few people walking to there cars as we drove out but I don’t think they could see me with my dress bunched up around my middle with my tits and pussy exposed. As we pulled up by the attendant’s station my husband slowed down and one guy got a real good look of me playing with my tits and my exposed wet pussy. I almost had another orgasm as we pulled out with the attendant staring at us as we drove down the streets of Seattle with me half naked masturbating.

My husband started telling me what his plan was and I just told him we need to hurry because I needed his cock inside me. I was so horny my mind was spinning and the four beers I had at the game helped also. I got close to another orgasm as we pulled into a Tavern parking lot. I begged my husband again to take me to our room and fuck my brains out. He said after you pay the bet off and kissed me as he finished telling me his plan. My husbands kiss made me melt in the seat with another orgasm building as I started having a mini orgasm I was so damm hot and horny and my husband knew it and he also knew I would do anything that he asked. We then fixed ourselves up and headed for the Tavern as the cool night air teased my hot pussy. There were a bunch of people in the Tavern dancing, playing pool and drinking as my husband looked around and then we headed towards the pool tables. We got a table over by the pool tables and as I took a seat on the stool I felt a cool breeze on my hot pussy as my dress slid up my legs My husband leaned over and whispered there all looking at you babe. As we talked and checked things out my husband asked if I liked one of the guys that was playing pool.

He was about 25 y/o 5’9 blonde hair with a hard body and big arms. (I love men with big arms and tight butts) My husband got up walked over to the pool table and asked if the table was open. My husband is a great pool player and knew he could win. They talked awhile as the bartender brought us our drinks never taking his eyes off my hard nipples. I leaned over to get the money for the drinks and I let my dress ride up my legs as I parted them just a little. Dam I am such a tease! I could tell I gave the bartender a hard-on as he said the drinks on the house and he turned and walked away. They played three games and as they talked the guy was staring at me. My husband and the guy playing pool walked up to our table and my husband introduced me to Dan who was sexier that I first thought and OH MY GOD he was cute.

They played pool as we talked and Dan kept buying us drinks and he flirted with me and I would watch him bend over to make a shot checking out his nice butt. Well after a few drinks and three games of pool I saw Dan and my husband talking and Dan was looking at me as I sat on the stool with my hard nipples begging to be sucked as I licked my lips and I was looking at the bulge in his tight pants. Dan walked up to me and asked me to dance I looked over his shoulder to see my husband with a huge grin and a huge bulge. My pussy was throbbing again as he took my hand and led me to the dark dance floor pulling me close I could feel his hard cock press against my hot body. We danced for a few songs and he got braver when I did not resist him pressing his hot hard cock on me or when he ran his hands over my butt caressing each cheek He reached up brushed my left breast with his hand and when I did not resist he got brave slipping his had inside my blouse and played with my nipple. As he played he said your husband wants to make a bet with me on a pool game! I asked so what’s the bet. Dan was pinching my nipple as he ground his cock into me letting me feel his hardness. Dan said if my husband loses I have to suck his cock!

I think he was just a little shocked when I said Ok! My breast was now exposed as he played with my tit he pulled me closer with his hand on my ass grinding his cock on me like he was fucking me. I moved my hips so I could feel his cock grind on my pussy and as I did I started a humping motion and whispered to him no sex just a BJ. He slid his hand down leaving my tit exposed and moved his hand up under my dress as he looked around to see if anyone was watching us. His hand went between my legs and found my hot soaking pussy. I let him play with me pinching my clit and lips with his thumb and finger. I made him promise me that it’s just a BJ no penetration no sex or the bets off! He said my husband said the same thing no penetration but he did say that he can play with my pussy as I suck him. Is that true what your husband said! Dan asked as he started to push two of his fingers deep into my hot wet box making me cum right there on the dance floor as my pussy clamped down on his fingers. I could see my husband was watching Dan play with me. I said to Dan lets go we do not have to play pool I want to suck your cock now! I told him our hotel and room number and to meet us there in 15 minutes. I’ve had too many drinks and been teased I was hot and horny and ready right now. The bartender must have been watching because he had a grin as big as a longhorn I could tell he saw my exposed tit. We walked back to where my husband was and I said to him we don’t need to play a game of pool I want to suck him now! My husband could tell how hot and horny I was as we picked up our stuff to leave as we walked out the door my husband knew the bartender was watching so he flipped my dress up flashing my ass to everyone who was watching.

As soon as we got to the car I was trying to get to my husbands cock out of his pants I was soaked my pussy was throbbing I had juices running down my legs and all I had on my mind was sucking cock. It was not a long drive to the hotel with me playing with my husbands hard as spurs cock. He asked me if I wanted to fuck Dan. I told him No! I wanted his cock fucking me not Dan's cock! The bet was for a BJ and I was going to give him one hella BJ. My husband told me that he would like to watch Dan fuck me and if I want to fuck him I could as long as he can watch and join in.

I thought back to our MFM threesome with my Cowboy as I started sucking my husband’s cock but in my mind I was remembering how good it felt having a stranger’s cock entering and fucking my pussy. My husband had watched the Cowboy fuck my brains out with his huge mushroom headed cock, plowing into me making me cum again and again and he loved it. When I masturbate I think of when they both fucked me at the same time My Cowboys big mushroom headed cock fucking my pussy as my husband fucked me in the butt. My husband has always wanted to feel a big cock fuck me and he really got off when they both were fucking me. Its hard trying to describe the amazing feeling and the huge orgasms that racked my body one after the other when they had both there cocks inside of me fucking me and squirting there hot cum in me. I think that night was one big orgasm it was a long time fantasy of both of ours and my husband had planned everything perfectly.

So after that night we made rules so things would not get out of hand. Our marriage comes first I told my husband we have to stick to our rules! But don’t worry babe I said you can watch him play with my pussy as I deep throat his nice cock. As president Clinton said oral sex is not sex and I love sucking cock. I firmly told my husband NO SEX or we call it off right now! I then squeezed his cock hard and he yelped OK! OK!

Dan was pulling in right behind us when we got to the hotel and so we headed for our room. Our hotel was right on the bay and we could see the boats thru the open window as we entered our room. My husband said again that if I want to fuck Dan I could. I reach for his cock and squeezed it again I said No just a BJ that’s the bet “Period” No sex!

Dan knocked and my husband let him in. Dan and my husband talked as I got everyone a drink and turned on some music. Dan walked over and we started dancing like we did in the bar. As he was pulling me up close he undid the front buttons on my sundress playing with my breast pinching the nipple he asked if this was a dream and my husband said take her dress off and find out! He reached down and slowly lifted my nice yellow sun dress up and over my head exposing my naked body to him. Oh I love your ass Dan said as he looked me up and down. He reached for my breasts and I almost passed out when he cupped them pulling me to him sending shock waves from my pussy to my tits making me quiver.

My husband was right there watching Dan play with my tits and run his hands all over my ass spreading my cheeks then reaching for my right tit as he lowered his mouth to suck on my nipple. I was so hot all I could think of was having his cock in my mouth and him Cumming. I pulled at his shirt as he sucked on my nipple and ran his hand between my legs. When I got his shirt off I was transfixed on his body as he started playing with my pussy parting the lips and spreading my wetness. My OH what a body he had! Six pack abs with no fat at all a chiseled chest and back and his arms were hard as iron. I had to get his pants off and see his nice cock! I unbuckled his belt unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and I pushed them down as his fingers were working on my pussy and his cock sprang free.

Oh his cock felt so hot I pulled him to me mashing my body to his hard body and kissing him. I trapped his cock between us as he grabbed my ass and pulled me up lifting me sucking my tit into his mouth and then he let me slid down as I opened my legs and grabbed hold of his hard cock so I could tease him and not let him enter me. I let his cock slide between my legs and rub my now steaming hot pussy as I kept my body tight to his. His cock was as hot as fire his cockhead rubbed my wet pussy lips and I knew I had to keep moving down and get his cock in my mouth. I squeezed his cock between my legs and then made it slide up as I went down letting it rub on my tummy and then my tits. I wrapped my hand around his cock and held it as I played with it making it poke at my nipple. Then squeeze it between my tits.

His cock was like his body hard as steel and sticking out like a bulls horns. You could see his big vain bulging as I played and stroked his cock, he was smaller that my husband but the same size around. I love sucking a nice cock and I don’t understand why other women don’t do it more to make there husbands happy, husbands will do anything for a BJ. I could suck my husband’s cock 4 times a day if he’s up to it. And I am the only woman I have ever known who has an orgasm when a nice hard cock slides down her throat and has another orgasm when the cock explodes its hot cum down my throat. I have had an orgasm every time a guy cums in my mouth every single time!
I started to lower my head to suck his cock but he pulled me up and he said let me sit down I want to make sure your husband and I get to watch you suck my cock. He moved over to sit down and I never let go of his cock stroking it the whole time. I leaned in and kissed him feeling his cock throb in my hand as I looked into his eyes I licked my lips and I kneeled down to enjoy his cock. I held his balls in my left hand with my right gripping the base of his shaft I licked the head of his cock running my tongue around the crown as I stroked his shaft letting the head pass my lips as I sucked the head into my mouth then let it slip back out.

I wanted to tease and excite him and my husband who was now stroking his nice cock watching me. My husband watched closely as I turned my head and pretended to bite his hard shaft then using my hot mouth and tongue I got his cock nice and wet so it would slide easily down my throat. Looking at my husband I said guess I lost the bet and will have to suck this nice hard cock. I continued to massage his balls and he groaned and I took half his cock in my mouth and used my finger to reach behind and underneath his balls to get to that ever-so-sensitive area just before his anus. He moaned and his cock twitched in my mouth letting me know I had better stop teasing and get busy. I started licking his shaft from the base to the knob lingering at the hole in the center. I licked around the rim of this cockhead and teased the underside where the tender skin is and that drove him nuts. I squeezed the shaft making precum ooze out and I dipped my tongue into it and pulled away licking my lips with it showing Dan and my husband how much I loved it.

I then wrapped my lips around his cockhead and held it there and listened to him moan. Watch me baby I am going to deep throat this nice cock so you can see how much I love sucking nice young hard cock. He reached up to pull my hair out of the way and I quickly took him all the way down my throat moving my hand to get that hard throbbing cock all the way down my throat and stayed there looking in Dan’s eyes. Feeling his cock down my throat was like having it in my hot pussy as my next orgasm started. I reached for my pussy as I held his throbbing cock in my throat my orgasm was rocking me and he was pumping my mouth as I tried to get some air. I slide back up to the tip of his cock and flicked my tongue against it. I could tell he wanted his cock back down my throat as I felt him pushing my head and trying to work his cock past my lips. But I was in control so moving as fast as he could handle I took it all the way to the base again sliding up and down on his cock as if I was fucking him. When he would start to get close to cumming I would slowly go all the way down to the bottom of his cock and hold it again squeezing the shaft at the base to keep him from Cumming.

I could feel my own orgasm building again so I started sucking the head of his cock like my husband sucks on my nipples and that made my pussy twitch. Looking at my husband I rubbed his cock all over my lips using my tongue to lick up any juices that oozed out. He was not ready when I took the whole thing back down my throat burying my nose in his pubic hair as his cock throbbed in my throat and he lurched upwards. He was on the brink of Cumming when I came back up letting his cock slide out and my lips close around the bright purple shinning head. My hand was wrapped around his balls and my other hand was playing with my pussy as his cock got thicker. I heard my husband tell Dan she’s getting close to Cumming, she really loves sucking your cock. That’s when I engulfed his cock and started fucking his cock with my mouth. His hips started pumping his cock faster down my throat as I exploded in orgasm soaking my fingers as his cock was fucking my mouth and throat getting ready to shoot his load.
“HOLY SHIT” I heard Dan say as wave after wave of my orgasm rushed thru me making my body quiver and my pussy throb. He was looking at my husband who had stripped down and was jacking off. “Your husband has a big dick” Can she deep throat all of you Dan asked my husband? Hell yes she can! She has sucked bigger cocks than mine and fatter. She loved sucking a guy who had a 12” cock and she deep throated him all the way. Dan said no wonder your husband says you’re the best cocksucker in Texas. I had a hard time hearing what they were talking about as my orgasm made me weak but Dan had gotten very excited and was pushing my head down as he was pumping his cock down my throat and I felt his ball tense as he kept telling me how great of a cocksucker I was.

I grabbed his ass as he fucked my mouth and throat faster grabbing my head with both hands as I took him all the way to the root. He exploded and thrust his cock as I sucked and deep throated his cock never stopping as shot after shot of his hot cum jetted into my belly. My next orgasm hit me hard as his cock exploded again and he tried to pull away but I just sucked faster not letting him get away as my orgasm rocked me from head to toe. My God he was trashing around as I sucked harder and I swear he exploded another huge hot load of cum flooding my throat with hot jism. I was having a multiple orgasm as I could feel every shot of cum shoot thru his cock from the base where my lips were till it went in to my belly. I was having trouble breathing as my orgasm made my body convulse and his cock was spewing shot after shot of cum. His cock throbbed in my throat as I melted to the floor letting his cock slide out of my throat. I sat there glowing in the aftermath of my orgasm watching his cock twitch and a drop of cum leak out and my tongue lick it up as my husband watched me lick my lips with the cum.

After about 10 minutes of rest Dan said to me your husband said I could play with your pussy! Your pussy looks so sweet I want to play with your pussy. You sucked my cock; you’ve teased me now it’s my turn to tease you. I started to protest but my husband said it will be alright he promised no sexual penetration and I’ll be right here. My husband knows what I like and he must have told Dan because he was doing a great job of teasing me! He got up from the chair and picked me up moving me backward then turning around he sat me down on the lounge chair scooting my ass forward so it was on the edge. He started rubbing the insides of my thighs telling me how hot I looked and how sweet and wet my pussy looked. He started working his way up to my hot pussy but not touching my pussy. When he did touch it I shivered and trusted up. Then he started parting my lips with his index finger and thumb and started rubbing my clit with his other hand. He lifted my left leg up on to the arm of the chair then he lifted the right one up spreading me wide open as he continued to stroke my pussy lips and clit.

My husband was getting extremely excited as he watched Dan moved me around and opened me so I was fully exposed to his touch. One hand moved to pinch my nipple as he started to slide his sticky fingers between my wet lips. His index finger went up me to the knuckle as he twisted my nipple then he inserted his other finger and shoved them both deep curling them up as he worked my clit. Pulling his fingers out of me he licked my juices off his fingers then reinserted them and finger fucked me with lightning speed as I thrust my hips upwards as I felt my climax building and I fucked his fingers and my head shook from side to side and my eyes rolled back in my head. Dan was working my pussy like a wizard milking my climax making my whole body tremble and shake. I was bucking like crazy screaming. I felt his hot breath on my nipple as his head moved to my breast then engulfing the nipple while his fingers keep moving faster and faster in me. He sucked making my nipple grow as he pressed against me so I could feel his cock getting hard on my leg as he teased me more.
I begged him to stop and let me suck his hard cock again as he squeezed my breast and pinched the nipple I wanted his cock in my mouth shooting cum. Not yet I’m having fun playing with your hot pussy lips and your husband is enjoying watching you cum. Dan moved up trailing his hard cock along my leg. I jumped trying to close my legs as he moved his cock so it was right by my hot pussy, then grabbing his cock he made circles around my pussy teasing me not letting me close my legs. I protested but he said to trust him as he looked at my husband and I felt his cock brush my lips. I looked at my husband and he was stroking his 9” cock like crazy watching me with a look of pure lust on his face. I looked at Dan then at my husband and I slowly relaxed spreading my legs wide open as he leaned forward pressing his shaft on my hot wet pussy and rubbing my clit with his cock head.

His left hand played with my tit as his right held his cock and gilded it up and down my wet slit moving up touching my clit with his cock head. OH MY GOD did I cum and cum and cum as he wiggled his hot cock on my steaming pussy lips with my juices flowing as my orgasm made me weak. I felt my husbands cock touch the side of my face and I turned and took his hot cock in my mouth. Dan said deep throat him I want to see if you can take all of your husband’s big cock. My husband very gently moved my hair aside as he slowly slid his hard cock all the way down my throat and said to Dan she’s had a lot of practice sucking my cock and like I said she is the best cocksucker in Texas. Dan’s hand moved down from my tit to my pussy and he peeled open my pussy lips and moved his cock down to my now open pussy as electric shocks raced thru my body making my clit throb. I looked up at my husbands face as he worked his cock in my mouth. I felt Dan’s cock head parting my pussy but not entering me as he moved that nice cock head upwards stroking my engorged clit. Dan said my pussy was so hot and wet he wanted to shove his cock deep in me fucking me and he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. Don’t you want to feel my cock inside you he asked?

I could not say anything with my husbands cock shoved down my throat as Dan continued to tease me with his cock. My husband’s hard cock slid out of my mouth and I begged Dan not to fuck me. “You promised” I said as he pushed a little more with his cock and my hot juices covered his cock head. My husband guided his cock back into my mouth. He then said OK! “But” I want to do something I have always wanted to do. I want your husband to fuck your brains out as you deep throat me so you have a cock in each end. I want you to lay on your back spread yourself wide so I can see him shove his big cock in your hot pussy and when he fucks you he will also shove my cock down your throat. He was still rubbing his hot cock head up and down my slit making me moan as I felt his cock brush my clit as he did one hell of a job teasing me. My husband reached down with both hands and spread my pussy wide open. Dan guided his cock towards my open pussy as the head of his cock was now up to the crown and I could feel it pulse. I had both my hands on his hips holding him back. I know my husband wanted to see his cock enter me and there was nothing I could do to stop him if he shoved his hot cock in me.

You know what your husband told me! He said he wants to see me fuck you! I gagged as my husband shoved his cock down my throat. I kept pushing on Dan as I was trying to close my legs. I got my husbands cock out of my mouth and said “You promised” Please “You promised” I could feel my husbands fingers opening my pussy as Dan wiggled his cockhead all over my hot pussy making short fucking motions. I did promise you and your husband but I still want to throat fuck you as he fucks you with that big cock. My husband said hell yes she’ll suck your cock again and I’ll be glad to fuck her for you. I looked at my husband took both my hands off Dan’s hips as my husband watched and held my pussy open with Dan’s cock ready to dive deep it felt so hot. All he had to do was move and he would be inside me. I was completely open for him.

Dan and my husband then picked me up and moved me over to the bed and positioned me so I was on my back laying with my head hanging over the edge. As Dan moved up by my head he teased me by slapping his cock on my lips and face. My husband was spreading me wide holding my legs by my knees and started rubbing his cock on my pussy getting his cock nice and wet. My head was tilted back and I started licking Dan’s cock then taking the head into my hot mouth and sucking while using my tongue on his pee hole and twirling around the crown. What Dan didn’t know was this was one of my fantasies also (I wonder if my husband told him). I had watched my brother in our barn when I was thirteen fuck his girlfriend (now his wife) as his best friend shoved his cock down her throat. I masturbated watching them that day along time ago and I have always fantasized about doing it. I have talked to my sister in-law about what I saw and she told me she knew I was there watching. Now another fantasy will cum true for me and my husband.

I reached around and caressed Dan’s nice hard ass cheeks as my husband said get ready baby I’m going to fuck you real good. As soon as I felt my husband shove his cock into my dripping pussy I grabbed Dan’s ass and deep throated his cock all the way till his balls were smacking my nose. Dan grabbed both my breast pinching the nipples and squeezed them as his cock throbbed in my throat. Orgasm after orgasm pulsed thru me as my husband fucked me fast and hard with deep strokes penetrating me to the core. I did not stop Cumming or sucking as both of the hard cocks fucked me. My husband was fucking me like crazy as he watched Dan’s cock being shoved down my throat his balls slapped my face and I kept my hands on his ass pulling him. I started trashing around as my orgasm started to peak it must have lasted a good three minutes I felt Dan getting ready to shoot his hot cum down my throat as my husband fucked me with long hard strokes. Dan pinched and pulled my nipples as he exploded shoving his cock down my throat and face fucked me. Shooting hot spurting cum into my belly as my husband fucked me as fast as he could never stopping as he also exploded huge globs of cum deep in me.

The insides of my thighs and my pussy were beet red from the pounding my husband and his beautiful cock had done. I was so weak from Cumming again and again that I went limp as both cocks slowly slid out of me leaving trails of cum on my face and pussy. I was so worn out as my husband leaned down kissing me telling me how much he loved me. My body was quivering as I turned on my side and curled up still shaking from my orgasm. For fifteen minutes I shock and trembled as I felt my husbands cum leak out of me. Dan and my husband talked as Dan got dressed to leave but I could not hear what they were saying.

I was laying with my legs squeezed tight my pussy throbbing dreaming as I felt someone’s hand rub my leg and Dan leaned down whispered to me TXLassy you are the best cocksucker I have ever had suck my cock. He then kissed me and walked out the door. I was drifting in and out of sleep opening my eyes to see my husband sitting in the chair watching me and stroking his hard cock. He said to me I love you babe and I always will! He then shot a huge load on his belly as I then fell asleep. I slept till noon and woke up to my husband sitting on the bed with a breakfast tray. My loving husband had let me sleep as he packed everything up for our return trip home. The plane trip was very nice as I just leaned against my husband dreaming of the night before and it felt like my pussy was still throbbing. We landed in Texas and walked to our truck and after my husband had put the luggage in the back he got in to see me with my top open playing with my breast as I reached for him and proceeded to pull his cock out to give him a fanatic BJ I was excited as I felt the soreness of my jaw and throat. MY GOD I LOVE MY HUSBAND!

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