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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Interstate I-37 Flashing

My loving husband and I went to my favorite store and got some very nice new toys and oils and some gag gifts for friends. He wanted to try and return the “Large“ vibrator he got me and I laughed at him and said you can’t return sex toys and I might as well try it out a few times, then he laughed.

We had some fun driving home on the I-37 Freeway and made some truckers very happy. One guy got quite the show when I got one of our new toys out and had fun showing him how it made my nipples rock hard vibrating on them then sliding it down for a minute or so then bring it back up and licking and sucking it clean. I think he pop his cork right then. Before turning off I gave my husband one of my famous “Ball draining BJ’s”. After turning off I had almost stripped naked all I had on was my skirt and the new toys were going to get there first try-out.

Then right there on the side of the road was Fred and his truck was overheating. My husband pulled right fucking up to him and rolled down the window with me topless holding a blue rabbit vibrator in my hand. I freaked tried to grab my top the vibe flew out of my hand and landed on the dashboard, my blouse got caught in my sunglasses and my husband busted up laughing so hard, as Fred just looked at my tits. He started laughing when the vibrator on the dashboard vibrated off and fell in my lap and I now had both arms caught up trying to pull my blouse down. These two fucking grown men were laughing so hard at me I could not help but laugh at myself. Anyway we gave Fred a ride home and ended up staying for dinner and telling Julia all about me with my arms caught with my naked tits bouncing all over and the vibe dancing in my lap.

We smoked a joint that Fred and Julia had and I got way too high and ended up sleeping on the way home. We went right to bed because my husband has to leave real early in the morning. By the time he got all the critters taken care of and all the jobs he wanted Mike to do done he had to leave and I was horny as hell.
After my morning swim I was sunning naked when I noticed Mike watching me and I decided to have some fun.

But I’m out of time and better get dinner ready before my husband comes home. I’ll post what happened tomorrow.

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