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Monday, February 19, 2007

Superbowl party 2007

This took longer to write because the day after the Superbowl party I was bitten by my horse and I have five stitches in my left hand and two broken bones.

What a Superbowl party we had! Things didn’t turn out quite how I would have liked it to but we still had a blast. It sucks being the only sober one there but Teresa only drank a couple of drinks so she could drive everyone home after the game. We did have some of the green stuff to smoke so I was not totally left out.

My husband and I jumped in the shower before anyone arrived I was dripping and we were both so dam horny. I couldn’t help but give my husband a nice BJ and it didn’t take him very long to blow a huge load down my throat. He had a tremendous orgasm he was really excited as he slid down my body sucking my nipples and fingering my pussy. That’s when we heard the door bell ringing and Laster jump out of the shower leaving me dripping wet and frustrated. I had spent all day Saturday cleaning and decorating my house everything had to be perfect for the game. I hung up football banners, football napkins, football drink coaster and anything football I could find at the store in town I bought to decorate my house. My husband had the TV and lounge chairs arranged so we had a space to play games in and still could see the TV from the hot tub. I also had him clean out the closet were some of our games will be played and I placed a single chair in there.

Lisa and Mike showed up early and Lisa came back to my room as Mike and my husband unloaded all the food and beer from there truck. I had a towel wrapped around me as she came in and when I saw her tiny sexy maid outfit I felt a tingling in my pussy and nipples. Lisa spun around to show me her outfit then gave me a big hug and I must tell you she was sexy as hell. She sat me down on the bed real quick and said she had something to tell me! Mike and my husband have been known to do some pretty wild things and sometimes they go a little overboard. She told me that last weekend that Mike and my husband had played a trick on me. It was the weekend when no football games were on TV. I was talking in a chat room and my husband came in took over the computer and started chattin. He was very devilish and he had gotten me really excited. He was in a teasing mood and he soon had me naked and was trying to tie me up in the chair and telling everyone in the cat room what he was doing. He then blindfolded me and turned the radio on real loud. He sucked my nipples and played with me as he typed to people in the chat room. I heard him go to our bedroom and get into the toy dresser. He teased me for hours with a couple of vibe’s and I had so many orgasms I was drained by the time my husband finished playing and shoved his long cock deep in me filling me with his hot cum. He has done this to me a few times and it can be very exciting.

She told me that when Mike got home that day he was so dam horny he grabbed her and wanted to fuck her right there in the hallway. She knew something had happened at our place because he was so rallied up. Lisa said she could smell my juices on his hands and he was so hot he banged her real good. Lisa wouldn’t let Mike cum, every time he got close she said she would pull him out and asks him what happened at my place. In two minutes flat she had Mike explaining everything that had happened at our house that day. My husband had let Mike in and he was there watching and then using the vibe on me. I was looking down when I told Lisa that I knew it wasn’t my husband using the vibe on me. I started crying and I explained to her that I didn’t know it was Mike. Lisa told me Mike had told her that my husband had planned it. She also suspected that they had also done the same thing to her a few weeks ago. We decided right there we needed to come up with a plan to get back at the guys for fooling around. The guys had gotten in to this blindfold and restraint kick lately and I think it’s from watching too many prono movies. So we talked and made plans as she helped me get into my little outfit.

Before we left the bedroom I opened my nightstand drawer and took out a poker card and handed it to her. It was a Joker and she knew exactly what it was and why I gave it to her. We are best friends and have talked many times about this. I had just handed Lisa a free sex pass to play with my husband. She looked into my eyes kissed me and slid the card into her outfit.

We strutted out of the bedroom to where the guys were and when Mike saw me in my maid outfit his gorgeous cock popped right up to attention and when I hugged him I made sure I pressed his cock against me and mashed my tits on him. Wow that thing was a dangerous weapon but he wasn’t the only one, Laster’s shorts were pushed strait out as he watched us with his arm around Lisa’s tiny hips. Just then Julia, Fred, Teresa and Bud showed up so we all went outside to greet them.

“Oh my” when Julia got out of the car I could see she had made some modifications to her outfit! She trimmed the top so more cleavage showed and the skirt was much shorter. She did flip out and started bitching about the cameras; she said they would leave if any pictures were taken. Julia works for my husband so she didn’t want any evidence. Fred and Bud had t-shirts baggy shorts with erections. Teresa had a coat on and we went back in to my room to find her some nice panties to put on instead of the crotchless ones that came with her maid outfit. She has got a perfect body and the outfit looked great on her. I got a little turned on when she was putting the panties on I saw she had shaved completely. She asked me if I liked it and I just said you’re a “Bitch” then laughed “that’s why you needed the panties”. We heard the guys whistling and cheering so we went out to the den to see Julia bending over and wiggling her ass in Mikes face.

It was time to get the party going. Julia placed two hats on the table and told the guys to listen up and sit down as we handed them all a beer. (And no we don’t drink that Lone Star crap)

The women are in control of this game, we draw the cards and we choose the challenges. We women playing the game have the power to change the rules and spice-up or cool down the party at any time during game play. Each person gets a card that we put there name on and that’s there card for the whole day. The guys got Kings and we got Queens. We then put all the Kings in one hat and the Queens in the other hat with the other cards face down in the middle of the table. When a team scores a touch down or a field goal, one of us will draw a card out of the guy’s hat and one out the girls hat. Then a card is picked from the pile, say it’s a 9 of hearts, they get to spend 9 minutes in the closet alone. This is done a halftime and when the game is over. If there is a turnover we will draw a card out of the guy’s hat and one out the girl’s hat again but this time we will come up with a challenge for points or time in the closet.

The most important rule is “NO PENATRATION”

We are still debating how much oral is crossing the line? We are all life time friends and we all don’t want to fuck that up. But we’ll see as the game progresses. We will get the guy’s beer, food and do everything for them. The game was ready to start so we had the guys draw a card to pick the maid that will be serving them during the first half. Fred drew first and got Lisa, Bud got Julia, My husband got Teresa and Mike drew my card. This only worked during the first half the second half things were all screwed up. The guys sat down while we went to the kitchen to get food and beer for them. I know why the guys wore the baggy shorts! When I went to give Mike his beer I could see he liked my outfit. His cock was poking out the side of the shorts.

Mike has a gorgeous thick beautiful cock; he’s not as long as my husband but thicker with a flared mushroom head. The ridge of flesh where the head of his penis and shaft meet is very distinctive. The shaft is thick with ridges and a pronounced muscle running the full length, there is a thin triangle separating the rim from his shaft and if you tease this area his cockhead turns a bright purple. Mikes cock has a special quality, style, attractiveness. Before I married my husband I would worship Mikes cock for hours, I loved sucking him and Fred off they were my drive in movie buddies.

The game was starting Mike pulled me down so I sat on his lap and his hard cock was poking out the side of the baggy shorts pressing on the outside of my bare thigh. The other guys had done the same and I saw Teresa wiggling in my husband’s lap as her big tits danced in his face. That’s when the Bears ran the opening kick off for a TD, the guys went nuts and I didn’t mind because I got to feel Mike’s hard cock. During the excitement Mike had shifted his cock so when I sat down his bare hard thick cock was touching my panty covered soaking hot pussy he just looked at me and smiled. So according to the game a guy’s card was pulled from the hat and it was my husband’s card the King of hearts, then Julia’s card was pulled from the other hat and then she picked a card from the pile and got a 10. Well the next two times a team scored my husband’s card was picked every time and so was Julia’s they added up almost 24 minutes of time from the cards.

Then the first challenge came when The Bears intercepted a pass. We blindfolded the guy’s then one by one we rubbed lemons on our nipples and let them suck each woman’s nipple, then they had to guess who’s nipple was 1st, 2nd was and so on. Again my husband won buy picking whose nipples he had sucked so he got to pick a free card from the pile. Bud won when the bears kicked a F/G and Lisa’s card was drawn then Fred and Lisa on the bears score, Mike and Teresa cards got picked on the Colts F/G before the end of the quarter. Julia and my husband won the quarter time score so the points were:

Guys Girls

Laster 5 Julia 5

Bud 1 Lisa 2

Mike 1 Teresa 1

Fred 1 Lassy 0

There were a few more challenges and before the end of the first half, Fred had removed Teresa outfit without using his hands in record time. I think the other guys were taking there time on purpose. We got to spray whip cream on there cocks and lick it off, Mike and Julia got to play naked twister and Lisa got to sit on my husbands lap in the hot tub with my husband naked without there hands being visible. Every one was drinking and having a blast (except me I didn’t drink but had some green stuff) the guys were getting drunk and were having a blast with us half naked women teasing them.

Half time was fun, we lined the guys up pulled there shorts down and watched there cock spring up and down. Teresa wasn’t the only one who shaved Bud had shaven also. We made them stand outside in the cold naked while us girls danced and rubbed our bodies together and acted like we were kissing. I think Fred oozed some precum when Teresa put her hand between Julia legs then licked her fingers. Everyone was playing grab ass and having fun. I think the guys took Viagra or something because they had hard on’s all day. We all had a great time watching the game and playing.

We didn’t use the hot tub much because it was hard getting in and out of our outfits. The guys got the shot glasses out and my husband started pouring shots of tequila. Julia had picked a dare card and dared me to do a table and picked Fred’s card. They all know I worked at the strip club and are always asking me to show them how to do a good table dance. My husband picked a song to dance to and Fred grabbed a chair and put it in the middle of the room. I was giving Fred a sexy dance when Julia reached forward and put a $20 bill in my outfit. I eased the straps off my shoulder exposing my breast and pulled Fred’s head between my tits. Julia slipped another $20 in my outfit. Well my maid outfit was a one piece and didn’t have panties so when the outfit came off I was naked dancing on Fred’s lap. I looked in Julia’s eyes as I sat and wiggled on her husbands lap and he played with my tits and everyone watched.

The rest of the game went by quick after half time.

My husband won! For the guys and Julia won for the girls!

Here are the totals and as you’ll see I didn’t win JACK S***

My husband won our side bet also!

We tallied up all the points and everything and here are the results;

Guys Ladies

Laster 8 - 2 bonus cards Julia 9 – 1 bonus cards

Fred 4 - 0 bonus cards Lisa 5 – 0 bonus cards

Mike 3 - 1 bonus cards Teresa 5 – 0 bonus cards

Bud 2 - 0 bonus cards Lassy 0 – 0 bonus cards

The final game was who ever picks closest to the final score can use the toy of his choice and picks a card for a lady and a bonus card for the next closet session. And again my husband won the final and drew Julia’s card.

Well now Mike and Teresa where the first ones in the closet and they got 9 minutes plus one bonus card. Mike picked the bonus card and it was a 5 minute bonus card. Sense Bud and I lost so we had to monitor the door and relay what we think is going on inside the closet. When the time was up we opened the door real quick and there they were, hair all messed up Mike’s shorts were pulled part way down his huge cockhead poking out the top. Teresa’s maid’s outfit was wide open her tits exposed and her panties looked damp. They both had big smiles and looked strait ahead when they walked out!

Fred and Lisa were next they got 12 minutes; they were pretty wild making lots of noise in the closet. The door opened Fred had his back to us and Teresa was on her knees in front of him. Her maid outfit was around her waist and her nipples looked red and swollen and you could smell her sexy sent.

Julia and my husband were next they had 39 minutes plus 3 bonus cards.

My husband’s first bonus card was a naked card and that means Julia had to be naked in the closet, the second bonus card was his toy of choice card and he picked the pink rabbit. Julia picked her bonus card and it was a wild card. Anything she wanted!

Well they didn’t waste any time they were in the closet in a flash, the door closed and in 5 seconds the door opened and out flew Julia’s maid outfit then my husband’s shorts and shirt. We listened and could hear Julia screaming out faking an orgasm, then it got quite and we could hear moaning and the buzzing of the rabbit vibe. They were banging making sounds and I think the next two orgasms we heard were real.

I got a little nervous so I went into the kitchen and started cleaning. Lisa was still half naked and she came in behind me, I thought she was drunk but she reached in her outfit and pulled out the sex card I had given her earlier and handed it to me and said she wanted to save it for a different night. She then grabbed my tits and said lets get back to the party. When we got back in the living room Mike, Fred, Bud and Teresa were all close to the closet listening to what was going on. Fred pulled me aside and reached up cupping my tits said don’t worry I know they don’t mess around at work then he pinched my nipples turned and I yelled time is up. When the door opened my husband was on the floor and Julia was sitting on top of him facing the door. Julia’s legs were weak when she tried to stand up she stumbled out and almost fell down. The vibe was on the floor by my husband’s hand still turning and twisting! My husband was sweating and limp!

Things got a little weird after that and I started cleaning up as everyone got ready to go. Teresa was sober and was driving Fred and Julia home and I would drive Mike and Lisa home. Lisa and I talked while we waited in the truck for Mike. Mike sat in the middle and I could see his hard cock twitching as we drove. Lisa walked to the house I turned to give Mike a hug and I reached down his shorts grabbed his hard thick cock and said I know it was you last weekend when my husband blindfolded and tied me up. He was looking over my shoulder at Lisa and I had a firm hard grip on his cock and he yelped when I squeezed real hard! I stroked his hard cock and told him not to tell my husband that I knew what had happened then squeezed hard stroking that beautiful cock. I let go got in the truck and was driving off and turned to watched Lisa with her maid outfit around her ankles stroking Mikes cock and kissing him.

Driving home I was so horny I was playing with my self still in my maid outfit. I was going to go home and suck my husbands cock to see if I could taste Julia on him. That’s when things started going to s***. The blue lights were flashing! Our local Sheriff Billy Bob was pulling me over. When he came up to the window and saw it was me in my maid outfit he started laughing told me to slow down and let me go! As I pulled away I looked down and saw my maid outfit was open at the top. When I got home things got really "Fucked up" I pulled up and my brother was there and he was unloading suitcases from his truck! My brother is finely getting a divorce and he showed up asking if he could stay with us for a few days while his ex moved out. Well the rest of the night he and my husband drank beer and talked. My husband was so drunk by bed time he passed right out and he didn’t even go to work the next day.

Things just got worse the next day when my husband didn’t get up I had to go feed all the critters. My brother helped me but when we were in the barn I was petting my horse and my brother must have spooked her, she chomped down on my hand. I got five stitches and two broken bones in my hand. It sucked! Lisa and I had planned to go to Austin for a protest march on Sunday. I had to spend most of the day Wednesday talking to Julia, Fred and Teresa, they don’t remember too much about what happen on Sunday. Lisa and I left for Austin and stayed at my brother’s house. The next night we got a room in the city because my darling nephews and nieces had the flu. We still went to the protest where several hundred people showed up at the Capitol to protest the proposed construction of at least 15 coal-fired power plants. We meet a lot of very nice people and made lots of plans for the summer. We plan on attending a lot more rallies and protests for the environment plus I must keep my commitments for supporting the troops.

Now I owe my husband for losing our bet.

There is this young man in town who has been flirting with me taking my bags to my car trying to look down my top, he is going in the Army in a few weeks and has really been friendly and said he would come out and help me because of my hand. The other day he was real friendly I had worn a white button up blouse jean skirt but didn't wear a bra or panties. The young man kept looking and when I reached across the seat for my purse my skirt rode up I turned and he was standing right there looking right up my skirt. I kind of froze for a few seconds then turned and reached to give him a tip. I was eye level with his crotch and he had a HUGE boner my nipples were so hard they hurt and I know he was looking. I had to leave in a hurry I was just a little to excite. When I got home I was so horny I dragged my husband in the bedroom and we had sex for hours. I told my husband all about the young man and he said I should keep flirting and flashing him. I know it excited me so today I plan on going to pick up some more stuff I forgot.

My husband thinks I should flash him and have some fun to pay the bet off?

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