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Friday, February 02, 2007

Superbowl party

Yesterday Lisa, Julia, Teresa and I all decided to go shopping and get away from our husbands. The past couple of days all they talked about is the Superbowl! We got tired of it so off we go shopping. While we were driving Julia had this great idea! Instead of arguing and making this weekend a bummer why don’t we make this Fun and the BEST Superbowl party the guys have ever had! What could be better? Beer, football and half naked women in French maid outfits serving you. We stopped by my favorite sex store and we all tried on some French maid outfits and then each picked one. We are going to have a French Maid Superbowl party.
We are going to serve our husbands drinks, food and provide some sexy entertainment in our French Maid outfits while they watch the game. Thursday night at 9:00 we all put our French maid outfits on and told our husbands about our plans. We let them know we will be serving them and playing games at the Superbowl party and have fun like at the New Years party. We plan on playing games and betting with our husbands. My husband jumped at the idea and he got so horny we were going at it in a split second. In the morning I gave him a BJ before he left for work.

This is who is coming
Lisa & Mike
Lisa is my best friend she is very beautiful 5’3 115 lbs 34” C 22” 34” Latin with gorgeous skin and long dark hair and we have been friends sense we were 6 years old. We have had some wild times and there are some times I can’t remember anything lol.
Mike is Lisa husband and our part time ranch hand/Gardner. Mike is 6’ 190 lbs very well built Cowboy type with dark hair and a thick mustache. He also owns a landscaping company. In High school I broke Mike’s virginity and also gave him his first BJ. Mike has a truly amassing cock it has a very large head and thick shaft and sticks strait out hard as steel. Lisa and my husband trust us completely the same way I trust Lisa and my husband. Lisa hooked up with Mike when we were sophomores in school and they are happily married with 2 kids. I love teasing Mike and he has seen me naked many times and before Lisa started going with him I must have given him 100’s of BJ’s. Mike and my husband are best friends.

Julia and Fred
Julia works for my husband and is very sexy 5’6 140 lbs 36 B 26 38 bubble butt with very long thick blonde hair. Get her drunk and she’ll strip naked in a heart beat and tell nasty jokes that would embarrass a sailor. If it wasn’t for Julia I would never have passed high school, she is one smart woman.
Fred is the kindest and most gentle man you will ever meet! He is 5’11 195 lbs dark long hair. I have known Fred all my life and also broke his virginity and gave him his first BJ. Fred would jump in front of a speeding truck to save me. I also have given Fred 100’s of BJ’s before him and Julia ran off together.

Teresa and Bud
Teresa is a fiery redhead with fucking perfect tits and ass (the bitch). If I gave my husband a free sex pass he would fuck her steady for a week. 36 Firm D 24 36 and a smoking hard body and doesn’t look a day over 25 years old.
Bud married Teresa after her husband left her for a woman he met on the internet. He is very handsome 5’11 well build and a cute butt and his cock curves to the right. He was the quite guy in school but Teresa has changed that lol. I sucked him off only once.

Every one of our friends knows about the sex and BJ’s I have had with there husbands and it has never been a problem. That was a ways back before I married my husband and now we are all happily married but still have tons of sexy fun. We all trust each other not to cross the line (even tho it’s a very very small line).

My husband Laster moved to our town when we were seniors in high school so he’s the newest member to our gang of friends. He came to live with his grandfather after his Mom and Dad were killed by a drunk driver. I fell in love with him the first time he touched me. My heart still flutters and my knees go weak when he kisses me. He has a great body and was a baseball player and was going to play for the Texas Rangers till he got hurt in collage. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him. Plus he’s Rich and has a big cock. He knows all about my past and he is the best therapist I have ever had. He takes good care of me and our son’s.

I should explain our friendships. We do not swing with our group of friends, we play around have great parties, tease, flirt, touch, play in the hot tub and simulate sex acts on each other but there is never penetration. Fred has a cabin on a lake and we spend naked weekends there. We go boating naked, camping and bike rides. Just no swinging or trading.

Back to the party!
The guys jumped at the idea and are now making plans. There even hauling over there own recliners to watch the game and us in comfort. We have our new 50” plasma TV and my husband went out and spent over $2000 on a new surround sound receiver, DVD player and speakers. They even cleaned up hot tub and put a fridge out by it for the drinks. Teresa and Julia are doing all the cooking and Lisa and I are taking care of the drinks and other assorted party favors.

We all had great sex after showing our husbands the outfits and are trying to come up with ideas for betting on the game. One we came up with is the guy who picks the score at each quarter gets lap dance from all of us, one at a time. The other guys have to watch! We also have a twister game and we can play our closet game again. The guys want to play strip poker. We are going to start early

We need ideas for half time, the 3rd quarter and the final. Here are the rules we have.
We are still debating how much oral is crossing the line?

Our friendship is the most important thing so at any time anyone can say “STOP”

So please help us find new games to play.

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