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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Naked New Years Party.
Our Naked New Years party went great even better than last years New Years Naked Twister party. Things got started early and by 10:00 we were all naked and there were 8 of us in a 6 person hot tub. We had a blast playing a game where two of us girls got to sit on the guys laps for 30 seconds each then move to the next guy, and the guys could not move or touch us with there hands, We could not use our hands and we had to keep our legs together. Lisa and I got to go first. Then it was Julia’s and Teresa turns to sit on there laps and they did a lot more wiggling on the guys laps then we did, the guys were really enjoying themselves and Julia and Teresa really got the guys excited. The second round all the guys voted to increase the time to one minute.
Lisa was fast to jump in the tub and headed right for my husband and as soon as she sat on his lap her eyes got real big and her mouth opened and she squealed. I was directly across from her and sat on Mikes lap while watching Lisa wiggle around on my husbands lap. Mikes cock was hard as steel and as I started moving back and forth so I could feel his cockhead rubbing on my pussy. I was looking strait into Lisa’s eyes as I felt Mike’s cock sliding along my hot pussy as he tried to get me to shift a little forward. Teresa let us know time was up and I felt Mikes cock twitch as I got up and moved to Fred’s lap.
Julia has been talking with me and telling me that Fred has been having erection problems lately. Well not tonight he didn’t, he was so hard I think I almost broke it when I sat on his lap. It didn’t take much wiggling before Fred’s stiff cock was sliding along my pussy lips. He surely didn’t have a problem getting hard now and I was looking right at Julia and she was grinning from ear to ear. When time ran out and I moved over to where Bud was and sat on his lap, Teresa watched us as I wiggled and he reached up grabbed both my tits and “Yelled I Lose” Everyone laughed. Teresa and Julia jumped in and said our turns.
Julia sat on my husbands lap and started acting like she was fucking my husband grabbing her tits making porno sex sounds and all. When Teresa sat on Mike’s lap she reached under the water grabbed his cock and said “I Lose” laughing as she stroked him. The guys wanted to play more but we were getting very water logged by now.
We started talking about all the games we played when we were younger. Lisa blurted out “Remember the closet game” as she grabbed my husband and pulled him into the hallway closet and shut the door. We all gathered around laughing and asking what they were doing. We were all pretty high and Fred started counting down from 10 opening the door real fast when he got to 3 as we all looked on. Lisa was on her knees in front of my husband with her hand wrapped around his stiff cock, her mouth was wide open tongue sticking out and she was looking right at us laughing as my husband had his head thrown back acting like he was cumming. His hands were on her head pulling her hair. They were laughing as they stumbled out of the closet.
Mike and Fred both grabbed me and pulled me into the closet. As soon as the door was closed there hands were all over me and then they both started sucking my tits. When I heard them counting down I dropped to my knees between them took a cock in each hand opened my mouth sticking my tongue out and stroking there cocks. The door opens and Mike and Fred try in vain to pull it back closed. Julia yelled our turn and pulled us out and Teresa, Bud and Julia all entered the closet. When we started counting down we screwed up a couple of times and laughing started counting again. We did that three times before opening the door. Bud was behind Teresa with one hand grabbing her leg pulling it strait up towards the ceiling his other hand spreading her pussy lips exposing her clit and his huge cock between her legs with Julia’s hand wrapped around it and her tongue ½ inch away from Teresa pink pussy lips her other hand playing with her tit.
We played more games and there was a lot of teasing and playing going on we all got hammered and had a great time. Julia wanted to get home so she could enjoy Fred’s newfound erection. My husband and I stayed to help Lisa and Mike clean up and we were still naked. Mike stood behind me when I was washing dishes pressing up against me with his hard cock as he reached around putting soap bubbles on my nipples. Lisa came in and said no fair as we both turned to look at her and she motioned us to come in the living room. There was my husband passed out on the coach with a big stiffie. We all laughed and tried to wake him but there was no way he was going to wake up. We covered him and finished cleaning up. I slept with Mike and Lisa “Naked” with Mike cuddling up to me with his stiff cock and Lisa playing with my hair as I fell asleep.
I woke up with Mike’s hard cock pressing up against me and Lisa was gone. It felt so hard I didn’t want to wake him up but I did wiggle and enjoy the feeling of his big cock touching me. I heard my husband yelp and other noises coming from the kitchen and got up to go see what was going on.
There was my loving husband naked by the stove “Cooking”.
Lisa was close still naked watching him and drinking a cup of coffee laughing as he jumped away from the stove as the sausage he was cooking splattered. (Warning never cook bacon Naked” Where was a full course breakfast all spread out on the table like a chef had cooked it. Lisa turned looked at me and said Damm woman can I have your husband for a week!
My loving husband had woken up and cleaned the whole dam house. The back yard and hot tub, then cooked a huge breakfast for all of us. Mike came walking in stretching with his big cock sticking strait out saw all the food and went limp. We all laughed as he sat down and stared eating.
We all ate and watched the Rose parade and football “Naked”
I think this year is going to be a fun one.


Taff said...

i want your pussy!

Anonymous said...

i wouldlove to place my head between your legs and slowly breathe warm breaths on your exposed clit. Flicking my tongue around yourclit every now and then, breathing in your juices and tasting your wetness