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Saturday, December 30, 2006

I love Seamen

I love Seamen and I did my part in supporting our troops last night. "Go Navy" We went dancing and there were lots of our young Navy men there last night and I had a blast dancing and teasing all of them. Semen are so great with there hands and I loved having so many hard young cocks ground into me and having my tits squeezed, pinched and pulled till they hurt from being played with.
We wandered out to the truck a couple of times and I got to stroke some nice hard young cocks. One young man came in his pants before I even got his cock out. I was hoping that the black man Devon we meet last week would be there, my husband said he was coming last night. It was like a smorgasbord of cock, young thick cocks hard and throbbing.
One young redheaded man was very interesting and he had a super hard body with big arms. I danced with him a few times and he played with my tits and ground his thick cock into me. He whispered to me that my husband was enjoying watching us dance and he slipped his hand inside my blouse and cupped my right breast pinching and exposing my nipple. When we got back to our table my blouse was unbuttoned and my nipples were hard and hubbie had a big grin on his face. I excused my self and went to the rest room.
When I got back to the table the hard body young man and my husband stood up and said that we were going out to the truck. As we walked out the young redheaded Navy man ran his hand on my ass and squeezed. I walked around the passenger side and he opened the door for me. I felt him staring and I bent over climbing in the truck so he could see my naked ass. When we got settled in my husband pulled out a joint and lit it up and passed it to me as I moved my hand into his lap and squeezed his hard cock. I leaned over kissing my husband and letting my skirt ride up my ass exposing myself. I reached over and rested my other hand on a very hard thick young cock. I took a hit and turned and passed it to the Navy man while sliding my ass over by my husband and fishing a very hard young cock out stroking it.
It was thick and swollen red as I lowered my head and wrapped my soft lips around his bulbous cock head. I love playing with cocks and I took my time licking and sucking this hard throbbing cock. I felt my husband’s finger playing with my pussy as I stroked and sucked as the Navy man moved my hair aside so he could see me sucking his cock. That’s when I took his full length all the way down my throat and he grabbed a handful of my hair and exploded hot cum down my throat squirt after squirt. I pushed down on my husband fingers and came in a shuttering orgasm. I milked him dry as my husband finger fucked me and I finally calmed down.
It seamed like hours driving home but once we got there we ripped my dress and blouse off and we fucked like wild rabbits right there in the living room. This morning I woke hubbie up sucking his nice long cock then I got on him and rode him to three orgasms one after the other.

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