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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Big orgasm

Well the crew came to finish the driveway and my husband knows how excited I get being naked when there is a chance someone will see me. Lisa called and said she was on her way over and I didn’t know what to do so I called my husband and he said he would call me back. I was so horny I was watching the guys pour the concrete from the living room window and I was playing with my rabbit vibe. The phone rang and my husband said he called Lisa and she was on here way here so he told me I could get dressed. He also told me I would have to make it up to him tomorrow and he laughed. My husband also said he told Lisa that I had been a bad girl and he was punishing me by making me be naked. I tell Lisa about most of our sexual games, so she knows I am submissive to my husband and that I like showing off. She has told me she wants to come over when my husband ties me up so she can watch. What I haven’t told her is about our adventures in Vegas and of Earl and the Cowboy and the swing clubs we have been to. We have also been naked together in our hot tub and she knows I love being naked but I have never been naked alone with her when I was so horny.
After hanging up with Lisa I was watching the guys in the driveway and my nipples were acing and hard as I pinched them I started feeling dangerous and very horny. I walked to the kitchen and out the sliding door to the backyard the cool morning air felt real good on my naked body. I moved the lounge chair closer to the backyard fence where I could hear the guys working and talking. I lay down in the lounge chair and was squeezing my tits as I tried to listen to the guys on the other side of the fence. I was so horny I started playing with myself pinching my hard nipples and running my hand down between my legs and fantasizing about the guys hard cocks.
I was so horny I couldn’t hear them to good so I got up walked up by the fence where the gate was so I could look through the fence. There they were just a few feet away working. I moved the lounge chair closer and this time when I sat down I spread myself wide open putting my legs over the arms of the chair so I was completely exposed. Both my hands went right to my soaking hot pussy as I spread my pussy lips and looked and listened to the guys working. I started masturbating and fantasying that they were watching me as I laid there spread wide open naked masturbating for them. I fantasized they all striped naked and stood around me as I masturbated stroking there hard cocks. I was sliding two fingers deep in my pussy and rubbing my clit faster and faster finger fucking myself trying to keep quite. They were so close I could hear them talking as I used both hands to spread my nasty pussy dreaming they were watching. I could feel my orgasm building as I thought of the guys standing watching me and then I dreamed my husband walked up as they were watching. My husband told them that I needed a good fuckin and they all started feeding me there hard cocks.
I fantasized one got under me shoved his hard cock in my ass as another slammed his cock in my horny pussy. The other two took turns shoving there cocks down my throat as my husband watched. “OH MY GOD” I started Cumming like crazy having to cover my mouth so they couldn’t hear me scream as my orgasm made me shake and buck as I finger fucked myself harder dreaming they were fucking me. It took me a few minutes to calm down as I laid there spread wide open naked with my juices all over my hand and nasty pussy. I could still hear the guys working as I got up walked next to the gate slide a finger in my pussy then looking through the gate at the guys I licked and cleaned my fingers before going back inside.
Lisa called again and asked if I was naked! I said yes and after she finished laughing she said Laster had called her and told her. It was then she asked about the guys doing the driveway. She told me my husband told her that I had to answer the door naked because Lisa didn’t belive him that I was naked. Then I could go get dressed. I told her I had to get in the shower (I was sticky and smelled of pussy) but that I would answer the door naked.
Lisa is an instigator and she loves teasing both of our husbands. Lisa is the friend that first got me to ride on our motorcycles with just leather chaps and a leather vest nothing else. Well they were watching because Lisa is a very sexy women so they never took there eyes off her as she got out of the car and walked up to the door. When I opened the door naked I didn’t think they had seen me. I stepped out to let Lisa in the house, after she was inside we looked out the window and the guys were all talking and looking towards the house. I was so excited I had forgotten that I had my rabbit vibe setting on the sofa and Lisa picked it up and asked what I had been doing with this. I must have turn 10 shades of red and then just busted up giggling as I looked out the window at the guys.
We talked for a long time and I was still so horny I want to cum. She stayed and I think I told her a little too much.