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Monday, December 31, 2007

Navy guy BJ Part 2


The picture is what I looked like to the Navy Guy in the back of the truck.

"Oh my god" I love a well formed dick and the Navy guys cock was not too veiny but not totally smooth either there were some nice ripples that I know will feel good. His cock is about 8” long and very thick, the girth made my pussy throb as I could not wrap my hand around it. It was a well proportioned cock wide for its length with an enormous head. I love to suck on big heads and run my tongue around and over that place where the head meets the shaft; I know with his thick cock my jaw will be sore tomorrow, a lot!

I love cocks with a little curve in them. Doesn't really matter which way, straight up, left, right. There all good. I find them easier to deep throat when they have a curve to them. They just seem to slide down my throat easier. He had the perfect upward curve for my throat.

I also loved his nuts. I like 'em smooth, so I don't end up picking hairs out of my mouth and teeth from deep throating and he was saved clean. Wrinkled is fine but I like the 'sack' to be a little tight. Not too much loose skin flapping around, full of cum if you know what I mean.

His dick was rock hard. I just love the hard as steel cocks, don't you? I love pulling a guy’s cock out of his pants or shorts and it springs up slapping his belly. Then slowly stroking it all hard and solid and leaking pre-cum. OMG, that's another thing I LOVE leakers. There's NOTHING sweeter than that pre-cum IMHO... Hmmmm. I could drink gallons of that stuff and “Cum” I love cum and this Navy guy was leaking cum already.

I also like a cock that throbs. Don't we all? LOL I love that feeling in my hand and mouth. Hmmmm. Ok, I'm getting a bit TOO horny now having a hard time typing. He tasted so sweet.

I KNOW when the cock I'm sucking is right. The feel, the texture, the smell, the taste, the shape are ALL just right and I could not wait to feel his cock slide past my wet lips and down my throat. And I wanted my husband to be there to watch me suck this gorgeous cock.

I wanted to be real NASTY for my husband.

I was following his instructions to the “T”. He was listening on the phone and he had explained our sex game to the Navy Guy. I think Navy Guy was getting over being nervous he was talking and saying things so my husband could hear him.

He grabbed my ass cheeks and dove for my hot soaking wet pussy sinking his tongue deep in me then sucking my clit between his lips. I was whimpering and moaning as he devoured my horny pussy bringing me to the brink of orgasm several times as he licked and sucked my wet pussy. He picked up the phone and put it up close so hubbie could hear him eating my hot pussy. He was a great pussy licker and he would say nasty things so hubbie could hear him eating me. He was really getting into our sex game! I was almost screaming he was sucking my pussy lips into his mouth then trying to go as deep as he could with his tongue and finger fucking me as he attacked my clit. I know my tits must have been red he was squeezing them and pinching my nipples.

He moved back put one knee on the seat spreading my leg wider as I tried to wrap my hand around his thick cock. He twisted my nipple and I yelped, he put his finger up to his lips motioning me to be quite then put his finger to my lips and pointing to the phone. He reached down removing my hand from his cock moving closer holding his cock and aiming for my soaked horny pussy.

I was doing exactly what my husband had instructed me to do.

I know my husband was still listening and it had been way longer than ten minutes already. I grabbed the edge of the seat sliding my ass closer to the edge as the Navy Guy told me to spread my legs for him. Grabbing both my legs and spreading wide bringing my knees way up chest fully exposing my horny pussy for him as I looked into his eyes. He slid two fingers deep in me and finger fucked me making squishy sounds as he fucked me fast and deep with his fingers picking up the phone and holding it so my husband could hear!. His hard cock felt so hot as it touched the inside of my thigh so close to his fingers that were fucking my wet pussy.

With his left hand he held his thick cock spreading my pussy lips as I felt my ass lift off the seat wanting his hot cock to touched my hot pussy lips. He held his cock with its enormous head sliding it up my slit to press on my clit. He was pushing on the head making it all wet with my pussy juices and I moaned loudly. Again he put his finger to my lips to quieting me.

I moved both my hands slowly down over my clit slipping two fingers into my horny wet pussy getting them wet then wrapping my hand around his cock getting it wet with my juices. Looking at him directly in to his blue eyes while licking my lips. I used both hands slowly moving his thick cock head spreading my pussy lips open.

I felt so Nasty!

I had done what my husband told me to do!

We had practiced this down by the river so my husband would know exactly how I looked NAKED and spread wide for the Navy Guy.

But what had he told the Navy guy?

They have been talking a lot and making plans!

I wanted to be pushed to “The Limit”

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Anonymous said...

i understand why he fucked you!