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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I have no luck!

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Well we were early and then my husband got a call from the Navy man and he said he could not show up tonight. So my husband set up our game day for next week. This is how my luck has been going lately, I think my husband has been planning this stuff just to I’ll agree to some of his sex fantasy’s. My husbands not a dancer but he got out on the dance floor with me and we had a great time. He got me so worked up playing with my tits and exposing me to guys. I was so horny my panties were soaked so my husband slipped them off as we were sitting at the table, my husband was telling me what he was going to do to me when he got me home.

I almost drug him out of the lounge and I was naked 30 seconds after we got in the truck. We drove through the city with me naked sucking my husband’s nice hard cock. The drive home seamed real short I was having so much fun just playing with my husbands cock. After pulling off the Freeway he pulled over by the river and told me to get out of the truck and to sit on the picnic table in front of the truck. Just as I was about to get out our friendly Sheriff Billy Joe Bob decided to check and see what we were up to this late by the river. My dear husband grabbed my skirt and blouse and stuffed it under his legs so I could not get to them. He rolled down the window as Billy Joe Bob pulled up and I slouched down so he could not see me. My husband told him that I had to go pee so we pulled over here. For the next 15 minutes they talked and talked I was squirming around and then I got a great idea. I spread my legs and started playing with my soaked pussy letting my fingers work there magic on my clit then slipping in and out of my horny pussy.

It didn’t take long before my husband was wiggling around and trying to get rid of Billy Joe Bob. After arriving at home my husband ushered me into his so call sex room. I was tied in the sex swing and I watched as he opened the big roll up door and the nights cool air excited every nerve on my naked body. My husband broke out the power sex tool (sazall) and nipple clamps. Working the sazall with the large dildo attached all over my horny pussy while playing with my tits. The sazall didn’t last very long before I had a massive orgasm with my husband teasing me and then I smelled something burning.

The dam sazall quit just before I was about to orgasm again. I was so happy we have other toys and my husband must have used all of them on me. We fucked all night and talked about our next adventure in Las Vegas.

Anyone have any ideas on what we can use to replace the Sazall?


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mrleigh said...

Was great talking to you the other day, Hope to chat some more and get to know such a fine sexy woman as you.My wife would enjoy chatting too im sure. Leigh