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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Naked Twister Support the "Cherry Pit"

Before I tell you what happened with the sex game we are playing with the Navy guy my girlfriend Julia called me and has this great idea!

Did Y’all read in the news about "The Cherry Pit." In DUNCANVILLE, Texas it’s a swingers club that being shut down by the city. My girlfriend Julia that works for my husband came up with a great idea on how we can support them.

We are going to have a "Naked Twister" night this coming Friday night here at our ranch and maybe every Friday night. So far here is who is coming! The picture is of me getting ready for "Naked Twister."

Mike and Lisa.
Mike is our ranch hand and his wife Lisa is my best friend in the whole world.
Julia and Fred.
Julia has worked for my husband for over 20 years and Fred is the kindest and most gentle man you will ever meet! Fred would jump in front of a speeding truck to save me.
Teresa and Bud
Teresa is the fiery redhead with fucking perfect tits and ass (the bitch). Bud is very handsome 5’11 very well build and a cute butt and his cock curves to the right.

Julia came up with the idea for the party and she stated that there is only one rule for this party. No Penis Vagina Penetration except with your spouse. I looked it up here: . Now she said “No Penis Vagina Penetration” Right? So is anal and oral ok?

I asked her about that and all she said with a huge grin on her face was that “She still has 20 minutes left in the closet game with my husband” from winning at our last party. The closet game is a game we play where the winner of bets or dares collect minutes and gets to go into a special closet naked with the person they choose. We can all listen but can’t see what’s going on behind the closed door. There is a No Penetration rule but the door is closed. Last time she only lasted 9:34 before we heard her scream, open the door and grab her husband push him down on a chair and mount him right there and cum like crazy fucking him in front of us. When she came out of that closet with my husband she was crazed, he had teased her so much she was soaked juices running down her leg.

I think she said that so she could suck my husbands cock! They have worked together a long time and gone on a lot of trips with each other. But they both say they have never had sex! And when ever I bring it up to her she always reminds me that I had sex and sucked her husband Fred many times before we got married.

What do you think?

How far should I push the “No Penis Vagina Penetration” rule?

Should we invite other couples?

Should I let Julia suck my husbands cock?



TXclp said...

We are a young TX couple and would love to join you for Naked Twister.
As far as your questions.
1) “No Penis Vagina Penetration” She said "Vagina" so anal and oral are ok?
2)How far can a penis enter you before it's penetration is the key here. Is just head entering penetration?
3) Invite us! We sent you an email with all our info and pic's.
4) Let her if you can watch!

Anonymous said...

Houston couple here! We'll help support can we join in.
1) Yes
2) Anything but a full depth stroke.
3) We want to come.
4) Fair is fair.

Anonymous said...

from a married guy here in atlanta not livin' the swingers life, the no penetration rule seems silly to me. if you guys are in love and as long as you're both at the same place, what's the harm. i'd agree to no penetration without spousal consent.

Big-Black said...

I agree with the last post! But ya need dark meat! Me and my wife will join in.
Take pictures and post them!

HerOtherMan said...

It's hotter if you just leave it vague and make yourself wonder...


TXclpAustin said...

Teasing is one of the most sexual powers on Earth!
1) Let your friends watch and let them judge how much of a cock you can insert.
2) Yes (email w/pic sent)
3) I think she has already sucked his cock and more! said...

your games sound like great fun. and the teasing aspects are wonderful I think the teasing can be the most exciting part

tullymars said...

Naked Twister sounds like fun. I would leave the "no penis vagina penetration" rule alone. If you don't mind Julia sucking your husbands cock....go for it. Wouldn't you like to watch?