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Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day party

Things have not been going my way lately. First Ted the very sexy, shy young man just under 6’ with dark hair, very well built body with big arms and a tight butt he left for the Navy in SoCal before we had a chance to get together. Now we were going to have a Labor Day Naked BBQ pool party with all our sex charged friends. It has been raining, not just a little but heavy rain and thunder and lightning. Teresa and Bud are having flooding problems and can’t come. Julia and Fred’s kid all of a sudden got sick the day before school starts. I spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday cooking and decorating my house. I made sure every nook and cranny was cleaned spotless, I had American flag theme on all the table wear and decorations. My husband and Mike made a new BBQ with a rotisserie built in.

Lisa was Chief Cook and Bottle Washer again, and I think she and my husband have been planning something because they have been egging me on and teasing me about masturbating while Mike watched two weeks ago by the pool. Lisa and my husband say fair is fair she now wants to do the same in front of my husband. Yesterday while we were talking she was kidding around and brought up that I had been with Mike so many times before they meet and got married. Mike our ranch hand was one of my so called suck and fuck buddies before they met and I meet my husband.
Let me go back and explain about all our friends. We have a great group of friends we soft swing with. Soft swing means no penetration except with your own husband or wife. Our rules about penetration have become less restrictive. Meaning everything is o.k. except "vaginal/penile" penetration. We have all the fun in the world we have just saved love making for our spouses. Handjobs, blowjobs, Toys, Light Bondage, Voyeur are all o.k. We have all kinds of nasty play and then make love to our spouses while the others watch or watch them what a great time. And believe me we push the limit.

Lisa & Mike
Lisa is my best friend she is very beautiful 5’3 115 lbs 34” C 22” 34” Latin with gorgeous skin and long dark hair and we have been friends sense we were 6 years old. We have had some wild times and there are some times I can’t remember anything lol.
Mike is Lisa husband and works for us as our Ranch hand/Gardner. Mike is 6’ 190 lbs very well built Cowboy type with dark hair and a thick mustache. He also owns a landscaping company. I broke Mike’s virginity and also gave him his first BJ we were suck and fuck buddies for years. Mike has a truly amassing cock it has a very large head and thick shaft and sticks strait out hard as steel. Lisa and my husband trust us completely the same way I trust Lisa and my husband. Lisa hooked up with Mike when we were sophomores in school and they are happily married with 2 kids. I love teasing Mike and I must have given him 1000’s of BJ’s. Mike and my husband are best friends now.

Julia and Fred
Julia works for my husband and is very sexy 5’6 140 lbs 36 B 26 38 bubble butt with very long thick blonde hair. Get her drunk and she’ll strip naked in a heart beat and tell nasty jokes that would embarrass a sailor. If it wasn’t for Julia I would never have passed high school, she is one smart woman.
Fred is the kindest and most gentle man you will ever meet! He is 5’11 195 lbs dark long hair. I have known Fred all my life and also broke his virginity and gave him his first BJ. Fred would jump in front of a speeding truck to save me. I also have given Fred 1000’s of BJ’s before him and Julia ran off together.

Teresa and Bud
Teresa is a fiery redhead with fucking perfect tits and ass (the bitch). If I gave my husband a free sex pass he would fuck her steady for a week. 36 Firm D 24 36 and a smoking hard body and doesn’t look a day over 25 years old.
Bud married Teresa after her husband left her for a woman he met on the internet. He is very handsome 5’11 well build and a cute butt and his cock curves to the right. He was the quite guy in school but Teresa has changed that lol. I also sucked him off in high school.

Every one of our friends knows about all the sex and BJ’s I have had with there husbands and it has never been a problem. That was a ways back before I married my husband and now we are all happily married but still have tons of sexy nasty fun. We all trust each other not to cross the line (even tho it’s a very very small line).

But now my party is a bust and I have been a bitch sense it started raining yesterday. But my husband fixed that this morning! He got tired of me bitching walked me out to his shop showed me this sex swing he had rigged up, told me to strip then had me get in the swing. I kept being a bitch while he tied my hands then spread my legs wide. I watched as he opened a box and pulled out this Saws all thingies with a large black dildo attached to it. My eyes bugged out and my pussy and wet in a second. He got this wicked grin on his face plugged it in and pulled the trigger as he looked at me. Oh My! That thing was going 100 mph and wiggling all over the place. He picked up some lube spread it on and set it down as he picked up a blindfold then tied it on me.

I was so horny now as I heard my husband walk over and open the big garage doors. I could hear the rain pouring down and the cold breeze from the open door and I was fully exposed. I heard him pick up the tool with the dildo on it as he started teasing me telling me how much of a bitch I have been and how he was going to work the bitch out of me. He pinched and pulled my nipples and I heard him pull his zipper down and then felt his hard cock touch my lips. I kept my mouth closed as he ran his hot cock all over my lips till he told me to suck his cock. He was really turned on and put his hand on my head and I swallowed all of his hard cock. He had the tool in his other hand and pulled the trigger as he pumped his cock in my mouth. The whole shop must have light up then wham! A loud thunderous, bang and shaking. Even with the blindfold on I saw something, Shit my husband said that was a bolt of lightning that was very close and I heard the rain poured down. Then another flash!

Shit! It was a car or truck coming up the driveway with its lights on! I though he was going to cum his cock was so hot in my mouth. It pulled right up in front of the door and shut down. Now all I could hear was the dam Saw with the dildo on it going like crazy. My husband slowly eased his hard cock from my horny mouth and moved so he was teasing me with the dildo. He rubbed the dildo up and down my wet slit parting my wet pussy lips with the large head. As he rubbed the length of the dildo along my horny wet pussy he pulled the trigger and the cockhead throbbed on my clit and made me scream out loud. Who was there I listened and shook as my husband moved to my side so he could feed his cock into my mouth and still use the fuck machine on my horny pussy.

My husband started easing the big cock shaped dildo into my leaking pussy. He started that nasty tool up slow at first then faster as he worked it deeper into me. I heard both doors on the car open as the tool fucked my wet pussy. I was tied up in a sex swing and blindfolded my husband was fucking me with his homemade dildo machine and “SOMEONE WAS WATCHING” I started Cumming like crazy, screaming and shaking as he fucked me. One orgasm leads to another and another all I could hear was that fuck machine sawing in my pussy. I sucked my husbands cock the best I could as he fucked me with the dildo machine. He came hard shooting a huge load down my throat as I tried to fuck the dildo machine back. That’s when I found out my husband was no longer holding the fuck machine!

I exploded shaking wildly as the tool fucked my pussy and my husband came and came. I remember the dildo being eased out of my throbbing pussy and my husbands cock slipping from my mouth. I was worn out and drifted off then realize the car had driven off I was still blindfolded and tied up in the swing with the garage door wide open.

Where was my husband? I was still naked and spread out and weak from Cumming so much. I wasn’t tied up I could move my arms and reached up and removed the blindfold and my eyes watered as they adjusted to the light. I looked around and looked at the shinny large black dildo sitting on the stool in front of the swing and the garage door wide open. I was weak as I climbed out of the swing my legs shaking and my pussy was sore. I wandered out looking for my husband and found him in the hot tub in the pouring rain. I slipped in next to him cuddling close kissing him.

With his head tilted back he asked me? Is the “BITCH” gone? He said great! Because I have to leave! Lisa and Mike are on there way over. He said Lisa is staying here while Mike and he go help Teresa and Budd with some flooding problems. Weren’t they already here? He just kept his eyes closed and smiled. Who was here I quizzed as I grabbed his hardening cock. He just smiled!

My husband left with Mike and I just had to tell Lisa what had happened. I took her out to the shop where the swing was and showed her our new sex toys. We stripped and got into the hot tub and I told her everything. She got real friendly with one of the jets as I watched her tits floating and she was orgasmic. Lisa told me that Mike has been such an animal in bed sense he watched me masturbating now she wants to masturbate in front of my husband and Mike was fine with that!

Lisa helped me put everything away and I could tell she was still horny as hell, her nipples were rock hard and she smelled of her sex. It started raining hard again so we got dressed and put some rain gear on to go check on the horses and other critters. We talked a lot and I have always told her everything me and Mike had done. She asked me if I had ever had a MFM with Mike and Fred and I said yes. Lisa said Mike wants her to have a MFM 3some. We talked more about it as we walked back.

Lisa had to leave her daughter called and was scared I hope Mike and my husband come back soon.
Are Labor Day party didn’t work out but I’m happy. I'm alone in the rain when it should have been a fun party.
I still have my toys! Did you see the rabbit in the photo?


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