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Friday, July 03, 2015

We were on our way home from a concert in Corpus Christi driving along I-37 late at night, I was super horny and was stroking my husbands cock as he started to remove my dress. I was naked sucking on his cock and fingering myself when I noticed my husband was driving along side a simi truck and the driver was watching me suck my husbands cock and finger myself. Instant orgasm.

My husband took the next exit off I-37 and onto HWY 59 and pull into the Flying J truck stop and drove around back with the truck following us. We parked in the back where is was dark and the trucker got out walked up to my side of the van as I spread for him so he had a great view of my pussy as I started sucking my husbands cock again. I heard my husband and the trucker talking but could not understand them. I had a orgasm when the trucker started playing with me and slid a finger in my soaking wet pussy. After my orgasm I noticed the trucker had been stroking his cock and shot on the side of my van.
We drove home and my husband fucked me like crazy.

The next day I was driving home after my yoga class and passed the truck stop where we had played and my pussy got very wet. I could not stop thinking about it and when I got to the next off ramp I pulled right into the truck stop on HWY 72 and drove around back and parked next to some of the trucks. My heart was pounding what was I doing here at 11:00 am and daylight I was alone in my van. My pussy was throbbing my yoga outfit was soaked and I slipped it off my shoulders exposing my breasts. I rolled the windows down feeling the warm air on my tits I was rolling my nipples between my fingers watching my mirrors looking to see if anyone was around. I got braver my pussy was throbbin and pulled the spandex down to my ankles exposing my wet pussy.

I checked the mirrors and kicked off the spandex spreading my legs as I played with my tits and pussy and it did not take me long before I had a huge orgasm. As I climaxed I kept checking my mirrors. My hand was covered in my juices and as I was about to reach for a towel I see a young man walk up the truck parked by my van. He opened his door and started to climb in the truck. I reached forward to try and roll up my window when I noticed he was climbing down and was walking towards my van acting like he was checking his tires.

I was naked and could not reach my clothes, he was now right beside my van and was checking me out when he seen I was naked he walked right up to the door. I was frozen my pussy throbbin as he looked at me, he then asked me if the door was unlocked and I turned around and looked at the side door of my van then turned and looked at him. He smiled and walked around opening the side door and climbed in closing the door.

That young man had a fantastic cock and he made me swallow his first load and fucked me 3 times cumming in me two times.

I got home and showered just before my husband got home.

I have been back to the truck stop 10 times now.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed out on meeting this beautiful lady. Couldn't quite figure out the proper timing from Port Aransas to the truck stop. I have enjoyed reading the blog and I look forward to meeting her in the future!

Christopher Tate said...

Love your blog and can't wait for more

Gery Love said...

Very hot sexy story, From a very hot sexy nympho
Please keep up the good work

Phillip Cooke said...

That sounded like fun wish I could have been there to feed your need.

mk said...

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