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Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Executive and his wife.

The Executive

It was very exciting even when we were driving to Mark’s Hotel overlooking Corpus Christi Bay. My husband knocked on his door and opening the door was Mark a very hansom Executive in a gorgeous dark blue suit standing 6' tall 190 lbs very silky silver hair. He is a very well built 55 year old man with a slick look, polished feel and masculine smell and taste of a Executive man dressed in a tailored suit. He is a commanding professional who is powerful, aggressive and FUCK’s with a purpose. Mark then stepped to the side and there was his very hot gorgeous sexy wife in a very tight red dress with her long red hair flowing over her shoulders. Now I know why my husband was so excited. My husband simply extended my hand to Mark then turned and walked away with Mark’s hot redheaded wife at his side and I stepped into Mark’s room.
My nipples were hard as he reached up undid two buttons on my dress dropping it to the floor exposing my naked body for him before closing the door.

The first time I met Mark was in Seattle the day before my husband left with him on a sailing regatta from Seattle. My husband and I walked down to the lounge of our hotel so I could meet Mark for the first time, and there stood Mark a very gorgeous looking Executive in a very smart looking tailored suit. As soon as my husband introduced me to him my knees got weak. He has that type of personality that just makes you want to do as he pleases. My husband noticed how excited I was and he excused himself leaving Mark and I alone at the table.

When my husband came back to the table he knew I was extremely excited, my nipples were rock hard and he could tell I was flirting with Mark. We talked for a while and when Mark was ready to leave he gave me a long hug pressing his cock against me and slipping a feel of my breast kissing me on the cheek as he left. As soon as my husband and I walked into the elevator and the door closed my husband reached up under my dress and was amazed at how soaking wet I was. My husband said he could smell how hot my pussy was as he slid 2 fingers inside me and I immediately had an orgasm as my husband asked me if I wanted to fuck Mark.

Six weeks later I'm here in his hotel room in Corpus Christi standing in front of Mark completely naked. He instructed me to undo his pants and gave me detailed instruction on how to fold them neatly along with rest of his suit. My pussy started throbbing when I saw the large head of his big cock. OMG I held it in my hands slowly stroking and kissing the head it was truly an amazingly powerful large headed cock.

I took the head into my mouth savoring the taste and routing my lips around that amazing head licking and sucking tasting every bit and stroking his steel hard shaft. I was going to make sure that I gave him the absolute best blow job he has ever had in his life, I wanted to make sure he would come back for more and I wanted to prove my deep throating skills. Mark reached for my cell phone and took a couple pictures of me naked sucking his cock and deep throating his cock.

Mark handed me his phone and ordered me to type in my husbands cell phone number, I gave it back to him he showed me the picture of me deep throating his large cock and told me to send it to my husband so his slut wife could see (his wife can not deep throat him). I pushed send as Mark was manhandling my tits as I continued to suck his beautiful cock, he grabbed a handful of hair making me take his cock and pinching my nipples practically pulling me up off my knees on to the bed. I was starting to have a orgasm sucking his cock it felt so good and I knew he was getting excited he was getting rough with my tits he started growling ordering me to take his cock and when he did cum he was exploding huge gobs of cum as my orgasm wracked my body.

I was still shaking from my orgasm Mark held my hands above my head and slipped my wrist into a leather strap handcuff and then grabbing my other hand strapping them both together above my head. He kissed me his tongue snaking into my mouth his hands on my breasts pinching and tugging my nipples. His hands slowly slid down to my pussy, I was soaking wet and he said to me you're a fucking horny slut wife just like my slut wife. He started finger fucking me rubbing my clit as fast as he could, my legs were flailing around as he called me a slut wife. He got up off the bed pulling my leg backwards and producing another leather strap attaching it to my leg and tying it so I was bent in half. Pulling my other leg up and back he strapped it down so my neatly trimmed pussy and ass were completely spread wide open and exposed for him. He moved around and made me start sucking his cock again as he continued playing with my pussy making me have more orgasms with his fingers while leaning down licking and sucking my clit. His cock was down my throat when he slapped my ass hard ordering me! “Take my fucking cock slut wife”

He moved between my legs I tried to tilt my head as I felt his fingers spreading my pussy and the large head of his gorgeous cock spreading my lips opening my pussy as he told me to take his cock. With both hands he grabbed hold of my tits and started slamming his cock into me making me take every inch and hammering me hard. Mark was in fantastic shape I was completely open for his cock as he fucked me. My tits were hurting as he mashed and squeezed them and continued fucking me with long deep strokes kissing me calling me a slut wife as he started to exploded in a massive orgasm. I was begging to be fucked and filled with his semen.

Mark unstrapped my legs and it was hard for me to get stretched out, I could feel his hot cum deep inside my pussy.  Mark grabbing my legs flipped me around so I was on my knees my ass and pussy exposed to him with my hands still tied to the bed. He spread my legs out using his fingers driving them into my pussy and extracting some of his semen and massaging into my ass hole.

It seemed like forever as he continued fingering me using both hands sliding a finger deep into my ass lubing it with his cum and driving his other fingers into my quivering pussy. I was having so many orgasms it was unbelievable and I did not want them to stop.

I was totally drained by the time he undid my hands handing me a glass of water. We were both sticky with sweat and I was covered in cum I had to look at the clock and noticed that this well built man had been fucking me for over two hours. He lay down next to me in bed and I was in haven my hand wrapped around his beautiful cock.

We both had dozed off falling asleep and I was awaken with Mark once again tying my hands above my head and then grabbing my legs to tie them once again so I was bent in half with my pussy and ass completely spread exposed for his large headed cock. He was banging me with his fingers I was soaking wet my pussy juices flowing down my ass. The sun was coming up and I was having Multiple orgasms.

Kneeling near my ass he slapped his hard cock on my spread pussy rubbing his big head between my lips and caressing my clitoris. He pushed and his huge head spread my pussy open and devoured his cock all the way to his balls.

Looking at me grabbing two handfuls of my tits Mark sternly said “now you're going to really get fucked”  my pussy was convulsing around his cock I was having so many orgasms it was unbelievable how he could just keep on fucking me, pounding his cock deep into my pussy. He slowed down easing his cock from my pussy my juices flowing.

I felt his hard cock head teasing my ass, Mark started to push and then spread my pussy with his fingers. I told Mark my husband's rule about no anal sex as the head of his gorgeous cock was teasing my horny ass. Mark reached over and took a blindfold out and placed it over my eyes. Mark was very aggressively fucking me deep and every once in awhile Marks big cock would slip out of my throbbing pussy and the head would be pressing against my horny Ass. My breathing was heavy he used my flowing pussy juices on his cock teasing and lubing my ass then coating his cock again teasing my ass slowly pressing the head of his cock in to my ass. I immediately exploded in a massive body shaking orgasm he pulled out and then leaned down kissing me calling me a slut as I felt him guiding his big cock head in my ass again . My orgasm was so intense I had not heard Mark taking a picture with my phone of his cock head in my horny ass.

Mark slipped his cock out of my ass grabbing my tits ramming his cock deep into my pussy and fucking me until we both exploded in Earth shaking orgasms Mark flooding my pussy with his hot cum.

Mark left my hands tied up took off the blindfold then he went and took a shower. My eyes had just adjusted to the light of the raising sun when Mark was coming back getting dressed in his Executive suit and tie. Mark tweak and pulled my nipples and slid a finger in my pussy that was covered in his cum. He picked up my cell phone took another photo of me tied up covered in cum. He then set the phone down next to me and walked out the door with his suitcases.

It seemed like forever until I heard the hotel room door opening and seeing my husband walking in. My husband looked over my well fucked body with red hand prints still on my tits and ass where Mark slapped me. My husband reached down pick up the phone opened it looking at the photos; he must have seen some I did not know about by the look on his face. My husband then looked at me and deleted all of the photos.  Before untying my hands my husband fished his cock out making me suck his limp cock, I could taste Mark’s wife. My husband spread my pussy and slipped a finger in my ass.

We will be visiting Seattle again in July and our husbands are planning a get together.