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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

While husband away Boat ramp BJ

While husband away Boat ramp BJ

I was surprised nobody was at the boat ramp just 4-5 fishermen’s trucks with empty boat trailers. It was 6 am the two young men I had met on Instant Messenger and AFF were there waiting next to the trail, my husband had already met them for lunch last week when I was out of town. I just parked my van next to them let them get a good look at my hard nipples thru my thin summer dress and after we talked a bit we walked up a trail that loops back to the lakeside with a nice place next to the foggy shore.
The shoreline was covered in early morning dew as I spread the blanket out. I loved watching there faces when I turned and faced them dropping my dress and stood before these two hot young men naked. As promised they lit a joint and passed it to me. My husband had told them at lunch how horny I get when I smoke weed. I slowly unzipped there shorts and let them drop to the ground getting my first look at there nice big young cocks as they sprung out.
I once again I was going to prove how good of a cock sucker I am by deep throating both there young cocks. I did not have much time my husband’s flight was landing at the Corpus Christi Airport in an hour. I took turns sucking on both cocks making sure to look into there eyes as I took more of there cocks into my horny mouth by the lake smoking a joint. I was so horny wondering what my husband had talked about with them. I was taking more of there young cocks down my throat and teasing there balls with my tongue, there hands started playing with my tits pinching and twisting my hard nipples and slipping fingers into my wet pussy. I love having my pussy eaten while sucking cock and one young man slipped down fingering my pussy sucking on my breasts and then devouring my pussy. I was having so many orgasms while sucking a big cock I didn't have time to say anything when I felt his big young cock teasing my wet horny pussy.
Smoking weed did it again I was having multiple orgasms while sucking one cock and my legs automatically were spreading wide open for a large young cock. They had told me when we were chatting on Instant messenger and reading there profiles on AFF that they have had 3some’s with older women a few times and they worked great as a team. I took another hit from the joint my pussy was so wet and throbbin from his hot young cock spreading my pussy lips and rubbin my clit.
 I deep throated that large young cock my legs spreading wide open as the head of the young mans cock slipped past my pussy lips then plunging balls deep into my wet throbbin pussy. He was pounding me deep and hard as I swallowed the young cock having one orgasm after the other. When they switched I was lucky I had a cock in my mouth when that large young cock started slamming repeatedly into my horny pussy. Young men have so much stamina,  he was fucking me deeply his friend started blasting his hot young semen down my throat and I felt the other cock exploding in my quivering pussy filling me with hot young cum and I was making sure I drained both cocks.
 We walked back to my van wondering if any fishermen had heard us. I was still naked savoring the taste of young cum and the feeling of semen leaking from my filled pussy. I threw my dress all the way to the back of my van got in drove off still naked. I masturbated with the young mans cum still in me, I made some truckers very happy driving down Interstate 37 driving thru truck stops on my way to the Airport and I didn't put my dress back on till I was 10 miles from getting there.
I was a half hour late getting to the CC airport and my husband was standing there waiting for me. Once in the van my husband kissed me and slid his hand up my dress feeling my sticky cum filled pussy.
Your late again he said as he kissed me.



erasmus said...

WOW :-) , wish i was there to fuck that fine pussy lassy

terry field said...
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terry field said...
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terry field said...

love your blog! you look great in the video,you are one very sexy lady.hope to meet you someday.

Tung6969 Man said...

hi TXlassy, love your blog page,,i shoot huge creamy gobs of cum,,everytime i cum here,,u r the greatest,,wanna cum for u so bad,,mmmmmmmmmmmm

ggmanjr said...

LUV your blog. Sure would like to see you in action.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm.... great story and video.... WHo's the lucky girl working the dildo?

Anonymous said...

I would love to cum deep inside your pussy. You look like a wild fuck

Brian Dautreuil said...

Would live to let you and who ever else enjoy my cock for as long as you would like.