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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Flashing on the Waterfront

Me and my husband have discussed our fantasies for 2010. My loving husband has made one of my fantasies come true already.
My husband bought me a nice short blue skirt and a thin see thru white sleeveless button up blouse. Last Saturday night we went to dinner and drinks on the waterfront in Corpus Christi. The restaurant had outdoor seating, and we sat next to the edge by the sidewalk where I could flash guys passing by. My husband had told a couple guys on the Internet that we were going to be down by the Marina flashing and showing off.
My husband would let me know when guys were walking by, and I would spread my legs and give them a view if they knew what to look for.

Only one of the guys showed up, and it was fun talking with him and having him looking at my naked pussy.

My husband suggested that I show him our boat down at the marina. Before leaving my husband pulled Donnie to the side and talked with him, we walked down to the boat went down below, and I took my coat off to show him my new blouse and skirt. I was so wet and my nipples were hard Donnie unbutton my blouse and removed my skirt, admiring my naked body. We could hear people walking by on the dock as I dropped to my knees, taking his beautiful cock into my mouth.

Pulling on my nipples as I deep throated him, Donnie pulled me up, pushing me back onto the forward berth spreading my legs and fingering my pussy. He turned me around so he could slip his cock back into my mouth as he played with my pussy and tits.

He grabbed both my nipples and started pulling as he blew a huge load of cum down my throat and my body shook in multiple orgasms. Donnie told me to drain his balls and I did. He pulled on my tits and fingered my pussy and I was soaked.

Donnie gathered up my coat blouse and skirt, put them in a bag, got dressed and left me in the boat naked. He walked back up to the restaurant gave the bag to my husband and sat down and had a beer and talked.


Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog hon. You're a woman after my own heart. I love sucking cock and swallowing cum so much too! Looking forward to being in your next blog too!


Taff said...

can i fuck u bb?

Rony said...

i want to see u on webcam

sailorfem said...

Damn, wish I had met ya'll when you went to Corpussy (as I refer to the place)...tks. love your blog, think I'll start one on my wife....