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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dogging in Texas

This is continued from our latest Dogging adventure

If you have not read my other “Dogging” stories here is some back round info. I am a ex stripper and exhibitionist who loves to suck cock and fuck outside where there is a chance to be seen by others. Dogging combines technology with swinging, cruising, exhibitionist and voyeurism. To wit: Couples, single men, women and strangers watch exhibitionist couples who've met on the Web have sex in cars or outdoors in parks, hiking trails, forest, country roads and sometimes others get to join in. 

We have been dogging in the daylight, dusk and in the dark of night.
We have been dogging outdoors in parks, hiking trails, forests, trail heads, the river, lakes, beaches and some country roads.
We have been dogging with Couples, single men, women and strangers who we have met on internet web sites.
We have been dogging together as a couple and alone with my husband just watching me with others.
We have been dogging where I am naked masturbating for others to watch.
We have been dogging where I masturbate and suck my husbands cock and let others watch us fucking.
We have been dogging where my husband has let other couples join in or single guys sucking and fucking.
We have been dogging where my husband has watched me masturbating for guys and letting them play with me.
We have been dogging where my husband has watched me sucking and fucking other well hung guys as he watches. My husband has set me up with single and some married men.
We have been dogging where my husband is hiding and the others don’t know he is there watching. My husband has also just blended in with the others so they don’t know he is my husband. 
I have also been dogging alone without my husband.

Dogging is fun when you live out in the country and there are lots of back roads and secret places to play and let others watch.

Dinner with James
Thursday night my husband and I logged on the chat room waiting for James to log on. Before we started chatting my husband told me his plan to not let James know he was there with me. So I told James my husband was out of town until Saturday morning. James told me Chris had told him about our dinner and dancing date and wanted to know when his turn was. We set up a dinner date but James is not a dancer so we talked about going somewhere else to listen to music. The chatting turned nasty and he sent me some photos of his gorgeous cock and fit body. I got so horny my husband fucked me right there in my computer chair.

Friday I had dressed with the clothes my husband had picked out for me. My hard nipples were clearly visible in the light shear white Western blouse that showed off my cleavage. The skirt was a jean type with cowgirl boots. Before I left my husband played with me sucking on my tits squeezing them together sucking both nipples into is mouth. I almost had a orgasm when he kneeled and removed my panties licking my wetness telling me I don’t need panties. Sliding two fingers inside me and thumbing my clitty, he commented how wet I was and slipped his fingers in to his mouth licking them. I drove off with my pussy soaking wet and a smile on my husbands face.

James and I had a fantastic dinner on the waterfront and I could tell James loved the white blouse I was wearing as he had a huge bulge in his pants. James had lots of questions about me being a stripper when my husband was going to college. I found out James has never been to a strip club or had a private striptease. He could tell I was getting excited talking about stripping, my nipples were super hard and my newly trimmed pussy was very warm and moist. 

We drove down by the pier to listen to some bands and others play music. We parked next to a covered walk way and moved to the back of my van to smoke a join before heading over to the music stages. I get Super Horny when I smoke weed and walking around with a very hot younger man had my juices flowing. But our bad luck it started to rain hard and we got wet as we ran back to my Van. I opened the side door and as I climbed in I knew James had seen I was not wearing panties.

James turned around after sliding the door closed and his eyes grew as he seen that my white western blouse was soaked from the rain and my bare tits were very visible for him. We heard other people around my van looking for shelter from the rain. James sure was enjoying the view. I turned around slowly bending over to straiten a blanket on the back seat I spread my feet a bit apart exposing my pussy with James just a foot behind me. I could hear people talking as they huddled under the awning next to my van and I could hear James breathing. I sat down on the edge of the rear seat leaning back I watched James eyes as I slowly spread my legs giving him full view of my naked horny pussy.

It was 1:45 am when I got home and again my husband was waiting for me. He kissed me as soon as I walked in the door.

My husband asked me! You sucked his cock didn’t you?

I did not answer my husband.

My husband noticed my damp clothes as he asked more questions while telling me to take my damp clothes off. He watched as I stripped and he looked over my body making comments about the red hand prints still visible on my tits inner thighs’ and my ass. He noticed my nipples were very sore as he traced around my nipples with his fingers examining my body. My husband asked me; is that James dried cum on your tits and pussy?

I did not answer my husband again.

 My husband pushed me down to my knees taking his hard cock out slapping it on my face making me take his hot cock in my mouth by grabbing my hair making me take all of his cock down my throat. WOW! My husband was more aggressive this time. My husband was a bit rougher grabbing my left nipple pinching hard and pulling me to my feet by my nipple and hair. After lifting me up he took me by the hand leading me out to our play room. The room was all set-up candles burning soft ties attached to the headboard and foot post. Kissing me deeply then laying me down securing both my wrists with the soft ties. Leaning down he started sucking on my left nipple his hand caressing my right breast and rolling my nipple between his finger and thumb. Again he kissed me deeply with loving passion. He spread my legs wide and placed a pillow under my ass moving down kissing my tummy, I was near orgasm as his lips started caressing my wet pussy. His powerful hands moved down my legs and he reached over tying my legs wide apart. My husband was admiring my cum covered swollen pussy lips. I felt his lips caressing my pussy lips and I closed my eyes as his tongue flicked over my clitoris.


WTF…. I screamed out as my husband slapped my pussy hard.
Holy shit my pussy was on fire as I seen his hand coming down and slapping my pussy again! I screamed out trying like hell straining against the soft ties. My pussy was throbbing as my husband held me tight kissed my bright red pussy his tongue spreading me open and exposing my engorged clit.

That was the first time my husband has ever slapped my pussy that hard……

 I was so fucking turned on I was having mini orgasms from the throbbin pain and the fantastic tongue lashing I was receiving. My husband looked at me and asked me how many times James had fucked me?

I did not answer my husband.

My husband’s hands caressed my inner thighs kissing my pussy. There was no way I was going to close my eyes again. My husband moved up rubbing his cock between my swollen pussy lips the mix of pain and his hot cock had me bucking and squirming. His stiff cock “Easily” sunk balls deep into my hot horny pussy. The pain of his big cock pressing on my pussy just before sliding in made me tense up but my husband was extremely excited pushing deep into me. He asked me how much bigger James cock is? He stretched your fucking pussy my husband said to me grabbing my tits fucking me harder.

My husband then asked me if James tried to fuck my ass with his big cock.

I did not answer my husband again.

My husband spread my legs wider using my pussy juices on his fingers guiding them into my ass then moving up as his cock moved towards my ass. He started to push his cock teasing my ass and going a little deeper. I started have an orgasm which made him stop. His thumb was rubbing my clit and slipping into my pussy, he then started again pressing the head of his hard cock on my asshole. My juices were flowing he was fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit and slowly slid his cock balls deep in my ass. “Fuck Ya” that big cock was in your ass my husband looked into my eyes.

Again my husband asked me. Did you let James Fuck your ass?

My husband has not been this aggressive in awhile and I was so close to exploding, my pussy was leaking like a hose and again as he fucked my ass harder!

Again my husband asked me. Did you let James Fuck your ass?

Did he cum in your ass he asked?
I was looking into his eyes as I exploded in an extreme multiple orgasms, the mixture of pain from my husband slapping my pussy and his big cock hammering my ass was unbelievable. I had orgasm after orgasm as my husband fucked me hard, untying my legs pinning them back fucking me as hard as he could. My husband exploded blasting hot cum deep in my ass. I could feel his cock spewed his hot cum deep in my ass as I had multiple orgasm’s my body trashing around then stiffing as it felt like all my bodily fluids were streaming out of my pussy as he came in my ass. I had images of James and Chris flashing in my mind fucking me as I orgasmed.

My husband has not been that aggressive in awhile and him slapping my pussy that hard was something he has not done before. He did not go limp and he untied me so I could give him one of my famous deep throat blowjobs. We have had great sex and my husband talked me into driving naked and showing off to a few truckers and other happy looking guys. We drove to and met a friend at the river with my husband watching me give him a naked roadside blow job.

Saturday we got on the chat line with Chris and James and made plans to meet this Thursday for a Dogging night. Debbie & Kyle are bringing two friends and my husband and I are bringing Chris and James. Two other couples are bringing a guest each so 8 guys and 4 women should be a fun Dogging adventure.

If you are interested in watching we will be meeting at the Love's Travel stop on Interstate 37 and HWY 281 at 7:00 pm then driving to a more private place to play by the river.



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Now that's the proper way for a slutwife to get a DP. She really moans like a wanton little slut who can't get enough in both her holes.