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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Texas Dogging

If you have not read my other “Dogging” stories here is some back round info.
I am an exhibitionist who loves to suck cock and fuck outside where there is a chance to be seen by others. Dogging combines technology with swinging, cruising and voyeurism. To wit: Crowds big and small watch exhibitionist couples who've met on the Net have sex in cars and parks, and sometimes join in.

Lisa who is my best friend and my husband started planning the next dogging meet-up here in Texas; they went online to forums and chat rooms and told people where we were going to be so they could come and watch. My husband and I have had sex with people watching many times now playing the Dogging game Texas style! Lisa even got involved and had guys we met online in forums or chat rooms meeting us along the river for a quick cock sucking.

Lisa had a game plan in mind. My husband wanted to be anonymous; he didn’t want anyone to know he was my husband and pretend he was Lisa’s husband so they both could watch me sucking cock.

Lisa logged into my Yahoo group called Texas Cock Suckers and she chatted with Norm (the Surfer Dude). He is 6 foot blond hair past his ears kind of the surfer type, his cock was very impressive 9 inches and THICK and has played our Dogging game 2 times. She also talked to the young couple we had played with in our first Dogging adventure, she is a redhead 30’s slim small firm tits very cute, her husband was in his late 30’s 5’10 very fit blond and short mustache, Oh my god his cock was THICK the head was smaller than the main shaft it looked like a Titian Missile and had to be at least 9 inches with thick veins and he is aggressive. Lisa chatted with them all on Yahoo Instant Messenger and even set up a new guy plus telling people where to park to watch. My husband let Lisa do all the planning this time and she loved the idea of my husband being anonymous, nobody knowing who my husband was, but Lisa also said she had a surprise for me.

My husband drove his truck to the meeting place while Lisa and I took the Van to a Park just outside of Three Rivers on Highway 72 just past the trees on the left it was a great place to park. I had cute light blue dress on with nothing else no bra or panties. As soon as we parked near the tree line I saw the Surfer Dude pull up in his car and right behind him was the redhead and her husband. My husband pulled up next and parked his truck next to the Van. I saw a truck drive up and parked on the other side of the Van.

A very hot looking young man got out of the truck and my nipples instantly got hard and my pussy got warm. This young man was about 6 foot tall had a gorgeous body. He could not have been over 23 years old very broad shoulders and very handsome. He was wearing a plain white T shirt and blue jeans kind of a college jock type.

I climbed in back of the Van and opened the sliding door. Lisa got out of the Van walked over to everyone and started talking and I knew that she would explain the rules to them. When she was talking to the new guy she looked at me with a wicked look smiling. Lisa then pulled my husband aside and was talking to him.
The sun was setting as I walked over to a picnic table near the trees the hot breeze blowing my dress up exposing my bare pussy. All the vehicles blocked the view of any cars driving through the park except for the 8 people on the internet group who knew where to park to watch. I sat on top of the picnic table putting my feet on the seating area. Surfer Dude, new guy and Titan missile cock guy started walking towards me and the closer they got the wider I spread my legs. My heart started racing when I saw the redhead rubbing against my husband with Lisa smiling at me.
Surfer Dude decided to take the lead, I have sucked his cock 2 times now and he has learned how much I love sucking cocks and motioned for me to raise my hands as the redhead's husband and the new guy helped remove my dress. My nipples were hard and my pussy started throbbing sitting naked with 3 men standing around me. The Surfer Dude took me by the hand and walked in back towards the Van setting me in the doorway. I looked over and saw the redhead with her hand wrapped around my husband’s cock, Lisa was talking to the others who were watching.
The redhead's husband dropped his shorts and his Titan missile cock sprung free and was looking very delicious. I turned my head and Surfer Dude had his gorgeous cock out and guided my hand to his hard cock. Titan missile guy started playing with my left tit as I reached for his cock so I now had both rock hard cocks in each hand. I looked right at the new guy and spread my legs so that he could see my wet pussy. I stroked both their cocks as they played with my tits pulling and tugging on my nipples.
I watched as the new guy began unbuttoning his pants and his very beautiful cock appeared before my eyes. Lisa knows I love big headed cocks and this new guy sure did have a beautiful cock. The head flared out from the shaft and had nice gorgeous veins running the length of the shaft he was completely shaved, his balls were tight and he was 8” not as long as the Surfer Dude and Titan missile but thicker with a cock head like that I was so freakin HORNY.
I had to have that cock in my mouth.
I looked over at my husband and the redhead had removed her top and was on her knees sucking my husbands cock and Lisa’s blouse was open and my husband was playing with her tits as Lisa looked at me with her wicked Dominatrix eyes. The Surfer Dude told me to show the new guy how good of a cock sucker I am, grabbing my head with a hand full of hair and guided his cock to my hungry mouth. With my tongue I started at the base and while staring in to the new guys eyes I licked my way up the shaft and then swallowed his entire cock watching the new guys face as I deep throated the Surfer Dudes thick cock while stroking the Titan missile cock.

I let go of Surfer Dudes cock and my hand drop to my pussy using my juices to rub my clit frantically while devouring his beautiful cock. I had his cock all the way down my throat when my first orgasm started and I heard him telling me to take all of his cock. I could feel his balls tightening up as I did my best deep throating his cock. The Titan missile cock was hard as steel he was encouraging me to swallow the Surfer Dudes cock as he tugged on my tits. I wanted everyone to see me sucking cock and showing my pussy.

Titan missile cock guys hand moved from my tit down between my legs as I continued sucking the Surfer Dudes cock slipping two fingers deep into my soaked pussy. I could see the new guy stroking his cock as he watched me sucking Surfer Dudes cock. Surfer Dude was doing a lot of talking, telling the new guy how good I was at sucking cock. He started grunting I could feel his balls tightening up along with his grip on my hair as he pumped his cock down my throat. He growled blowing a huge load of super hot cum as I grabbed his butt cheeks going crazy deep throating his cock so the new guy could see how much I loved sucking cock. Surfer Dude exploded into my belly as another orgasm made my body shake.

The Surfer Dude slowly sat down inside the Van as he praised by cock sucking skills. With his hand he lifted my leg and hooked it over his leg as he sat back completely exposing my soaking wet pussy. Titan missile cock guy pushed my head towards his thick cock, my mouth opening wide he said it was his turn to probe my throat with his large missile. The new guy stepped forward his hand went between my legs finding my pussy as my hand reached for his cock and Surfer Dude pinched my nipples.

I heard my husband Growl loudly as I heard him coming, I tried to turn and look but the Titan missile guy held onto my head and pumped his cock down my throat. I could not see who was making my husband shoot his load.

I am going to change the new guys name he has earned the name Freddie fingers. He had long fingers and was driving deep into my pussy as his thumb was working my clit at 100 miles an hour making me come like crazy as I deep throated the Titan missile cock and soaked his hand and fingers with my cum.

I wanted Freddie fingers to see me devouring the Titan missile cock. The Titan missile cock was pumping down my throat my hand stroking his balls as he got more aggressive telling me to take his load as I felt his throbbing cock getting ready to give me his huge load. I remember from the last time how much he comes and I started deep throating him as my orgasm mellowed out. Blast after blast erupted from his cock down my throat as he grabbed a handful of hair and the Surfer Dude pulled on my tits. I drained the Titan missile cock and as he let his cock slip out of my mouth and rubbed my lips with the head of his cock and told Freddie fingers it was his turn to fill my throat with cock.

Freddie fingers was a fast learner as I wrapped my hand around his mushroom headed cock and fed it into my mouth while looking in his eyes and taking it all the way down my throat. Titan missile cock guy held my head as the Surfer Dude told Freddie fingers to fuck my throat. I grabbed both his butt cheeks and pulled him until he started fucking my throat. First impressions are really important and I wanted Freddie fingers to know how much I loved sucking his cock. I could tell he was really excited so using my thumb I put pressure on the base of his shaft as I continued to suck his cock.

My husband walked up to the Van as I was sucking Freddie fingers nice cock. The Surfer Dude had spread my legs and had two fingers working deep in my pussy while his thumb was massaging my clit. With both of his hands my husband pulled my hair back grabbing it with both his hands as the Surfer Dude told me to swallow Freddie Fingers cock. I devoured his cock as I grabbed hold of his butt cheeks and let my husband pump my head up and down on his cock. My pussy was so wet you could hear squishing sounds as the Surfer Dude fingered my horny pussy.

With my expert cock sucking skills and my pussy getting worked over it did not take me very long to start having an orgasm and Freddie Fingers cock swelled in my throat as he screamed out and exploded his hot come down my throat. My husband held my head so I could not pull away as his comes spewed down my throat and the Surfer Dude shoved his fingers deep inside me.

It took me a while to calm down from my orgasm by then Surfer Dude and Freddie fingers had gotten dressed the redhead and her husband with the Titan missile cock were talking to my husband. The Surfer Dude whispered in my ear that he wanted to meet me alone. Freddie Fingers asked me when we could meet again and I told them both that I would e-mail them when we will go dogging again. Surfer Dude and Freddie fingers kissed me goodbye and each told me how sexy I was. I stood naked and watched him drive off. Titan missile cock walked up behind me and nestling his cock between my ass cheeks and was grabbing both of my tits. In a stern voice he said “I'm not done with you yet”

His redheaded wife ordered me to lie down on my back in the doorway of the Van. The redheaded stepped over next to my husband as her husband stroked his large Titan
Cock stepping between my legs. The redhead told me to spread my legs and let her husband fuck me. I looked between my legs at his gorgeous cock as he slapped my pussy with his hard cock rubbing my pussy juices on his cock. I looked at Lisa and my Husband spreading my pussy just before the Titan missile cock started slamming deep inside me. His wife kept telling me to let him fuck me deep. I spread wide and he grabbed my tits and really gave me a hard fucking. We changed positions a few times and I sat on him reverse cowgirl so that my husband and his wife could see his cock fucking me.

When he was getting close to coming, he stopped stood up his cock slipping out of my pussy grabbed my hand walked me over to the picnic table out in the open laid me on my back and the redhead told me to let everyone watch me get fucked. I looked and saw Lisa and my husband watching and then noticed all the others they had emailed come walking up closer to watch. The Titan missile cock plunged into my steaming hot pussy and proceeded to fuck me like a jack rabbit. I spread as wide as I could bring my legs all the way back so that he could penetrate me deep as everyone watched him fucking me. My orgasm started first and he just kept on fucking me his wife telling me to take his cock. He started growling and I felt his cock explode as he pounded me. I remember from the last time how much he came and I felt him squirt deep in me. I held my legs wide so they all could see me getting fucked by his large Titan missile cock. His wife came over as he eased his cock out of my used pussy. She spread my pussy lips open to show my husband how much cum he had shot deep in my pussy. She told my husband that next time he should let all of them fuck me.

So Lisa had told the redhead which one of the guys was my husband and now they are planning more get-togethers. My husband loves redheads and I know he wants to fuck her and I’ll get to join in.

I could not find my dress when we were getting ready to leave. When we were driving out of the park we saw a Sheriff's car pulling in and driving through the park with his spotlight. We have been back to the park a couple times but will have to find another place to go play our dogging game because the Sheriff's are patrolling the park more.

Tuesdays are now our Dogging night out so if you would like to watch, send us a e-mail.


Bill regad said...

how i want to lick you

Bill regad said...

thanx for add i will be following you ,love your bush

Anonymous said...

WOW! WONDERFUL! Pure pleasure! Pure purrrfection! Luv the way the wife ordered you to lay down in the doorway of the van so that her husband could fuck you! Pure pleasure!!!!!!!!....Your friend, Dirk

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