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Sunday, May 10, 2009

At home on the Ranch

With the swine flu going around here we have decided to hunker down here on the ranch for the next 10 days just my husband and I. Mike our ranch hand is takin a week off also and my husband and I are doin all the chores on the ranch. And I’ll miss my workout sessions with Jessie the personal trainer my husband hired for me.

Jessie is a personal trainer fitness model and part owner of the gym we go to. Jessie is a gorgeous black man 5’10” 215 lbs with a size 13 shoe . He has 7% body fat a 50” chest 32” waist 19” arms. Jessie has an amazing big very black cock, the head is huge he is almost 10” and 7 ¼” thick, big flared cockhead, thick veined hard as post oak fencepost shaft that sticks strait up, shaved clean nuther thing he has the tightest butt I have ever see on a man.

Today was a frog-strangler so we were not goin on a bike ride this mornin and instead of goin to the gym we had breakfast did the mornin chores fed all the critters then worked out in our home gym. I’m not much help when my husband is lift weights if he needs a spot, he just lifts a truck load of weight! We have exercises we do that are fun, I sit on his back and he does push-ups, I wrap my legs around him and hold on as he does pull-ups, squats, calf raises and I can stand on his hands as he is lying down and he does arm presses lifting me up to work his triceps.

We started doin abs and I got so dam horny I almost had an orgasm doing my first set of hanging leg raises my nipples were rock hard and my pussy was soaked throbbing to my heart beat. When I told Laster he laughs and tells me to take my shorts off and sports bra. Turn around this time he said and he pulled up a bench in front of the squat rack where the chin up bar is and sat me down. He took off his shirt and shorts his nice 9” hard cock eye level with me as I sat here drippin wet.

I watched his cock as he did hanging leg raises but when he got to 43 I could not take it any more grabbed his swinging cock and devoured it. He held on to the bar for a bit as I sucked his cock but as soon as I started deep throatin him he dropped down grabbing my head as his cock exploded down my throat.

It was my turn and I was shocked how horny and excited I got doing leg raises. Doing the raises made my pussy throb and I only did 7 an was fixin-ta cum. My husband started playin with my horny pussy laying me down on the bench spreading my legs. Now this is my type of workout he was licking every inch of my pussy. My husband made love to my pussy with his mouth and had me cummin like a gully-washer in no time flat.

My husband was hard again and was sliding his nice cock deep into my soaked pussy. I reached behind me grabbin the bench with my hands bringin my legs back and spreadin wide as he started poundin me hard and deep. Slam it deep in my pussy I was beggin him! My hand reachin down to rub my throbbin clit screaming as I had a wonderful orgasm that lasted a long time.

Laster slowed down using nice long strokes with his cock slowly easing out of my quivering pussy then sliding balls deep and asking me questions about Jessie my personal trainer. I was fantasying while my husband slowly fucked me role playing that we were in our gym with everyone watching me spread my pussy for my husband to fuck while I sucked Jessie’s thick black cock.

Laster grabbed my tits mashing them together pinching my nipples as he hammered his cock into my horny pussy. You love sucking his black cock don’t you he asked me fucking me faster! Squeezing my tits harder slamming his cock in me he asked again! You love sucking his black cock don’t you? I didn’t answer him he got up told me to stay there and he went and got our box of sex toys are sex swing and then hung it up and sittin me in it bending me in half and tying my ankles so he had complete access to my spread open pussy. He set up the camera on the box of toys then used his cell phone and took a photo of me in the swing then set the cell phone down next to the camera.

He handed me our purple dildo and told me to play with my pussy. I started playin and the slid it in and stroked in and out. The dildo was cold at first but warmed up fast in my hot pussy and I was stroking it in deep workin it around and around. I started rubbin Lasters cock on my pussy till he started fuckin me and I used the dildo on my clit. Then he just stopped!

He tied my hands up grabbed a handful of my hair makin me swallow his cock as he manhandled my right tit. Again he asked me, you love sucking Jessie’s big black cock don’t you Lassy? Slidin his cock out of my mouth I gasp and he smacked my lips with his hard cock my mouth wantin his cock. You love sucking his black cock don’t you Lassy? Yes Sir I love sucking his black cock I blurted out. My husband shoved his cock down my throat holding my hair as he pumped his cock in my throat.

Sliding his hard cock out he moved around between my legs and when I looked he was holding a big black thick 10” vibrating dildo. He started teasing my swollen pussy lips with the black dildo till he had the head just inside my soaked pussy. I was screaming and trashing around as he brought me to the brink of orgasm 5 times. His black cock has fucked your pussy he asked? No Sir I blurted out we have not fucked. Did you let him play with your pussy like I asked you to do he asked me? Yes sir I did. Did you spread your pussy open for his cock like I asked you to do Lassy? Yes Sir I did as you asked me! Did he use his black cock on your pussy as you spread it for his big black cock; was he sliding it on your wet slit and your hard clit? Yes Sir he did.

My husband slammed the big dildo deep in my soaked pussy, hammering my pussy and asked again “He fucked you with his big black cock “didn’t he Lassy? No Sir he did not fuck me I blurted out again! He teased your pussy with his black cock didn’t he? How much of his cock did you let him push in you? I must have hesitated to long my husband slammed the dildo deep in my pussy grabbed my hair and shove his cock down my throat. He pulled out grabbing my nipple and twisting it, he asked me again how much of his black cock was in your pussy?

Just the head Sir! Just the head! He was trashing my pussy with that big dildo while pumping his cock down my throat. Did you spread your pussy like I asked you to do? His cock poppin out of my mouth! Yes sir I did! “HOW MANY TIMES DID HIS BLACK COCKHEAD ENTER YOU”? I don’t know Sir I was having a massive orgasm I lost count. Did you spread your pussy open so he could cum on it like I asked you to do? Again I hesitated! Yes sir I did have my pussy spread for him. Was his cock in your pussy when he shot his black cum? Yes Sir his cockhead was in me.

You want to fuck Jessie’s big thick black cock don’t you? Again I hesitated! I want you both to fuck me at the same time Sir I said. Say it again my husband said! I want you deep in my ass as Jessie’s black cock fucks my pussy hard. Louder he said! I want you to feel me getting fucked hard and deep by Jessie’s big black cock I screamed out fuck me fuck me and started cumin in a massive orgasm and it took me 5 minutes just to calm down.

My husband reached over picked up the cell phone and said “Did you hear that Jessie”?


Anonymous said...

Damn, that was a hot story. Lucky Laster for having a such a hot fuckable wife. Also, nice little movie at the end. I enjoyed it. If you would like to send me some other ones it would be appreciated.

Keep her Cummin'

reftex1 said...

so very nice.....beautiful to see you cum baby...

Anonymous said...

Most beautifull pussy i ever seen i can kill someone to be in there with you

spud said...

love this video sexy cock wanted to cum again an again

Anonymous said...

Pure beauty! Pure purrrrection! SexyLassy is a purrrrfect 10!!!!!!!!!! I'm stroking NOW!Your friend, Dirk