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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nasty sex

My husband does a great job of teasing me he always comes up with surprises and keeps everything a mystery. He knows that by tying me up naked I have surrendered control to him and this allows me to be more sexual without being responsible for my actions. I am not in control of what is happening and I have to do whatever my husband requires.
If I have sex with a total stranger whom I will never see again, I can be openly sexual without fear and have the nastiest sex expressing all my desires.
My husband loves watching me with a stranger because he says he loves seeing me totally under someone’s control. The stranger knows he will never see me again and having my husband watching them they get real nasty and try to perform like a porn star. They stay harder and last longer and most of the time they have no problem getting hard to go again.
I just want to please my husband and would do anything for him:-) I trust him completely.
So my questions are!
1) Have you ever had real nasty sex with a stranger who you would never see again?
2) How far would you go to please your partner?

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