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Monday, November 09, 2009

Truck stop teasing

We were in Corpus Christi getting our sail boat ready for a sailing trip we are taking with some friends. I was super horny from my husband talking and teasing me all day about my training with Roger. Before we left my husband made me change into my slut outfit and told me I had to do exactly as I was told. My husband made me dress slutty that’s for sure a blue green print dress and make-up, that’s it! No bra or panties. The dress could be take off in a flash and so I could be naked in no time flat.

There was rush hour traffic when we left the city and I was teasing my husband as he bicthed about the traffic. As soon as we were on the Interstate 37 I was naked sucking on my husband’s nice hard cock and all the while my husband was trying to show me off to truckers and anyone else who could see inside our truck. He was finger fucking me and smearing my pussy juice on me like it was perfume, he said it would drive the trucker’s nuts. What truckers I asked? He told me we were stopping at the Truck stop cafe.

I was still half naked when we pulled into the truck stop and my husband parked next to the pumps to fill up. I pulled my dress up and made sure I looked hot and got out of the truck as my husband had instructed me to. The skirt showed off my shapely legs and rounded butt, the blouse was so thin you could see my hard nipples. You are stunning! He told me his eyes burning with desire. He leaned in close nibbling on my ear and whispered “You want to suck Rogers cock don’t you? My pussy throbbed as I looked my husband in the eyes! I will do as you ask of me. Do you remember what I told you? Leaning over he kissed me, then go in the café and get us some coffee. I’ll park and be in there in a couple minutes he promised.

It got real quite as I walked into the air conditioned café my nipples hard as rocks and my pussy leaking my juices. There were a bunch of truckers all watching me as I walked past there tables up to the counter. We have known Jill the cook for over 20 years. Jill is a truck lover and is very Butch. She is 5’9 175lbs of muscle, very short dark hair and dresses like a guy but has big hard tits. She rushed from around the counter when she saw me grabbing me in a bear hub lifting me up exposing my naked ass for all the truckers to see. When she put me down she spun me around and yelled to all the trucker “Hey y’all this is my friend Lassy” They all perked up saying “Howdy pretty lady”

Jill asked me, “Where is that hunk of man meat” I laughed and said that my husband was outside filling up. Ye Ha she yelled “I’ll be back in an hour” ripped off her apron and ran out the door. The truckers laughed and said I’ll have to take Jill’s place, get my own coffee and more for them. I walked around the counter swinging my hips , picked up the pot of coffee poured 2 cups for us and refill every truckers cup as they talked with me. I think my husband was right about my sex perfume! The room was full of Testosterone that’s for sure. All eyes were on my legs as I fiddled around spreading them so they could get a peek up my dress. I teased them for about 10 minuets dropping things to pick up.

When Jill and my husband got back he said time to go! We got hugs from Jill and I said bye to the truckers and my husband squeezed my naked ass before we walked out so they could see. The truckers watched as we walked to our truck my tits jiggling, nipples hard as rocks and my pussy all warm. My husband was horny as hell and wasted no time reaching in my dress cupping my left tit. Slowly he massages my tit exposing it as he pinched my nipple between his fingers.

My husband pulled down my dress exposing my naked breasts. Playing with my tits was making my pussy so wet my ass scooted forward pulling my dress up exposing my wet pussy as hubby grabbed my tits kissing me deeply. “Off came the dress” and he said suck my dick as we pulled out and headed home.

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