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Saturday, February 14, 2009

TXLassy BJ

I'll try to post a video. Hope it works!
As y'all know I love sucking cock and this last year was a great one. I got to suck some nice young Navy cock more than a few times, got a new cycle training partner who has a very nice cock and loves being sucked outdoors, and I got to suck my first huge black cock.

Best of all is my husband loves to tie me up naked and blindfolds me and then lets a friend of his play with me. I don't know who it is he always puts music on loud. He has a long thick cock and love for me to deep throat him. He grabs my nipples hard pulls and throat fucks me.

My husband lets him eat me and even spreads my pussy wide open and lets him rub his hot cock all over my soaking throbbing pussy teasing the hell out of me! My husband has also let him cum on my pussy as he spreads it wide open for the guy. By the way this guy shoots HUGE loads more that 2 or 3 guys together and he cums very powerfully.

My husband is giving me a Valentine's Day present and told me to strip naked and blindfold my self at 6:00pm....... I'm waiting horny and naked!

I hope the Valentine's Day present he is coming home with is his friend and I'll get his cock in me this time;)



Anonymous said...

Love the video hope you post more. I would love to see you fully clothed stripping off all your clothes.

Anonymous said...

how about a video of you putting on some lingere before you go out to get fucked by some complete stranger

Anonymous said...

mmm great video, need more of these

Anonymous said...

it works lassy... real good... my cock is about to bust... love to have you here with me... busting my nut for you now baby... hell, you better than young cunts half your on vid... i'm hard again thinking about you... jd.

Waterfront said...

Love the way you work his cock. I can feel his pleasure watching this.

Anonymous said...

wow,,, i got so hard just watching this short video,, can wait till i can view them all

spud said...

just wish that was me sexy

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! SexyLassy is the prettiest sexiest cocksucker EVER!!!!!!! Your friend, Dirk